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Dried raisin buyers in europe

Raisin buyers  in Europe import a wide variety of iranian raisin. Europe is Iran’s main buyer of golden raisins seedless. More than 70% of Iranian dried golden raisins and sultana are exported to Europe. Europe is known as the Green Continent. Europe has a lot of humidity due to the heavy rain. Humidity has caused […]

Information good iranian golden raisins

The following is information about Iranian golden raisins that is good for export. Golden Grade Raisins are of two types that we have described. Iran’s famous vineyards prepare the best raisins for export. Raisins need vineyards and vineyards need plenty of water and soil. Iran is a place with plenty of soil and water. Iranian […]

Where to buy green raisins dried

Where to buy green raisins dried? To answer this question we first need to know where and where the green raisin producing country is green raisins without sulfur dioxide or organic raisins? The raisins are different in taste and color. Black raisins are made from black grapes and green raisins are made from green grapes. […]

Raisins price in uk per pound

raisins price in uk per pound euro depreciated in some countries, such as Iran and Turkey. Sultana raisins and golden raisins are at the forefront of price declines. The Wholesale prices of raisins in 10kg packaging is as follows. Raisin comes from grapes. Each grape seed gives us a raisin when dried. The bigger the […]

Fresh raisins price in market qatar

The fresh raisins price qatar in market is convenient because of its proximity to the world’s raisin center. Golden and sunny raisins are among the best Iranian raisins that make up a large volume of Iranian raisins exports to Qatar. Qatar is the third largest gas reserves country in the world, so it is a […]