raisins market like other items, depends on supply and demand. With increasing demand, raisin prices are also rising. The raisin market varies from country to country. For example, Iranian raisins depend heavily on dollar rates. The 2019 market is more stable than 2018.

golden raisin market

The golden raisin market in Germany

The golden raisin market in Germany is excellent, and customers can take different ways to meet their needs. Each of these products is sold at a certain price.

In the Iranian markets, which is a country of four seasons, we see sales of all sorts of dried fruits that are available to customers in all seasons.

raisin germany

raisin germany

Types of Dried Fruits

From the past to the present day, the methods of keeping fruits have changed a lot because every day, with new science and technology, new ways to enter the markets. In each season, fresh fruits are offered that are not available to customers in other seasons. So farmers and non-profit makers will use fruit drying to reduce losses. Here are some examples of the following:
• Golden Raisins
• Prunes
• Dry lemon
• Dry kiwifruit
• Dried apples

buy golden raisin

buy golden raisin

Sell golden raisins in Germany

Among the dried fruits mentioned in terms of popularity and sales, we want to consider the most suitable option for golden raisins. These curative products are of interest to traditional medicine practitioners to treat illnesses. The golden raisin market in Germany is excellent because most people use it to treat diseases. We mention golden raisin selling places in Germany as follows:
• Sell golden raisins
• Golden Raisin Distribution Centers
• Dealers
• Golden Raisin Online Stores
• Golden Raisin Online Sites

Golden raisin market sale

The golden raisin market in Germany is good because of the good quality of the product and therefore we are seeing major product deals. The products are displayed in various types in the Internet and Urban Stores, so that people will be able to deal with their access conditions. This will lead to the creation of a golden raisin market on a grand and excellent level.


price of raisins

Competitive price of raisins on the market

The competitive price of raisins in the market by Arian Raisin has led many raisin suppliers to think about reducing prices. The wholesale price of 1kg of Arian raisins has led to lower prices in Iran.

Raisins are highly dependent on agricultural conditions. The more industrialized agriculture is, the lower the price raisins. Raisin is made from grapes so if it is not grape it will not be raisin. In Iran and Turkey, which are the major suppliers of raisins, there was severe cold and destroyed many vineyards. Prices of raisins also rose sharply at 2017-2018, but things changed 2018-2020.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Are price raisin expensive?

Raisins have many benefits for humans that do not have fresh fruit for the body. Raisins not only cure diseases but also prevent many diseases. Preventing osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fat and blood sugar are the most important functions of raisins in the body. Properties that raisins have but havent grapes. Raisins are present at any time of the year but not grapes. A person who is cold cannot eat grapes but can eat raisins, so the price of raisins is more expensive than grapes. That said, the most important reason for buying raisins is to use them in many foods.

golden raisin

golden raisin

Arian Raisin Company

Iran has many companies in the production and export of raisins, but some have advantages that make them different from other companies. Having the tools and equipment along with the financial strength makes the supply power increase. Arian’s Golden Raisin Factory has 6,000 orchards, all of which turn it into raisins. This has reduced the price of Aryan raisins and increased its competitive potential. The price cut by Arian has forced many suppliers to cut the price of golden raisins. Many companies such as Australia, Germany, France, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine are clients of Aryan. Due to the high potential that these countries have in buying raisins, Arian is looking to increase their Raisin sales representative in these countries. Arian Golden Raisin Company is a supplier of premium grade  and grade A golden raisins.

Which type of raisin is best?

Sultana and Golden Seedless raisin are among the varieties of raisins that make the most of the market. Sun maid and golden raisins are also the most commonly consumed. The reason is that golden, sunny and sultana raisins are seedless and easy to eat. Grain raisins are less consumed because they do give humans an unpleasant taste when eating. Increasing demand for seedless raisins has led to an increase in the price of raisins.

typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Is Golden Raisin Good for Health?

As mentioned above, raisins are good for health. It doesn’t matter what the raisin is. The amount of beneficial substances it brings to the body depends on the type of raisins. The more natural raisins are made, the better. Golden raisins, although rich in sulfur dioxide, are in high demand because of their good taste. According to statistics provided by the World Bureau of Statistics, golden raisins sell more than Sultana raisins, but sun raisins are more useful than golden raisins.

raisins market price

raisins market price

Is it better grapes or raisins?

