seedless raisins is taken from grape germs. Golden Raisins, Soltana and sunny raisins is packed in 10 kg. Raisins are innocent With black raisins are the most important types of raisins.

iranian golden raisins

iranian malayer golden seedless raisins exorters

iranian golden raisins with california raisin in America more than 70% of the world’s raisins. Dried fruits of Malayer, Bonab and Malekan are among the best. data about the golden raisins exporter is as follows.

Golden raisins export

A golden raisin called california raisins is also called. iranian golden raisins seedless, raisins provides 30 percent. The other 30 percent are produced and exported by the United States. The price of golden raisin depends on the type of export and the quality of raisins.

raisins malayer

raisins malayer

Is only the Malayer golden raisin known as Iran?

Malayer is located in the southwest of Iran. Malayer is famous for raisin production and there are many vineyards in this area. The golden raisin of Malayer is good, but the quality of golden raisins is better than Malayer. The advantage of golden raisin Malayer is cheaper.

golden raisins exporters

golden raisins exporters

Exporter of iranian golden raisins

Exports of raisins in Iran require strong exporters. Iran has strong producers but is weak in raisin exports. With a high production volume of iranian golden raisins, it must meet at least 50 to 60 percent of the golden raisins in the world but can not. The Iranian Arian Raisin Factory has tried to utilize the best equipment and experienced experts will reduce the price of golden raisins to increase the volume of raisin exports.

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iranian raisins suppliers

iranian golden seedless raisins suppliers in europe

Iranian raisins suppliers love the European and American markets that is why it is trying hard to export raisins to Europe. The Arian Nutrition Factory always strives to provide the best quality and price golden raisins send to Europe and America. manufacturer with 2 packs of 10kg and 5 kg exports golden raisin. Europe is a small continent compared to the Americas and Asia but The economic strength of this continent is ranked first in the world. Best western European Countries have high economic power.

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • England
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
buy seedless raisins

buy seedless raisins

Which raisins has the most exports to Europe?

Most of the raisins that are exported to Europe are golden seedless raisins. Seedless raisins it is made from grainy grains. Grain grains have small seeds, therefore, golden seedless raisins, also has small seeds. Seedless raisins is tasty and easier to get from the raisin of the core. The above reasons have caused export raisins to become more. Iranian raisin suppliers are working for Europe to supply raisins seedless.

golden raisins iran

golden raisins iran

iranian raisins suppliers to Europe

Raisins are one of the main ingredients in chocolate confectionery. Many factories in Europe are active in this industry. Find the best chocolate sweets in Europe and Turkey as a result, large factories are active in these countries. cakes raisins are mostly made by these factories. supply large amount raisins is difficult, for this reason, We should find the great Iranian raisin supplier. We are the most important golden raisins exporters introduce.

golden seedless raisins

arian golden raisins factory (+98)9123483002
asada golden raisins (+98)9214019271
entezari manufacturer (+98)9358411808
zarei manufacturers (+98)9124619720
farhang manufacturers (+98)9354131790

Is raisin exports to western Europe more or eastern?

Europe is divided into 2 parts. The Eastern European economy is weaker than Western Europe, but, they are moving at high speed. The main goal of the iranian raisins suppliers is Western Europe but Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland should be separated. The four countries mentioned in Eastern Europe are abundant and they are among the target markets for iranian raisins suppliers.


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where to buy seedless raisins

where to buy seedless raisins golden grade a

where to buy seedless raisins golden grade A? The best raisins in the world are for the following countries. What is the difference between seedless and seeded raisins? Which type of raisins are best?

grade a raisins

grade a raisins

seedless raisins ,seedless grapes which is said to be dry. If dried in a sulfur method It’s a golden raisin and if it’s dry in the sun we call it a sunny raisin. green raisin and black can be seedless raisins. We note that black raisins are indigenous to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

golden seedless raisins

golden seedless raisins

where to buy seedless raisins golden

where to buy seedless raisins golden grade is a very important question for raisin importers. buy good and cheap raisins helps the importer raisin is sold faster. important center for golden raisins production, Iran and the United States. The two countries provide more than 75% of the golden raisins in the world. Iran has three important centers for producing golden raisins. Bonab, Malakan and Malayer are three important centers for the production of golden raisins.

buy seedless raisins

buy seedless raisins

What is the best raisin?

Raisin is of any use for human health. Raisin prevents many diseases. If you want a raisin for trading, the golden raisin is the best raisin. Sun maid raisins are also in second place. In the event that We want to use raisins for daily consumption sun maid raisins and black raisins are the best raisins. Exports of raisins are of great importance to niche exporters, because they will benefit greatly.

