Buy golden raisins iran excellent

There is a big difference between golden raisins iran and other countries. The difference in the quality of Iranian grapes and fruit seedless has given Iran the best golden raisin and sultana in the world. Important information on ways to buy Iranian raisins and Iran’s major suppliers is provided.

iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

Benefits of Buying Raisin in Iran

Grape is one of the most expensive fruit trees. In the old days, the most beautiful ornament was inspired by the grape tree. The fruit of this tree has as many effective agents as natural pharmacy and its consumption equals health. Raisin comes from dried grapes and doubles the benefits of grapes. Grapes are a fruit to be harvested in the fall. That is, for the grapes and raisins to have the most sweetness and useful ingredients, they must touch the coolness of autumn.

Persian raisin

Sales specialist of Persian raisin

The raisin market boom caused the grapes to be harvested in early September and raisins to be marketed by the end of September. Grapes in Iran are harvested in late September and raisins are marketed in October, which is why Iranian raisins have a great taste and that is why Iran raisins rank first in the world.

Golden Raisin

Shopping mall Golden Raisin

What is the premium exported raisin?

Export raisins always have the best quality raisin, but that is not the best. Food is always sold in different qualities, and this is also true in raisin exports. Golden raisins, the best exported raisins, are also exported with grade one, two and three, but the best exported raisin for eating directly is the premium exported golden raisin. Golden raisins are available in 2 types of seedless and seeded. The biggest selling of golden raisins is seedless raisins made from seedless grapes.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin Packaging for export

Raisins in any form do not have a variety of packaging for export. At retail you can buy raisins in different weights, but you can buy 10kg and 4kg packaged golden raisins for export. Some buyers buy golden raisins in 7kg and 5kg packages, but the best-selling raisins are in 10kg and 4kg packs.

Method of Delivery Golden Raisin Export

Raisins because they are a perishable food must have both professional packaging and convenient delivery methods. The sale of golden raisins is the highest export figure, so be careful about the delivery method. Raisins are either sold at the factory door or FOB. The CIF method is also one of the best sending methods which is a little difficult but possible due to Iran’s specific conditions. The best way to buy exported golden raisins is the FOB method. FOB means delivering packaged raisins to the port of origin, Iran.

Buy golden raisins iran for export

Exported golden raisins are fashionable in the rich countries of the world because of their many benefits.
The golden raisins are poured into lukewarm water and then put in the refrigerator for use. In Europe, this useful drink is called raisins gin. Contact Arian Specialty Factory in Malkan to buy raisins. You can get acquainted with the day price of golden raisins iran by contacting the raisin factory.

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