The grape has a grain that is sweet and juicy. Eating grapes is more attractive than raisins, but the benefits of raisins are not. When we dry the grapes, the analysis that takes place in the grapes creates a world of potassium, antioxidants and a variety of vitamins in raisins. The price of raisins is more expensive than grapes, but eating 10 raisins helps our health. The cost of buying 10 raisins is so low that it’s worth buying. The price of 10 raisins is not equal to one capsule of medicine, while the drug is a chemical, while raisins are a natural substance.

high quality raisins

Buyer of all kinds of high quality raisins

Where to buy raisins?

With all the descriptions of raisins and their benefits, we will now talk about where to buy raisins. Grapes are grown in many countries, but in some countries the volume of grapes is not large enough to convert into raisins. To buy raisins we need to know the names of several countries. For example, Iran and the United States have a golden raisin mine. Over 54% of the world’s golden raisins are supplied by two countries. Sulana’s raisin is for Turkey, but Iran is also a major producer. China, Argentina, India, Afghanistan, Georgia are also countries that supply 46% of golden raisins.

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

Is golden raisin and Sultana for what good?

Golden raisins and sultana are great for the cake making industry because they are made from currant. The lack of kernels and the small size of Golden Raisin and Sultana have caused the most demand, especially for the cakes.

raisins suppliers in the world

Unique dried raisins suppliers in the world

price of raisins on market

Supply and demand are two important factors in determining raisin prices. Apart from supply and demand, different types of raisins also have different prices. The most expensive raisin is black raisin and the cheapest raisin belongs to Golden Raisin and Sultana. Year 2017 raisins were lower than demand, so prices for raisins rose, but prices in raisins were lower in 2018 and 2019 due to increased raisins on the market.




price of raisins in us

price of raisins in market center us

Price of raisins in US are determined by the central market. Wholesale prices of golden raisins  2019 per ton and per kg are as follows. The higher the tonnage, the lower the price. The United States is the first exporter of raisins, which is why there are high volatility in prices.

Where are raisins grown in the US?

America is one of the most populous and advanced countries in the world. The US has the most powerful economy in the world, ranking first in succession. One of the US export resources is agricultural products. Grapes and its products such as raisins, grape juice, wine and … are one of the important products of this country. The most important American elite in which raisins are produced is California. California raisins are the first exports of raisins. The prices of raisins in US market are also set by US and Iranian exporters, as the two countries have the largest exporters in the world.

What is California Raisin?

California raisins are called raisins produced in the state of California. California raisins in the world market are known as golden raisins. The golden raisin of the US and Iran has been the absolute power of the world market. Due to the benefits that the yellow raisin has the most supply and demand.

wholesale golden Raisin

The wholesale reseller of Golden Raisin in Iran

Where are the raisins growing?

Raisins do not grow, but raisins are made from grapes. Wherever the grapes are, raisins are as well. The greater the variety of grapes, the greater the variety of raisins. The following are the countries that are the center of raisins:

  • America
  • Iran
  • Turkey
raisins market price

raisins market price

Which country is the best California raisin?

As we said above, California raisins are for America, so it’s natural to be the best raisins for America, but that’s not a definite thought. Iran is America’s most important competitor in exporting golden raisins, but the quality of Iranian raisins is much better than that of American raisins, but California raisins are larger in size than Iran. Iranian raisins are small and used in industries such as cake making and restaurants. California Raisins and Iranian Golden Raisins are two types of raisins with two separate uses.

iranian Golden Raisins

The best quality iranian Golden Raisins

price of raisins in us market

One of the best price of raisins in us is the Amazon site. The Amazon site is an online store that sells raisins in small packages, but Amazon or Alibaba are not a good reference for knowing the wholesale price of raisins. For example, raisins on the US market and on the Amazon site (per kg) cost between $ 3 and $ 4, while raisins are much cheaper.
Iranian raisins can be bought at very cheap prices and with great profit. Given that the value of the dollar is high in Iran, so buying raisins in Iran is very affordable, Iranian raisins are also the best in the world.

