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In Iran, three million tons of grapes are produced annually. Iran is not so successful in the export of grapes and less than 10 percent of the produced grapes are exported to other countries. Unlike grapes, Iranian raisins exports with high quality.

Iran exports its various types of grapes, including fresh and dried, to more than 80 countries. Last year, more exports were related to dried grapes or raisins. Exports of raisin to 80 countries in 96. Iraq, Russia and the UAE have had the largest import of raisins from Iran.

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Malekan Grape is one of the exporter parasites issued to Pakistan and was exported to Russia in the past. The Grapes of West Azerbaijan, Qazvin, Takestan, and Bonab are also grapes. But due to the grain of some of these grapes, their export has been problematic. Malayer City is considered as one of the largest production of grapes and raisins in the country. Malayer Raisins has a global reputation. The best type of grapes in this city is a white-grained type.

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Grape Export problems

Traditional and non-scientific seeding and exploitation in grape orchards has led to a decrease in productivity in the gardens. There are some pests in grapes and grape orchards that cause low quality of product.

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Water shortage is another problem. Due to the shortage of heat water, it also imports a lot of damage to the quality of grapes. Grapes are good features including being grainy, coarse and have a cluster, transparency and in terms of health without pests In order to obtain the necessary standards in terms of global markets. Malayer County 60% of the production of grapes and three percent of the cultivation area of the country.

export raisins

Buying and selling various of export raisins

export raisins

Generally, different types of raisins are implanted in Iran, which can be noted in a number of cases: Green Grapevine, black raisins, green raisin, seedless golden raisins and grapes or Ghovati and…. most of these vines are considered as export raisins. The green raisins is a seed that is one of the most pro-kind raisin export. That is because of the property and use of this kind of product for exporting component is one of the export options. Other types of raisin export is a type of seedless grades that is sold by a grade quality in the whole world.

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