Sultana raisins are made from currant and have large and large seeds. There are various types of currant from which sultana raisins are made.

sultana raisins

Sultana Raisins with bright brown color for export, is one of the best types of raisins. Iran and Turkey are major exporters of Sultana raisins. The color of raisins, is more yellow, they call it golden raisins.

raisins import export

raisins import export golden vs sultanas

Reputable companies raisins import export in Iran the following are active. Given that golden raisins vs sultanas is a goods of the nutrition Market, and Iranian dried fruits are famous in the world, buyers can buy Iranian raisin at cheap prices. The countries of Iran is the largest exporters of raisins.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

Iran is oil-rich country and most of the country’s money comes from oil sales. With regard to the decline in oil sales, Iran’s export policies have changed, for this reason the Iranian government has taken special conditions for exporters. Specific conditions have reduced the price of exported goods.

golden raisins iran

golden raisins iran

Companies raisins import export in Iran

water, Weather and soil It is important to cultivate grapes. Due to its moderate climate, Iran is a good platform for grape cultivation. Therefore, Iran is among the 3 largest raisin exporters in the world. The most important raisins import export to Iran are golden raisins and raisin sultana. sultanas raisins are one of the golden raisins. The difference between the sultanas raisins with golden raisin, it’s their color. Golden raisins are quite yellow but Raisin Sultana is light brown.

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where can i buy golden raisins

where can i buy iranian golden raisins or sultanas

where can i buy iranian golden raisins or sultanas? Is golden raisin good for you? which type of iranian raisins is best? sultanas raisin or golden raisin? What’s name the best raisins suppliers in Iran? The best price and quality of raisins which region is from Iran?

Answer the above questions, it is help to importers raisins around the world until the buy the best raisins.

iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

Difference between golden raisins and sultana

As of name Golden raisins Is specified golden raisins are called raisins That have a yellow color. To high quality, we do not call golden raisins, but rather Because of the yellowish raisins they call golden raisins. Raisin sultana a special kind of raisin. The grapes are dried with acid and turn into light brown color. Sell raisins sultana and golden raisin in Iran Are different.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

Best golden raisins where is it?

Golden Raisins in Iran he’s got a special place. Best golden raisins in Iran Make Like carpets and pistachios all over the world you will see. Buy golden raisins of iran It is always in the top priority. because the premium quality of raisins is Iran. Quality raisins to The grape quality is directly related.

buy golden raisins

buy golden raisins

where can i buy golden raisins

Best Iranian raisins that most raisin exports, Golden Raisin and Sultana. Iran has the second place in its exports, but Golden Raisins and Sultanas Exports have the highest amount. Many questions Importers have raisins this is that where can I buy golden raisins? We will answer this question Where can I buy golden raisins? Some important manufacturers raisins in Iran we have named it.

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sultana raisins prices

The difference between sultana raisins prices vs golden raisins

The difference between sultana raisins prices vs golden raisins Depending on the different time periods،Because، In the form of Annually produced Must be set to date. We have tried to cheapest raisin price put in the list below but the wholesale price of golden raisins or sultanas raisins every day is changing.

golden raisins vs sultanas

How are sultanas raisins made?

In the production of sultanas raisins, for that Seedless grapes drying process be faster They use raisin oil Unlike most people. the raisins of Sultana made by green grape seedless. Raisins Sultana, have a lot of benefits for us. Buy sultanas raisins Not only is it beneficial for us But it also brings a lot of benefits to the human body.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

Difference between raisin Of sultanaha and golden raisins

The method of preparing all raisins is similar. The difference between them is in color and side factors. Raisin Sultana and Golden raisins are produced in one form but the golden raisin should In the vicinity of sulfur dioxide To be yellow. Sulfur dioxide is also caused by the burning of sulfur. The major difference between golden raisins vs sultanas is, In the color and price of raisins. Golden raisins is yellow but The color of the raisins i sultana is the brown is bright.

diffrence between golden raisins and sultana

sultana raisins prices vs golden?

Sultana Raisins Prices vs Golden raisins at different time intervals has been different. Sometimes the price of Sultanas raisins the price of golden raisins is more expensive and some times has been cheaper. Sultana Raisins Prices and Golden raisins, Due to the nature of the export, It’s set for the moment. The price list below is set to the lowest price for Sultan raisins It was informed. Best golden raisins and Raisin Sultana has the prices are as follows.

