Raisins bulk are exported to UK, India, Italy, Germany, France. Raisins boxes is 10 kg. Wholesale prices and buy and sale as follows. The most important bulk raisins are golden raisins raisin Sultanas and sun maid raisins.

Bulk raisins wholesale

Bulk raisins wholesale on Arian website

Bulk raisins wholesale are sold on Arian website  at high tonnage and factory prices. The direct supply of Golden Raisins with Grade A and export packaging is done at the factory door. Arian Factory also exports raisins around the world.

Arian Raisin factory history

Raisin factory has a duty to wash the raisins, isolate, size and pack. Raisin is not a producer. The main producers of raisins are orchards who sell some grapes to raisins and others sell grapes. Raisins must have professional equipment to pack raisins of any quality. Raisin Factory has equipped the plant with 2018 equipment. The equipment has been packed with raisins according to customers’ needs. The factory has 15 years of history and is located in Malekan Golden Raisin.

price of raisins

price of raisins

Who are the customers of Golden Raisin?

Foods must be of high quality because they are directly related to human health. Foodstuffs should be useful in addition to human nutrition and inject vitamins into the body. The advances in technology and the high consumption of nutrients have made fruit no longer useful. Most fruits are harvested before they are ripe and stored in industrial refrigerators.

eating raisins

eating raisins

Dried raisins are also so they do not have the perfect properties. Complete grapes must be ripe to produce raisins, because otherwise the grapes cannot be turned into golden raisins, so golden raisins act as a medicine. The above makes the price of golden raisins more expensive than other raisins. It should be noted that of all the raisins produced, the healthiest raisins belong to sun maid raisins and golden raisins. The use of these two raisins is also high. It is used both in nuts and in the food industry.

Arian Golden Raisin Packaging

Raisin packaging is very important because golden raisin is an export commodity and consumed domestically. Raisin packaging is available for export in two types.

  • 10kg packaging
  • 5kg packaging

There are also warm packages available at supermarket and chain stores. I do not mean packing 10kg with carton. That is, inside the carton should be 10 kg of raisins, the carton weight with raisins 10 kg and 250 g.

packag raisins

Bulk raisins wholesale on website

Arian bulk raisins wholesale Factory has numerous Persian and English sites at each of these sites you can learn about the variety of golden raisins and how to sell and rank. It is not possible to sell golden raisins online through the website. You can get acquainted with the desired raisins and contact us to learn about the prices of golden raisins and how to export and send them.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Payment of money to buy raisins

Financial settlement is the most important part of shopping. Wholesale bulk raisins are made in high amounts, and because the customer is not fully sure of the quality of the raisins being purchased, We receive some invoices during the contract and the remainder after raisins are delivered. Credit sales are also available in some cases depending on the time.

iranian raisins suppliers

Minimum and maximum sales of raisins

Raisin exports are very important to the Iranian economy and on the other hand, since golden raisin is one of the export items, we cannot sell small quantities.  At least 1 ton or 100 cartons of gold raisins are exported, but at least 10 tonnes are needed for foreign raisins. The maximum sales of raisins also depend on the type of contract, and the maximum for raisins cannot be considered. Arian Raisin Plant has the ability to deliver 100 tonnes per week at the time of grape harvest thanks to new machinery and professional plant experts.


bulk golden raisins

Wholesale bulk golden raisins mark Arian

See wholesale bulk golden raisins california mark Arian with 5 and 10kg Boxes on the Arian Raisin website. There are different types of packaging and different grades of golden raisins on this site.

We see millions of advertisements about raisins or raisins on the internet. They’re all looking for sales. How much does raisins benefit or there is so much food at stake, so what is so much about selling raisins? We will answer this question to convince you.

what is bulk golden raisins?

golden raisins are a kind of grape dried but with a difference. To make bulk golden raisins, you must first dry the raisins with chemicals and then go to the sulfur chamber to turn them into golden raisins. If we dry the grapes in the shade and then go to the sulfur chamber, the natural golden raisins will be made. Iranian raisins are made in both ways, but in the US they are made only with the first. If the raisins are dried in the sun and then go to the sulfur chamber they are called organic bulk golden raisins. Of course, organic raisins have certain characteristics.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin Exporters

Golden raisins exporters are different from other raisins. Sunflower and Sultana raisins are common raisins and almost everyone who knows raisins is familiar with these two varieties, but golden raisins are specially made and must be specialized, so exporters of golden raisins are also special and information They are perfect.

golden raisins supplier

golden raisins supplier

Mark Arian Raisin

Arian raisin brand is present in Iran. Arian Mark is well known in the raisin industry. The most important products of this plant are golden raisins but based on market raisins, Sultanas raisin are also produced and packaged. Generally, the export of golden raisins is the main business of this factory.


