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buy iranian golden raisins in uk 2019

How buy iranian golden raisins in uk 2019? Is there an organic golden raisin? Does golden raisin differ from sultan raisins? What is the price of golden raisins in UK delivery?

Gold Yellow Raisin is one of the most important export items in Iran. Iran is the second-largest raisins exporting country in the world. Iran has grapes and crops because of its very good and moderate weather.

golden raisins in uk

Is there an organic golden raisin?

A golden raisins is made of green currant. When grapes are dried, it turns yellow with sulfur dioxide. Golden raisins can not be organic in the true sense, because they combine with chemical. In this way, organic raisins will have brown color.

golden raisins

diffrence between golden raisins and sultanas raisins?

The golden raisin is different from the sultanas raisins. The golden raisin has a completely yellow color, but the Sultanas raisins are pale yellow. Sultanas raisins does not contain yellow sulfur dioxide gas. Sultana raisins are yellowish-brown in the process of drying grapes.

sunny raisins

Buy golden raisins in uk 2019

To buy golden raisins in UK, pay attention to the price of golden raisins in Iran. As we said above, the golden raisin of Iran is the best raisin in the world and Europe wants it. England is also a powerful European country and has a great demand for raisins in Iran. Iranian raisins can be delivered in CIF or exw in the UK. Therefore, the price of golden raisins in England is different in both ways. Buy golden raisins in uk is easy, just send  to us an email to deliver the raisins with the best quality. The price difference between golden raisins in Iran with the United Kingdom is between 20 and 40 cents per kg.


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