How much do raisins cost?

Raisins are generally cheap and portable. Raisins can be easily put in pockets or put into cakes and consumed. Two of the benefits of raisins are that eating a few seeds of raisins gives the body the most health. Each ounce is 38 grams or about 11 raisins, which costs about 25 cents.

price raisins

price raisins

what kind of raisins is sunny raisins?

Thompson seedless grapes are among the most popular varieties used for making raisins, though other varieties are also used for raisins. Because the grapes are spread under the sun and dried, they are called sun maid raisins.



1 kg raisins price

Price of 1 kg raisin on the market

1 kg raisin price in the market is facing price fluctuations, and this is somewhat dependent on the quality of the curries, the best price of the 1 kilogram raisin is presented on this site.
Today, raisins are produced in high tonnage and delivered to the market. The handover of 1 kg raisin has caused price fluctuations. Therefore, to buy 1 kilogram of raisin with the best price and the highest quality, it is better to investigate enough to find its price. Of course, to know the raisin, there are some ways in which one can distinguish the first class raisins from other types and without quality.

raisins market price

1 kg raisin price

1 kilogram raisin price is made up of black and white grapes and their skin needs to remain healthy during the drying process. The sweet taste of raisins should also be such as to give the consumer a pleasant taste. It should be noted that the raisins have been ruined and have a taste of pickles and can not be eaten at all.
As you can see, 1 kg raisin price depends on its quality and quality. Therefore, before buying raisin, it should be tested qualitatively and then a major purchase.

buy golden raisins

buy golden raisins

Buy 1 kilogram and first grade raisins

To buy 1 kilogram raisin and grade one, it is enough to take prestigious centers that have enough experience in dealing with raisins. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, it is easy to make the first grade curtain easily at home.
It is worth mentioning that 1 kilogram raisins are one of the best Iranian raisins, due to its numerous benefits and properties. Some of the most important curtain properties are:
• Strengthens the immune system with high levels of vitamin C
• Treatment of migraine headaches with vitamin A vision
• Helps to grow children with vitamin E
• Avoid osteoporosis due to high calcium
• Help with muscle growth and soothe pain with potassium
• Suitable for diabetics with normal insulin without insulin
• Increasing the milk of mothers as well as their booster
• Suitable for fetal growth the best
• Increase energy and efficiency of the person during the day
• Prevent fatigue
• And …

sale of kishmish

The market for sale of kishmish

Buy 1 kilogram raisin

1 kilogram and first class raisins are sold on this site with quality assurance. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the prices on this site raisins are very affordable compared to the market for buying and selling the currencies, and so the publisher will satisfy the customers.

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Golden raisins australia

Golden raisins australia shopping market

Australian golden raisin Shopping market is at the center where the products of the factory are directly delivered to the customer and has a great deal of business.

Australian Gold Raisin Shopping Market

The Australian golden raisin market is in good condition in our country. Australian golden raisin market is sold out to consumers with marginal profit margins. Buying and selling Australian exports of raisins is very important in our country’s buying market. If you live in Iranian cities and are looking to buy and buy Australian golden raisins, you can buy Australian Gold Raisin Market in Iran. The exotic raisin market is well positioned to bring customers and suppliers to the product. Australian Golden Raisins are available in fresh and packaged markets.

raisins market

raisins market

Australian Gold Raisin Online Store

Australian golden raisins that are traded on the market are offered to the loved ones at the lowest price of the online store and sold. By visiting the Golden raisins australia Online Store, just register your order within a short period of time.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Australian Gold Raisin Exports

Australian Gold Raisin Exports are among the most important businesses in the economy. Raisin factories have been able to export the best Australian gold raisins across the country. Golden raisins australia is the first-tier trade in dried fruits due to its high export volume. Australian golden raisin quality has peaked. Australia’s golden raisin should have export features wherever it may be. Many illnesses in urban life have led people to become more organic.

raisins shop

raisins shop

Australian raisin is one of the most organic raisins in the raisins. Note that price stability affects raisins. Experience has shown that most countries are willing to trade with countries where price of golden raisins are more stable.
Good quality raisins :

