Detailed information on raisin price per ton

Detailed information on raisin price per ton

The raisin price per ton varies depending on the time and place. Raisin prices are also determined by raisin type and buy volume. Update information on wholesale raisin prices is listed below.

Price is important in any transaction, Especially if it is for export. The economy of the world is shrinking and prices can be accessed in less time. Price depended to many items. Buy volume, location, time, raisin type affect the price. If the volume is high but the quality is bad Or if the volume is low but high quality We have two prices.

Different types of raisins

The grape is a sweet fruit. When we dry the grapes, the raisins come out sweeter than fresh grapes. The grape has many seeds. The grape has either a nucleus or no nucleus. Big or small. Red, Black, Yellow or Green. All the grapes we mentioned give us one of the raisins. Black raisins come from black grapes or raisin brown from currant. Grape drying methods are also different. Buying raisins is also different depending on the method of drying the grapes. For example, Buy golden raisins is used for the cake factory and sun raisins for eating alongside tea and coffee are too much. The volume of buy golden raisins and sultana raisins is more than sunny because of its industrial use.

best price raisins

best price raisins

Raisin varieties

To find out what the raisin price per ton is, we must first know what raisins we want. The raisin varieties are classified as follows. To know the price of raisins, we must first get acquainted with the types of raisins. Raisins have many varieties but we name the most important ones.

  • Sunny raisins
  • green raisin
  • Golden Raisins
  • Black Raisins
  • Acid raisins
typ of raisins

typ of raisins

What is sun maid raisin?

When the grapes are harvested, cloth is spread on the ground. Pour the grapes over it to dry with the heat of the sun. The color of grapes turns from yellow to brown. Drying of grapes in the above method is called sunny raisin. Some people with more facilities hang grapes on wooden fences to dry.

sun maid raisin

sun maid raisin

what is golden raisins

Golden raisin is yellow. The essence of raisins is brown but transforms to other colors in different ways. Golden raisins turn yellow with sulfur dioxide. Putting brown raisins for 5 minutes in front of sulfur smoke causes golden raisins. Between different raisins produced Golden raisin exports have the highest value. Most European countries buy Iranian golden raisins because they taste extremely good.

golden seedless raisins

Buy premium golden seedless raisins

What is green raisins?

There are nutrients that come from a plant. When the grapes are harvested, slice the grapes in the liquid and hold for a few minutes. Then hang for a few days to dry. In this case, the color of raisins is green. The grape type is no different. It is only the drying method that determines the name of raisins.

green raisins

What is black raisin?

Black raisins are called because of their dark color. Most black currants are large. One of the grape varieties it’s called red grapes. When we put the grapes against the heat of the sun as the chemical interactions occur, the color of the dried grapes turns to black.

black raisins with seeds

black raisins with seeds

Raisin price per ton

The raisin price per ton is fluctuating due to many variables. Prices of raisins varied greatly from 2016 to 2018 due to climate change. The change in the volume of raisin production in the world, especially in Iran, which is one of the largest exporters of raisins, has led to an increase and decrease. The prices of raisins were rising from 2017 to 2018 years, with prices ranging from $ 1 to $ 3 per kg. Year 2019 raisin prices dropped. We announce the price of raisins online every day so you can find out the day’s prices by contacting us by phone and email below.


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