Exports of golden raisins

Exports of golden raisins to Europe

Exports of golden raisins to Europe at reasonable prices and conditions that help you to deliver the raisins you need at a lower price

Exports of golden raisins

Iran along with Turkey and the United States are among the best raisin exporters in the world. Due to the abundant soil, Iran has comparative advantage to three other countries
The best golden raisin belongs to a region in Iran called Malekan. Gold raisins are packed in different sizes and grades. The golden raisin is yellow, and this is why the most raisin export of Iran is golden raisins.

golden raisins

golden raisins

When the sulfur is burned out, smoke comes about. In this case, the raisins are placed in the vicinity to make golden raisins. The duration of raisin placement in this space affects the amount of raisin yellowing.
With these explanations, it should be said that most of Iran’s golden raisins are exported to countries in Europe. For example, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, canad and Bulgaria are among the golden raisin buyers in Iran.
We will export the best golden raisin grade 1 to European countries.

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