  • No pest damage
  • No odor
  • normal
  • Moisture does not exceed 18% by weight
  • Consider the raisin texture
  • Consider the amount of raisin cookies
  • Raisin color is uniform
  • Extreme premature raccoon

The ideal climate for grape drying and raisin production is also an important factor. In the 11th century, the Crusaders introduced the raisins to the rest of Europe when they crossed the Mediterranean Sea.

sorce: www.samineco.com

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Raisins market price

Raisins market price today packages 10 kg

Raisins market price today in 10 kg packages is as below. global price raisins over the last few months, it has fluctuated, which has been upward. The variation of 50% of the raisin was due to golden and black raisins. We can deliver raisins with 10 kg packages at cheap prices wholesale.

Golden raisins suppliers

Golden raisins suppliers Grade super

The production of raisins annually depends on the weather conditions of the region. If there are good conditions, grapes and raisins are produced a lot. Over the last few years, raisin production has gone up and down due to air fluctuations.

Raisins market price today

One of the regions of raisin production is Iran, which supplies 30% of the world’s raisins. There are large raisin suppliers in Iran that can export a large amount of raisins. The raisins market price today is determined by Iran and the United States, with more than 60% of raisins export being made by these two countries. The following table shows the Raisins market price today.

golden raisins grad A 1/91 $ per kg- 0/86 $ per pond
sun maid raisins grade A 2/2 $ per kg- 1 $ per pond
black raisins grad A 4 $ per kg- 1/81 $ per pond
Green raisins grade A 1/7 $ per kg- 0/77 $ per pond
Raisins market

Raisins market

Different types of raisin packaging exported

Exports of raisins are important. Therefore, the quality and appearance of packaging should be carefully considered. Buy raisins by shoppers is only done if the raisin boxes are comfortable to deliver. Raisins are in normal condition, packed in 10 kilos. Writing on the packaging is identical with the language of the importing country.

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Raisins market price

Raisins market price wholesale today per 1 kg 2019

Raisins market price wholesale today per 1 kg 2019 with the best priced from Iran. Wholesale price list types of raisins see the table below. The price of raisins is brought in per ton and kg. The most important thing in raisin prices between 2018 and 2019, reduced iranian price raisins and increased quality.

raisin price per ton

raisin price per ton

Raisin prices have fluctuated in recent years. Fluctuations peaked in April 2018. The trend of raisin prices fluctuations in 2018 between 10 and 15 cents per kilogram. Raisins golden prices rose more than other types raisins. Most changes related to golden raisins export It was to Europe. Europe is one of the great raisin customers in the world. The largest buy golden raisins by European countries Such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Russia and Ukraine. Raisins market price in Iran in 2019 have decreasing.

buy seedless raisins

buy seedless raisins

Raisins market price today

As the statistics buy and Sell raisins has shown the sales volume of raisins as the price drops and it is declined with increasing. The price of raisins in Iran in 2019 has been in decline. Principle of Supply and Demand There are all trades But In Iran, due to political and economic issues, it is slightly different. To increase non-oil exports, such as raisins, There are many incentives. Government incentives in Iran has caused raisins suppliers In Iran, raisins market price wholesale is reduced.

raisins price per kg

Golden raisins Between 1/5 and 1/91 dollars per kg in Iran
Sun maid raisins Between 1/4 and 2/2 dollars per kg in Iran
Green raisins Between 1/4 and 1/7 dollars per kg in Iran
Sultanas raisins Between 1/5 and 1/75 dollars per kg in Iran

The above prices Based on the price of the factory door. If we want to deliver FOB, it is approximately 0.5 cents Per kilo added to the price.

How to package raisins?

Many factories in Iran They are raisins but all power and enough information do not have raisins to export. Raisins are made from grapes, for this reason is a nutritious food. Food is also It can be corrupted, That’s why you should have the best packaging. Iran, raisins with the best packaging export to other countries. Iranian raisins packaging boxes of 10kg And 5 kg. Between 1800 and 2000 cartons are raisins in each machine. Raisins market price which is in the above list considering the packaging of raisins.

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