best raisins are different for pudding or eating. Golden raisins and raisins Sultanas from seedless raisins they are used by factories. Read other raisins in the following.

iranian Golden Raisins

The best quality iranian Golden Raisins

Which cities do the most desirable Iranian golden raisins belong to? Who are the important Iranian suppliers? What is the difference between Iran golden raisin and American Raisin? How to Buy Iran Golden Raisin?

Arian Raisin Factory

Arian Raisin Factory is active in buying bulk raisins and converting them into export packaged raisins.
The factory can provide the best gold raisins in one quality and color and export to other countries by spending a great deal on purchasing equipments for washing, packing and sorting raisins. The Aryan Raisin factory has a staff of 35 people and can sell up to 50 tonnes of golden raisins per week. Arian factory is located in Malekan city. The property is 20 km from Maragheh in East Azerbaijan and its address and telephone number are as follows.

selling raisins

Selling golden raisins directly company arian

What is the Best Raisin?

Raisins are classified according to what they are used for. Iran’s export of raisins is the largest volume after pistachio and is very important in the Iranian economy, so prepared raisins should be prepared in order to be ranked 1st in quality and grading. High quality raisins should have a uniform taste and appearance and no extra ingredients found in it. The sale of high quality golden raisins also has a large volume due to its high profit.

How to Buy Golden Raisin in Iran

Raisins like pistachios have a lot of orchards, but the difference with pistachios is that raisins come from grapes. In other words, there must be grapes first for raisins. There are many vineyards in Iran but not all grapes are converted into raisins, but some are sold as grapes and others as raisins. Due to the fierce competition in the export price of golden raisins and the global price, large factories need to be referred to for buy golden raisins.

iranian raisins

iranian raisins

Where’s the Best Iranian Golden Raisins?

Golden raisin is for Iran. Golden raisins are produced all over the world, but Iran’s finest quality raisins. Golden raisins are made with sulfur but because of the thickness of the seedless grape skin, it tastes best. The highest quality golden raisins are produced in the following cities, respectively. The delicious taste of Iranian golden raisins has led to the largest export of Iranian golden raisins.

  1. Malekan
  2. Bonab
  3. Malayer
  4. Takestan
  5. Kashmar
best quality raisins

best quality raisins

The best exporters of Iranian Golden Raisin

Exports are important in any economy. Exports stimulate economic growth and increase the value of the country’s currency. Iran is one of the world’s top exporters of raisins, so it has extensive experience in raisin exports.

10kg raisins

10kg raisins sales agent

American or Iran Golden Raisin?

American and Iranian golden raisins are among the best producers in the world by world standards. Iranian Golden Raisin is great for the cake and biscuit industry because of its fineness. On the other hand, Iranian Golden Raisin has a delicious taste because of its traditional and organic ways. American Golden Raisins or California Raisins are larger in size. For example, the size of the California Golden Raisin is between 1.5 and 2 cm, so it is very high for sale in 100 and 1000 gram packages. The size of golden raisins in Iran is between 8 mm and 15 mm, so it is good for industrial use.

unique golden raisins

The unique golden raisins in Germany

Grading Golden Raisins

Raisin grading is based on the scores it receives as a result of the test, and the way it is scored is that after clarifying the test results on the effective features in the grading, each of the factors will be scored as follows.

  • Grade excellent raisins are raisins with a positive total score greater than 93.
  • Grade 1 raisins are raisins with a positive total score greater than 80 to 93.
  • Grade 2 raisins are raisins with a positive total score greater than 60 to 80.
  • Grade 3 raisins are called raisins with a positive total score greater than 33 to 60.

golden raisin bulk

Golden Raisin Packaging for export

Containers and materials used for packaging must be fresh, clean, dry and odorless. The raisins are packaged in 100 to 10000 gram boxes. Small packages are wrapped in cellophane and large raisins are packed in wooden and carton packages. If small packages are packed in cartons, they must be packaged in such a way that the original shape of the small packages does not change during shipping.

Methods to determine the best raisins

The following steps should be taken to determine the grading of raisins. These steps are set by the standard.

  1. Pest Test: First remove the raisins and check with the magnifying glass for insects and ticks. After this step, cut the raisins to test inside the raisins.
  2. Sand testing: We will remove the boxes if there is no sand, then move on to the next steps, but if there is sand, a few more boxes should be selected as examples.
  3. Measurement of sulfuric anhydride
  4. Humidity measurement. Humidity should not exceed 16%
raisins quality

raisins quality

How to find iranian golden raisin?

There are several ways to buy Iranian Golden Raisins. One way is to attend international fairs. Attendance at international fairs is expensive, so it is not recommended because it is an old way. Refer to valid sites. By visiting the Raisin website you can get acquainted with Golden Raisin suppliers. For better communication we need to email to find out the price of golden raisin and how to deliver it.


golden raisins suppliers

Specifications of the best golden raisins suppliers

The best golden raisins suppliers, what should have Specifications? Which of Iran’s 3 exported dried grape has the most exports? Is sultana’s raisin the same as golden raisin? International exporters of raisins in Iran are few.

Raisins are one of the cheapest feedstuffs with many benefits. Eating raisins is not only a complete and high-calorie food but it is also used to treat many diseases.

