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Best golden raisins price per kg 2019

Best golden raisins price per kg 2019 has changed. Extensive amounts of the world raisins are exported from Iran. Iran has a swirling economy. Each small factor in the Iranian economy has positive or negative effects. Consequently, the price of raisins also fluctuates. The higher the value of the dollar or the euro, the Iranian raisin price is reduced.

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Price of golden raisins per tons

Golden raisins are one of the most important types of raisins. The best raisins are exported to golden raisins and raisins. Raisins best price for a major purchase is as follows:

  • golden raisins grade excellent pet tons
  • golden raisins grade 1 pet tons
  • golden raisins grade 2 pet tons
  • 2400 $
  • 2300 $
  • 2100 $

Raisins best price for export

Raisin best price for export. The best raisin price depends on the amount of purchased tons. The prices below are based on the purchase of 20 tons to 40 tons.

  • golden raisins excellent per tons
  • golden raisins grade 1 per tons
  • golden raisins grade 2 per tons
  • sunny raisins grade excellent per tons
  • sunny raisins grade 1 per tons
  • sunny raisins grade 2 per tons
  • 2300 $
  • 2200 $
  • 2100 $
  • 2500 $
  • 2400 $
  • 2300 $

price of raisins at costco and asada

Costa and Asda two powerful online store are on sale raisins. Raisins are sold in these two big stores in retail. In other words, the customers of these two stores are the final consumers. That’s why the price of raisin costco or Asda is different with us.

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