price of raisins

Competitive price of raisins on the market

The competitive price of raisins in the market by Arian Raisin has led many raisin suppliers to think about reducing prices. The wholesale price of 1kg of Arian raisins has led to lower prices in Iran.

Raisins are highly dependent on agricultural conditions. The more industrialized agriculture is, the lower the price raisins. Raisin is made from grapes so if it is not grape it will not be raisin. In Iran and Turkey, which are the major suppliers of raisins, there was severe cold and destroyed many vineyards. Prices of raisins also rose sharply at 2017-2018, but things changed 2018-2020.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Are price raisin expensive?

Raisins have many benefits for humans that do not have fresh fruit for the body. Raisins not only cure diseases but also prevent many diseases. Preventing osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fat and blood sugar are the most important functions of raisins in the body. Properties that raisins have but havent grapes. Raisins are present at any time of the year but not grapes. A person who is cold cannot eat grapes but can eat raisins, so the price of raisins is more expensive than grapes. That said, the most important reason for buying raisins is to use them in many foods.

golden raisin

golden raisin

Arian Raisin Company

Iran has many companies in the production and export of raisins, but some have advantages that make them different from other companies. Having the tools and equipment along with the financial strength makes the supply power increase. Arian’s Golden Raisin Factory has 6,000 orchards, all of which turn it into raisins. This has reduced the price of Aryan raisins and increased its competitive potential. The price cut by Arian has forced many suppliers to cut the price of golden raisins. Many companies such as Australia, Germany, France, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine are clients of Aryan. Due to the high potential that these countries have in buying raisins, Arian is looking to increase their Raisin sales representative in these countries. Arian Golden Raisin Company is a supplier of premium grade  and grade A golden raisins.

Which type of raisin is best?

Sultana and Golden Seedless raisin are among the varieties of raisins that make the most of the market. Sun maid and golden raisins are also the most commonly consumed. The reason is that golden, sunny and sultana raisins are seedless and easy to eat. Grain raisins are less consumed because they do give humans an unpleasant taste when eating. Increasing demand for seedless raisins has led to an increase in the price of raisins.

typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Is Golden Raisin Good for Health?

As mentioned above, raisins are good for health. It doesn’t matter what the raisin is. The amount of beneficial substances it brings to the body depends on the type of raisins. The more natural raisins are made, the better. Golden raisins, although rich in sulfur dioxide, are in high demand because of their good taste. According to statistics provided by the World Bureau of Statistics, golden raisins sell more than Sultana raisins, but sun raisins are more useful than golden raisins.

raisins market price

raisins market price

Is it better grapes or raisins?

The grape has a grain that is sweet and juicy. Eating grapes is more attractive than raisins, but the benefits of raisins are not. When we dry the grapes, the analysis that takes place in the grapes creates a world of potassium, antioxidants and a variety of vitamins in raisins. The price of raisins is more expensive than grapes, but eating 10 raisins helps our health. The cost of buying 10 raisins is so low that it’s worth buying. The price of 10 raisins is not equal to one capsule of medicine, while the drug is a chemical, while raisins are a natural substance.

high quality raisins

Buyer of all kinds of high quality raisins

Where to buy raisins?

With all the descriptions of raisins and their benefits, we will now talk about where to buy raisins. Grapes are grown in many countries, but in some countries the volume of grapes is not large enough to convert into raisins. To buy raisins we need to know the names of several countries. For example, Iran and the United States have a golden raisin mine. Over 54% of the world’s golden raisins are supplied by two countries. Sulana’s raisin is for Turkey, but Iran is also a major producer. China, Argentina, India, Afghanistan, Georgia are also countries that supply 46% of golden raisins.

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

Is golden raisin and Sultana for what good?

Golden raisins and sultana are great for the cake making industry because they are made from currant. The lack of kernels and the small size of Golden Raisin and Sultana have caused the most demand, especially for the cakes.

raisins suppliers in the world

Unique dried raisins suppliers in the world

price of raisins on market

Supply and demand are two important factors in determining raisin prices. Apart from supply and demand, different types of raisins also have different prices. The most expensive raisin is black raisin and the cheapest raisin belongs to Golden Raisin and Sultana. Year 2017 raisins were lower than demand, so prices for raisins rose, but prices in raisins were lower in 2018 and 2019 due to increased raisins on the market.




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