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raisins 100g price

Wholesale price 100g of seedless raisins

Wholesale price 100g of seedless raisins In the global market based on the type of raisin is different. Package prices of 500g and 1 kg are the same but the wholesale price of 10 kg packages varies. For the sale of raisins packaged, you must buy in bulk grade A. Buy raisins in 100 grams and 500 grams It is done on websites. That’s why you have to buy it in bulk. in this case, we can sell in smaller packages.

seedless raisins price

seedless raisins price

What is the best seedless raisins?

There are raisins in both cases, seedless and seed. if we want use raisins for food you have to use a raisin seedless, but in other words, you have to buy seeded raisins. Best raisins for export belongs to buy seedless raisins, because it has more application.

raisins wholesale price

raisins wholesale price

Raisins 100g price 2019

raisins 100g price 2019 in different countries and sites are different. The raisins 100g price on Amazon site varies with Ali Baba. Sell raisins in Iran in form Packages are 10kg. Wholesale price of raisins In Iran is as follows.

golden raisins grade A 1/8 $ per kg
sun maid raisins grade A 2/2 $ per kg
raisins acidic grade A 1/7 $ per kg

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Sun maid raisins price

sun maid raisins seedless price

Sun maid raisins price seedless in iran, it comes with the cheapest price. Price list below, Helps to exporters to raisin find the best price. Do you have raisins sunny organically prepared. Raisins are produced in ways Different . For example, if grapes is dried in the sun To that sunny raisins say or if grapes is dried by sulfur dioxide, we call it golden raisins.

sun raisins price

sun raisins price

Are Sunny raisins seedless?

There are two raisins. Raisins seedles and seed raisins. Raisins seedless more than seed raisins is consumed because the use of seedless raisins is more than seed raisins. Raisins seedlees is used at all kinds of sweets and cakes but seed raisins can not be. Sunny raisins too there are two types. In other words, raisins has both a seedless and seed. Buy raisins seedlees are more than raisins seed.

sultanas raisins brand

Sun maid raisins price

The production of sun maid raisins compared to kind of raisins is Traditionally done. With this in mind, the volume of sunny raisin production is lower. Lower raisin size makes sun maid raisins price be more than expensive other types of raisins. Sun maid raisins price is as follows.

sunny raisins grade A malayer in iran 2/1 $ per kg
sunny raisins grade A takestan in iran 1/91 $ per kg

Which type of raisins are best?

The best raisin depends as raisin and quality raisins. Also, the best raisin depends that for what to use. For example, sale of sultanas Raisins for Iran and Turkey is the best raisin but in USA There are not many fans. Golden raisins export And Sunny raisins Due to the nature of the export They are among the best raisins. The best raisin to eat is sunny raisins and Best raisins for export golden raisin and Sultanas.

sunny raisins

What is organic raisin?

Organic raisins mean raisins are made without chemicals. In order to have organic raisins, we must, both grapes and raisins are made organically. The price of organic raisins is very expensive no agriculture can It produces it, because it is not economical and it is time consuming. People who can organic raisins invest In the long run will benefit a lot.

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golden raisins sale

golden seedless raisins sale to spain

golden seedless raisins for sale to spain with different packaging in Arian raisins factory available to Spanish customers. raisins Sultana from the other is a variety of golden raisins. Sale price of golden raisins and sultanas in the price list below. Spain is the only of the European country that with the African continent, Morocco, it has a common land border. For this reason, the Moroccan market is also a monopoly to Spain.

golden raisins for sales

There are several types of golden raisins?

Raisins are made from grapes with grape drying raisins are made. There are grapes both in the form of both seeds and seedless. Raisin prices also based on types of raisins are different.Golden raisins has 3 types. Gold raisin for sale depends on these 3 types.

  • Organic Golden Raisin
  • Golden raisins
  • Raisin Sultana

Difference between golden raisins and sultanas

Golden raisins has yellow is full but sultanas raisins has yellow Close brown. Raisins Sultanas does not have sulfur but golden raisins is made with sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is obtained from burning sulfur. Price of golden raisins with Sultanas raisins Prices is also different.

raisins price wholesale

raisins price wholesale

golden raisins sale

One of europe target markets are golden raisins. The most important golden raisins customers are In Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Golden raisins sale In Spain comes with special packages.
Raisin export packaging are In weights 10kg and 5kg.

golden raisins

golden raisins price and sultanas

Wholesale price golden raisins sale as follows. Buy wholesale raisins there are different definitions.. wholesale prices below based on 20 tons. If there was a need for more tonnage communicate with us. According to the European market especially Spain, buy golden raisins as a luxury food product and with great benefits is suggested.