Iranian raisin varieties

Iran is a huge source of raisins and therefore there are different types of raisins in this country. There are mainly 4 types of raisins:

  1. Golden raisins
  2. Sun maid raisins
  3. Sultanas raisins
  4. Green raisins
  5. Dark raisins
supplier raisins

supplier raisins

Best raisins for export

As mentioned above, raisins are well known in Iran. We should know that Iranian raisins are not good for exporting raisins, but rather some types of raisins are good for export. Iran has a huge supply of grape orchards and raisin factories, so Iran has the second highest export of raisins.

raisins Specifications

raisins Specifications

Golden Raisin and Sultana Raisin are two export models of Iranian raisin that are larger than other models. With this ranking in the world, there are also many suppliers of Golden Raisin and Sultana, who do their job of selling excellent raisins. Sun maid raisins buy, kashmari and black raisins are next.

best golden raisins

best golden raisins

The difference between Golden Raisin and Sultana

Raisins in whatever color we have to wait for a new name. The color of raisins is related to the way it is made. If the raisins are made with sun, the color is dark brown, and if made with acidic substances and sulfur smoke they are called golden raisins. Sultana raisin is one of the golden raisins that is yellowed with sulfur smoke. The taste is the same, but because of the beauty of caramel, raisin exports to Europe, such as England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and raisin exports to Russia are high.

golden raisins organic

golden raisins organic

Specifications golden raisin suppliers in iran

Raisins for export must go through two steps. The first step is buying raisins from the gardener and the next step is sorting and raisins packaging to varying degrees. Golden raisins are packaged in a 5kg and 10kg package, but after the raisins are shipped to the destination country, the raisins are turned into small, beautiful packages to be sold to individuals.

iranian raisins suppliers

iranian raisins suppliers

Golden raisins suppliers must be either a good and big businessman or have a factory equipped to deliver the best golden raisin to their customers. Iranian factories have a good standard, but most of them have Grade B and some have some grade A. Business relationships with golden raisins suppliers large help build long-term relationships.

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raisins bulk price

Raisins bulk best wholesale price per pound

raisins bulk price wholesale with a variety of packaging ask for the largest raisin supplier. The price of each boxes of raisins per pound and kg is as follows. Bulk raisin have different definitions that we recall. Sell bulk raisins, through the manufacturer in Iran Called Arian Raisin Factory with the cheapest price.

raisins wholesale price

raisins wholesale price

what is bulk raisins?

Bulk raisins a fruit is dried Which is not yet packed. Bulk raisins have different definitions, but here we mean raisins are not packed. When the raisin passes through the stage of sort, it will be packed. At this stage, the grade raisin is determined. Whatever quality bulk raisins be better Raisin lesions also will be less.

price of raisins

price of raisins

Types of bulk raisins

When grapes are arranged, some of it is for sale And another amount used to convert to raisins. Grapes or with light and warmth of the sun or Through acid and sulfur dioxide become a raisin. By any means that raisin to be made first, the raisin is bulk and then goes to the packing stage. Raisins grading It makes the price of raisins determined.

  • golden raisins bulk
  • sun maid raisins bulk
  • raisins acidic bulk
  • green raisins bulk
  • black raisins bulk
raisins price per pound

raisins price per pound

raisins bulk price wholesale

Wholesale price of raisins with retail prices very different. We mean raisin sales, raisins export therefore at least the buy raisins is a container. A raisin container contains 18 to 20 tons of raisins. he price of raisins per kilo does not differ from each pound, only every 2/2 pounds is one kg. The following table shows the price per kilogram of raisins. Because raisins is for export raisins, therefore, it should be packed in one form.

golden raisins 1/91 $ per kg
sun maid raisins 2/1 $ per kg
green raisins 1/5 $ per kg
acidic raisins 1/7 $ per kg


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raisins 250g price

Best raisins 250g wholesale price

Raisins 250g price how much is it? What is the wholesale price of raisins in the factory? best golden and sun raisins to which country is it? How many kg are raisins? Is the raisins seedless or seedes?

grapes are useful fruits for humans. eating fresh grapes and dried for our body is beneficial. The consumption of grapes for the stomach some people are harmful but raisins are also used to treat stomach.

wholesale golden raisins

wholesale golden raisins

Which countries have the best raisins?

Many countries are producing raisins. Countries like Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, America and Iran can be mentioned. Among the major countries raisins, The United States, Iran and Turkey ranked first to third. Best golden raisins and sunny raisins to Iran and America and the Best sultanas raisins Belongs to Turkey.

export raisins

export raisins

how much is raisins 250g price?

Sales raisins is done Major. After the buy raisins, raisins was done packed in packages of 250 g, 500 g, 100 g and 1 kg, are packaged and sold. Usually the price of raisins is 250 grams The price of raisin is 1 kg more And the price of raisin is 10 kg of 1 kg cheaper The reason for this depends on the cost of packaging.

golden raisins grade A ./45 $ per 250 g
golden raisins grade B 0/45 $ per 250 g
golden raisins grade C 0/25 $ per 250 g
sunny raisins grade A 0/55 $ per 250 g
sunny raisins grade B 0/52 $ per 250 g
sunny raisins grade C 0/42 $ per 250 g
sultanas raisins grade A 0/40 $ per 250 g
sultanas raisins grade B 0/38 $ per 250 g
diffrence between golden raisins and sultanas

diffrence between golden raisins and sultanas

Wholesale price of raisins

The wholesale price of raisins depends on the volume of purchase. slight change in raisin prices It makes the overall price decrease totaly

golden raisins grade A ./86 $ per pond
golden raisins grade B ./84 $ per pond
golden raisins grade C ./79 $ per pond
sunny raisins grade A 1 $ per pond
sunny raisins grade B 0/95 $ per pond
sunny raisins grade C 0/89 per pond
sultanas raisins grade A 0/74 $ per pond
sultanas raisins grade B 0/72 $ per pond

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