Iranian arian raisins

  1. Sun raisin is a dried seedless grape in the sun, the color of this brown raisin.
  2. Raisins acidic or green raisin are graps dried in the sun by permitting alkaline solutions. The color of this raisin varies from light yellow to brown to date. This raisin in the world market is also known as Sultana raisin.
  3. Golden raisin is a grape seed that is smoked with sulfur (SO2) and dried in the shade.
supplier raisins

supplier raisins

Terms in raisin industry

  • Live pest is a species of live insect (in every stage of life)
  • Sand and gravel: These are small pieces of rock that can be seen by the naked eye and touched by the hand.
  • Humidity: The amount of free water in raisins
  • Sulfur Anhydride: The amount of sulfur smoke (SO2) that is absorbed by the raisins and can be measured chemically.
  • Infection: Includes raisins, sometimes leaves, trees, dead insects and any other foreign matter that is visible to the naked eye.
  • Pest: Damage caused by insects, mites, wind, hail, fungi and the like that are visible to the naked eye. These effects can be seen in the cavities of insects and mites in raisins.
selling raisins

Selling golden raisins directly company arian

difference bulk golden raisins and packaging

When the grapes are dried, they contain wood, sand and a variety of insects called bulk golden raisins. Bulk raisins, if they enter the box, become local to the multiplication of insects and mites, which eventually destroys the raisins. Packaged raisins do not have these problems and are thoroughly cleaned and free from the crunchy and spoiled raisins.

golden raisin bulk

Wholesale of arian golden raisins

As mentioned above, the sales of golden raisins are high and there are few people in the business.
We see a lot of advertising for selling golden raisins but there are only a few ads that are real and can deliver in large volumes of golden raisins.
Selling golden raisins requires a lot of capital. If there is not enough capital we cannot succeed in exporting golden raisins. External client with only the most difficult thing are:

  • Lying and dishonesty at work
  • Lack of timely delivery of raisins
  • Annoying the customer
iranian raisins suppliers

iranian raisins suppliers

Featuring the best golden raisin

Only strains accepted are standard and are subject to grading having the following characteristics:

  1. Raisins must be free of live pests.
  2. The number of Sand and gravel should not exceed one number in a standard box.
  3. The moisture content should not exceed 16%.
  4. The amount of sulfur anhydride (sulfur smoke) in raisins (green and grape greens) should not exceed 2 per thousand.
  5. The number of infected raisins should not exceed 5%.
  6. The number of pests raisins shall not exceed 3%.
  7. The number of grain raisins shall not exceed one percent.
  8. The number of cauliflower raisins shall not exceed 10%.
  9. The total length of the stems (stems) shall not exceed 10 cm / kg.
  10. Premature raisin should not exceed 2.5%
  11. Crushed raisins should not exceed 5%
  12. Shallow raisins should not exceed 15%

Importance of selling golden raisins

Raisins are one of the foods in which few people are active. There are many factories in this area but they all traditionally do the selling. The position of golden raisins among the market raisins is special. The reason is several factors.

  1. Few people are in the job.
  2. High volume of golden raisin exports compared to other raisins
  3. Good profit selling golden raisins
  4. The words of the golden raisin market
  5. High volume of golden raisin production

golden raisins gin for arthritis

Price of golden raisins in Arian factory

The price of Iranian raisins has always been the cheapest. In addition to being inexpensive, it also has excellent quality. The taste and color of Iran’s golden raisin has no country. You will find out by eating it. Contact Sales Experts for changes in the price of Golden Raisins for World Raisin Day prices.


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raisins bulk price

Raisins bulk best wholesale price per pound

raisins bulk price wholesale with a variety of packaging ask for the largest raisin supplier. The price of each boxes of raisins per pound and kg is as follows. Bulk raisin have different definitions that we recall. Sell bulk raisins, through the manufacturer in Iran Called Arian Raisin Factory with the cheapest price.

raisins wholesale price

raisins wholesale price

what is bulk raisins?

Bulk raisins a fruit is dried Which is not yet packed. Bulk raisins have different definitions, but here we mean raisins are not packed. When the raisin passes through the stage of sort, it will be packed. At this stage, the grade raisin is determined. Whatever quality bulk raisins be better Raisin lesions also will be less.

price of raisins

price of raisins

Types of bulk raisins

When grapes are arranged, some of it is for sale And another amount used to convert to raisins. Grapes or with light and warmth of the sun or Through acid and sulfur dioxide become a raisin. By any means that raisin to be made first, the raisin is bulk and then goes to the packing stage. Raisins grading It makes the price of raisins determined.

  • golden raisins bulk
  • sun maid raisins bulk
  • raisins acidic bulk
  • green raisins bulk
  • black raisins bulk
raisins price per pound

raisins price per pound

raisins bulk price wholesale

Wholesale price of raisins with retail prices very different. We mean raisin sales, raisins export therefore at least the buy raisins is a container. A raisin container contains 18 to 20 tons of raisins. he price of raisins per kilo does not differ from each pound, only every 2/2 pounds is one kg. The following table shows the price per kilogram of raisins. Because raisins is for export raisins, therefore, it should be packed in one form.

golden raisins 1/91 $ per kg
sun maid raisins 2/1 $ per kg
green raisins 1/5 $ per kg
acidic raisins 1/7 $ per kg

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