  • price golden raisins grade 1
  • price sultanas raisins
  • 1/76 $
  • 1/6 $

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Raisins golden seedless

Raisins golden seedless where to buy

Raisins golden seedless where to buy? Raisins golden seedless has many benefits. 1 golden raisin calorie keeps the human body healthy for up to 10 years. Sultana raisins are also from darker colors of golden raisins. We talk about how are raisins made and the global raisin price.

golden raisins price

How much does calories eat raisins?

Raisin is one of the foods that, if consumed, has no harm to the body. Raisin daily rations will help you eliminate all the diseases that may come to your attention in the future. The following table can protect your body by eating raisins golden.

Polyunsaturated Fat 0 gram
Monounsaturated Fat 0 gram
Cholesterol 0 gram
Sodium 1.2 gram
Potassium 72 gram
Dietary Fiber 0/4 gram
Protein 0/3 gram
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0/5 %
Calcium 0/4 %
Iron 1 %

The special sale of golden raisins and Sultan are done at Arian Factory. Contact us through the following information.


where to buy Raisins golden seedless?

Golden raisins do not exist everywhere. Afghanistan is one of the countries exporting raisins but does not have golden raisins. The first golden raisins in America were produced and sold. Over time, golden raisins were one of the most important items in the United States.
After the United States, Iran is the second golden raisin exporting country. The best golden raisins in Iran are devoted to 4 cities in Iran, as follows:

  1. Malekan
  2. So
  3. Malayer
  4. Takistan City

 Buy Raisins Golden from arian factory

Arian raisins factory is one of the great Iranian producers. Arian Factory is located in Bonab city of Iran. The advanced equipment and machinery of the factory have made it possible to export the best raisins golden seedless to the world. In addition, the financial ability of factory has allowed us to produce a lot of raisins. Finally, the timely delivery of raisins is one of the other Arian concessions.

Price golden raisins for export

Certainly buying golden raisins from Iran in terms of raisin prices is in the interest of foreign buyers. The price of golden raisins in Iran in high tonnage can be of great benefit to you. Even more than the profit of importing fruits and other nuts. The most important reason is the high dollar price in Iran and the drop in export prices.

Raisin price
golden raisins grad 1 2/1 $
golden raisins grad 2 1/9 $

seedless raisins price golden for sale

Seedless raisins price golden for sale how much is it? Manufacturer golden raisins with what qualities and weight of the package is? What is the purchase price per 1 kg of yellow raisins?

When you hear the name of raisins, grapes first comes to mind. Grape fruit paradise, as God has called repeatedly in the scriptures. Grapes have many benefits and are useful for the treatment of many diseases. Grapes are harvested in the summer. It is difficult to maintain grapes, which is why it is dried and used as raisins for use in other seasons.

Types of raisin?

Raisins are distinguished with grapes. If the grapes had a core, raisin is green raisin or currant raisins. Currant raisin has a large size and is the most useful raisins for the body. When the grapes were dried up، Seesless Raisin are made.

Another type of raisin is the green raisin. You see raisins in nuts. The raisin size is green, pulled and has a core. This raisin is taken from grapes called green grapes. When the grapes are dried, the raisin becomes green.

Sun raisins are also one of the most famous types of raisin. As its name implies. Sun raisins should be warm and direct sunlight sushid raisin is more sweet than all kinds of raisins,
So the sale of sunny raisins is huge.

Is one of the most luxurious dried golden raisins yellow, golden raisins in front of a particular nutrient. Therefore, the price of golden raisins is the most expensive raisin. It should be noted that the process of making gold raisins also has a price effect.

How are golden raisins made?

Golden raisins from seedless grapes can be built. The liquid acid grape, dries in less time. Then, for 2 to 3 days on the floor is completely dry. When raisin moisture reached the standard state,they are taken to the gas chamber to withstand sulfur smoke. ime should be exposed to the smoke of sulfur is important in yellow raisins.

seedless raisins price golden

The price of golden raisins varies. The more yellow raisins are and the size is the same, the more expensive the raisins will be. Seedless raisins price depends on the color of raisins. In addition, it depends on raisins. For example, if raisins be raisins sun, its price varies with raisins acid. Sunny raisin production process, is easier than raisins acid and And it costs less.

raisins price per kg is different. The price list for raisins is as follows:

raisins color price per kg
golden raisins grade 1 gold 2/7 $
golden raisins grade 2 gold and red 2/20 $
sun raisins grade 1 brown 1/60 $
sun raisins grade 2 brown 1/40 $
green raisins grade 1 green 2/50 $
green raisins grade 2 green 2 $

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