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export golden raisins without sulfur dioxide how is that? How to remove sulfur dioxide from raisins? Where is the best golden raisin? what is price golden raisins grad supper?

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how to remove sulfur dioxide from dried fruit?

To remove sulfur dioxide from the dried fruit, it must first be washed thoroughly with water. . Then place the dried fruit in a mixture of lemon juice and water for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the dried fruit or raisins, which is a type of dried fruit, in a clean towel to remove water.

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where to buy the best golden raisins sulfur dioxide?

Raisin comes from the grape drying product. The grapes are either dry with the machine or in a sunny way. If we grape the grapes in the sun, we call it a sunny raisin. Now, if we dry acid wine with a chemical called to say that raisins acid.In addition, mix raisins with sulfur gas to make golden raisins sulfur dioxide. When raisins are sulfur dioxide, the quality and raisins changes. The best gold raisin sulfur dioxide is produced in Iran and the United States. The history of the production and export of golden raisins reaches over a hundred years.

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Price golden raisins grades supper

The price of golden raisins is determined by its degree. To determine the price, you should pay attention only to the quality and color of raisins. The price of golden raisins is in the second place. Therefore, to buy golden raisins should pay attention to quality and price.

  • golden raisins grade supper
  • golden raisins grade 1
  • 2 $ per kg
  • 1/8 $ per kg

If you ask for a high tonnage, please contact us about the price.


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