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iranian raisins top producers

Iranian raisins top producers over the past few years have been able to raise the global rank of raisin exports. Raisin producers in Iran have reached a single world mark in some time using the best dried grapes in the world market. The following article describes golden yellow and sun maid raisins. What grapes are […]

price of raisins in market center us

Price of raisins in US are determined by the central market. Wholesale prices of golden raisins  2019 per ton and per kg are as follows. The higher the tonnage, the lower the price. The United States is the first exporter of raisins, which is why there are high volatility in prices. Where are raisins grown […]

The main suppliers golden raisins south africa

Almost 90 percent of golden raisins south africa by Iranian and American suppliers. Suppliers of Iranian raisins offer cheaper prices for African buyers, explaining the reasons. The address and telephone numbers of the major Iranian exporting factories are as follows. Due to the growing natural needs of the world for natural foods, eating raisins and […]

Wholesale dry raisins rate per kg

Wholesale dry raisins rate per kg depends on several important factors. Distance of exporting country with importing country, types of raisins and quality of raisins are the most important factors in determining raisin prices. Grade A raisin specifications are as follows. What are raisins? Raisins are dried grapes that have been dried in various ways. […]

Online shopping mall Golden Raisin

Golden Raisin has many properties, and it can help us to achieve health with vitamins, salts and minerals in their own. Please contact us for a plan. Online shopping for Sultana and Golden Raisins is via email and site. A golden raisin is obtained from grapes. When it removes water from grapes in different ways […]

Major seller of golden raisin

The main dealer of seller raisin golden all kinds of Golden Raisins in bulk and packaging. These market sellers set prices based on wholesale. Grapes are fruits that are of great popularity among our Iranians. Even this fruit is mentioned in the Islamic religion as a heavenly fruit, which also contributed to the popularity of […]