  • golden raisins prices
  • sultanas raisins prices
  • 1/91 $ per kg
  • 1/78 $ per kg

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golden raisins 1kg price

golden raisins 1kg price vs sultana

Raisins are a kind of dried fruit that comes from grapes. The raisin properties for humans are so helpful that they come in the Bible of Jews and Muslims. The Romans used raisins as prizes during their tournament. Until the 20th century, raisins were produced only by Iranians and Egyptians. Since the mid-twentieth century, American advisers have also been added to raisin producers. The main source of raisin production in the United States is California.

golden raisins vs sultanas

What is sultanas raisins?

Raisins have several varieties. The most important exporter of raisins is golden raisins and sultanas raisins. Sultana raisins from seedless grape was built and pale yellow. Grapes are dried in a variety of ways. Types of grape drying methods make the size and quality of raisins different. Raisin s sultana is the same golden raisin but with less color. sales sultanas raisins such as golden raisin great  volume.

price of raisins

how much is golden raisins 1kg price?

Golden raisins 1kg price according to the price list below. The golden raisins 1kg price in the table is based on 20 tons of raisins. n other words, the price of golden raisins is set at the wholesale price. It should be noted that if the amount of raisin tonnage increases, prices can be changed.

price golden raisins grade 1 1/9 $ per  1 kg
price golden raisins grade 2 1/71 $ per  1 kg
price sultanas raisins grade 1  1/8 per  1 kg

golden raisins where to buy?

The most important and best raisin production center in Iran, Turkey and the United States. We are selling Iranian golden raisins. The best golden raisins in the world belong to Iran, so you can take advantage of the potential of raisin production in Iran to buy golden raisins.

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golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas and currant where to buy

golden raisins vs sultanas and currant where to buy? What is the difference between the golden raisin and the Sultanas raisin? The benefits of golden raisins are better or raisins Sultana? currants and black raisins is different?

buy golden raisins

diffrence between golden raisins vs sultanas raisins?

Golden Raisins and Sultana raisins are kind of different types. Both golden raisins and sultana are made in a acidic method. One of the differences is the golden raisin with the sultanas raisins, color. The most important difference is golden raisins with sultanas raisin in sulfur. When grapes are dipped in a teaspoon solution, the color of raisins changes to green or light brown.

best golden raisins

where to buy golden raisins vs sultanas raisins

Raisins, like any other product, are produced in different countries. Turkey, Iran and the United States produce 85% of the world’s raisins. In addition, raisin production in different countries varies. Afghanistan is one of the countries that raisin it, but in a small amount. The best countries to buy golden raisins are in Iran. Iran has also sultanas raisins after Turkey.
There are many factories in Iran. Arian Golden Raisin Factory is one of the most equipped factories in the world. You can buy the best golden raisins from the factory. Apart from the equipment, the financial ability of this plant has also helped to become one of the best golden raisins suppliers in Iran.

sultanas raisins brand

Difference of black raisins with currant?

There are two types of raisins. raisins seeds and raisins seedless. currant is raisins seedless. Iran is the world’s best currant. black raisins is kind of raisins seeds. Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are the only countries that have blackhead raisins. Black raisins is one of the world’s most delicious raisins, which is expensive. The price of golden raisins and raisins sultana is much cheaper than black raisins.

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Sultana Raisins supplier

Iranian Sultana Raisins supplier Price

Iranian Sultana Raisins supplier Price of world markets is the price? Are there several types of Sultana raisins? What is the method of delivery of raisins? How much does shipping cost CIF and Fob?

what is a sultana?

In general, raisins are divided into 3 main types.

  • Golden Raisin
  • Sun raisins
  • Raspberry

Arian raisin factory has a lot of flexibility in delivering raisins. Stay in touch with us through the following information.

Raisins to be named are the most common types of raisins in the world. Golden raisins are the yellow raisins that are produced by sulfur vapor. Sun raisins are also dried by the warmth of the sun and the sweetest raisin. The price of  sun raisin is cheaper than golden raisins.

Sultana raisins price?

The world-class raisin is known as the Sultana Raisin. Raisins are produced by the supplier in a different way. One of the raisin production methods, the method is acid. For the production of raisins acid, the acid solution must be prepared and put the grapes inside it. In this case, the raisins take on a green color. Sometimes it finds a yellowish brown color.

