cheapest price for raisins export iran

cheapest price for raisins export iran how much is it? What raisins is the best raisin in Iran? What is the cheapest raisin for what is good? How is raisins delivered from Iran? How is Iranian raisin selling? What kind of Iranian raisin packaging is?

Raisin is a very important nutrient in nuts. Raisins are the result of grape drying. Whatever grapes are different, raisins are different. One of the key countries in exporting raisins is Iran. Iran along with the US and Turkey more than 70% of the world’s raisins.

Iranian raisins have different types. The most important raisins in Iran are:

  • Golden Raisin
  • Sun raisins
  • green raisin

What is a golden and sun and green raisins?

Gold raisins are prepared with Smoke from burning sulfur. sun raisins are in contact with sunlight over long periods of time. The amount of time needed to produce raisins is one to two months.To produce green raisins, grapes must be dried with acid. The time to produce raisins is short, while raisins are timeless.

cheapest price for raisins?

Green raisins are among the best in Iran, but golden and sun raisins have better quality than green raisin. Grapes based on soil type. The weather conditions vary in quality. Whatever the quality of grapes is better, good raisins can be obtained from it.


Specials golden raisins for Europe and Arabic countries with packing 10 kg

Grapes without seeds of the best grapes in the world. Seedless grape seeds have a thick skin and a lot of water. When dry sweet raisins and quality will give us more. cheapest price for raisins. The cheapest raisin in Iran depends on its degree. The price of the cheapest raisins in Iran is determined by grading and quality.

Raisin grading in the world varies with Iran. For example, the quality of Iran’s golden raisin is equal to the golden raisin of grade 1 in Turkey.
Golden golden raisin in Iran has a very golden color, while in Turkey or the United States, red raisins will also be seen in packages. That’s why most of the world’s gold exports to Iran are devoted raisins. Compared to raisin exporting countries, the price of golden raisins in Iran is much cheaper than other raisin exporting countries. Cheapest price for raisins as follows:

Raisin grade color price
golden raisin grade 1 gold 2/17 $ per kg
golden raisin  grade 2 Golden and a little red 1/8 $ per kg
golden raisin  grade 3 Golden with a lot of red 1/5 $ per kg
sun raisin grade 1 dark brown 1/8 $ per kg
sun raisin grade 2 dark brown And tiny size 1/5 $ per kg
sun raisin grade 3 brown 1/08 $ per kg

Raisins special discounted price and its duration is limited. Stay connected if you need.

Different types of raisin packaging in Iran

Packaging is important in selling raisins. Raisins are packed for export in cartons. Iranian raisins packed in cartons of 10 and 5 kg carried out. In the package, the Arian raisin factory has the ability to deliver Iranian raisins to any package due to the use of well-equipped and day-to-day technology in raisin packing. Typically in Iran, raisins in cartons of 10 and 5 kg sold. Iran for supporting the policy of non-oil exports, especially sales of raisins. That’s why you can buy golden raisins and sunny with cheap price.

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