Best brand of golden raisins

Best brand of golden raisins in iran 2018

Best brand of golden raisins in iran 2018? What is the recipe golden raisins? golden raisins where to buy? organic golden raisins what is it? The difference between golden raisins and sultana?

What is the recipe golden raisins?

When we talk about making golden raisins, we have to prepare ourselves for a long process. A handful of raisin producers will be able to produce golden raisins. The golden raisin should have complete equipment. We first dry the grapes with alkaline materials. Then, in the shade and away from the sun, we’ll put a lot of warmth to remove 90% of its raisin moisture. After the steps above, we must put the raisins in a sulfur chamber. The sulfur gas changes the color of raisins and turns yellow and red. More yellow raisins, golden raisins quality will be better.

Where to buy golden raisins?

One of the important centers for producing golden raisins in the world is Iran. Many factories in Iran are busy selling golden raisins. Because Iran has equipped factories in this regard. You can use Iranian factories to buy golden raisins at any grade.

Best brand of golden raisins?

 The best brand of golden raisins that production plants in Iran are:

  • Arian Bonab Raisin Factory
  • Rosalie Raspberry Malekan Factory
  • Expected factory
  • Zarei Factory
  • Raisins Factory Amir

There are many factories in Bonab and Melcan, which is a raisin export center but their factories are mor important.

what is organic  golden raisins?

Organic raisins are produced very little in Iran. Given that golden raisins combine with alkali, it can not be organic. When grapes are cultivated organically, they should be dried in the shade. In this case, the raisin color is green or brown.

The difference between golden raisins and sultana?

Sultan Raisin has a painted color. Yellowish-brownThat’s why they say this raisin is Sultana raisins. But the raisins are golden yellow and they are called golden raisins because of the yellowish raisins. The price of Kaltash raisins is cheaper than golden raisins.

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