Name raisins price($)
sultana raisins grade 1 1/47 $
sultana raisins grade 2 1 $

Sultana Raisins supplier

Iran is a country with abundant vineyards. Therefore Grapes are the main products of Iranian agriculture. Grape products with high export value. Raisins are the most important ones. Sultana Raisins supplier in iran are high. Arian raisin factory by utilizing the best equipment of the day, it provides a high volume of Sultana raisins. Another important plant in Iran is Saeed Raisin, one of the largest raisin plants in the world. Customers can buy this product in our webshop.

Method of delivery of raisins?

The method of delivery of raisins is in three ways:

  • Fob method
  • Cif method
  • Exw method

In the FOB method, the product is delivered to the customer’s port of origin. Exw method, the factory delivery door is delivered. CIF method, delivery of raisins is at the destination port. The shipping cost is determined by delivery to a specific border.

For example, the cost of transporting to Germany is a port to which raisins must be delivered. Or the land border of Iraq and Russia has different prices on the maritime border In order to know the shipping costs, the shipping cost and delivery type must be specified at the time of purchase. Because the distances and type of carriage are different. On average cost per kilo of raisins shipped to Europe is about 50 cents.

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raisins currants sultana price

raisins currants sultana golden price 2018

raisins currants sultana price 2018 how much is it? Which country to buy the best export raisin? How to buy raisins online?

Raisin is obtained like any dried fruit from fresh fruit drying. Grapes have seeds that are juicy. When it dries, it will change color and become sweeter.
Grapes give us a kind of raisins in any way that they dry. In addition, the type of grapes also affects the shape and color of raisins، Because different types of grapes are available.

What is a Sultan Raisin?

Sultana raisins are a variety of different kinds of raisins, which are dried in the form of spit. When the grape juice is dried with spittle, it has a yellowish brown color. Sultana raisins are red. When raisins are placed inside the oven to yellowish, some raisins are blooming. The price of Sultana raisins is cheaper due to redness, which is why the demand for sultanas raisin is high.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

raisins currants sultana price?

Sultana raisins are a variety of golden raisins but less yellow. The price of Salmon raisins is determined by its quality.

First class sultana raisin price: 1/5 $ EXW

Secent class sultana raisins price: 1/2 $ EXW

What is currant raisins?

Rasins currant is Seedless seeds with overweight and brown. Seedless raisins, currants contain seeds but are also available. Iranian raisins are raisin, but raisins are raisins. Seedless seeds with overweight and brown. Seedless raisins, currants contain seeds but are also available. Iranian raisins are raisin, but raisins are raisins. Currant raisins are known in one country in any country. Raisins in Iran are known as black currant raisins, and in Afghanistan they are called raisins seeds.

How much is raisins currant price?

Raisins in Iran are made from grapes of Shahani or Fakhri.Grapes are Shahani and Fakhri are grape varieties in Iran. Grain grains are very large and very large. Grapes are grapefruits with large seeds and with cores. When dried, it gives us a great raisin. Currant raisins have a lot of benefits due to its rich properties. From currants to reduce fat and blood glucose. It eliminates osteoporosis and is very suitable for weight loss. In addition, raisins are also used to regulate blood pressure.

  • raisins currant price: 2/8 $ EXW

Contact us for the price of raisins for the price of the dollar and the euro in Iran.

iranian sultana raisins

iranian sultana raisins cheap

Iranian sultana raisins  cheap with a pale yellow color in different grades that will be priced by following the order below.

Iran is the third-largest country in the export of raisins. More than 27 percent of the raisins in the world are supplied through Iran. Iranian raisins are divided into golden raisins , sultana, raisins the sun and black raisins. Among these products, Sultana raisin prices have more fluctuations due to their large sales.

The color of the racemes is pale yellow, which is packed in different gradings when it is sourced.
Their size is from 8 mm to 12 mm. Size 8 is a fine raisin and a size above 10 is known as coarse raspberry, which is also more expensive.
In order to buy Sultan raisins, please mail the request through the following ways to send the raisins to the price of the day.

Is a golden raisin a sultana?

A golden raisin is made of white currant. The yellow raisin is yellow and the sulfur must also be used to make it.
Sultana raisin has only one drying step and its color is yellow-brown.

The reason why gold raisins are more expensive is also due to higher production costs. The color of golden raisins is also a reason for the increased demand for golden raisins to sultana raisins.

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