raisins price in qatar

Fresh raisins price in market qatar

The fresh raisins price qatar in market is convenient because of its proximity to the world’s raisin center. Golden and sunny raisins are among the best Iranian raisins that make up a large volume of Iranian raisins exports to Qatar.

Qatar is the third largest gas reserves country in the world, so it is a rich country. The high wealth and low population have made the people of Qatar live in prosperity and use the best food and industrial goods. Qatar has a blue border with Iran and is one of Iran’s good trading partners. Qatar, due to the hot weather, is not a suitable place for plant growth, so it imports food products other than dates. One of Qatar’s major imports is raisins.

Qatar import volume

Most of Qatar’s imports come from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Yemen. Raisin is a product that Qatar imports from Iran. Qatar’s import volume from the mentioned countries is $ 4.9 billion. Raisins of the world are produced by 4 countries. Iran, Turkey, America, Chile and Greece are countries that supply 80% of the world’s raisins.

Iran raisin varieties for export

Raisin is famous in the world for its high volume and excellent taste. The abundance of orchards in Iran has made it the main center of raisins in the world. Qatar could be easier to buy because of its proximity to Iran. The raisins price in qatar are also good because shipping costs are reduced.

Raisins price in qatar EXW

The price of raisins in Iran depends very much on the dollar. The dollar rate fluctuates in Iran, so you should contact raisin suppliers for detailed information. One of the factors in determining the raisins price in qatar, How to send raisins. Exporters of raisins in Iran deliver raisins in two ways. EXW and FOB. If the contract is one year, they will also be delivered in CIF form. In the cif method, the load is delivered in Qatar. In exw method the factory door raisin is delivered to the buyer in Iran. The fob method is delivered in Bandar Abbas.

Payment method

One of the drawbacks of exporting raisins to Qatar is cash sales. Credit sales cannot be used because of US sanctions against Iran. To settle a financial account with the buyer you must first receive 50% cash and the remainder will receive Bandar Abbas. Some buyers can not trust so the deal is not done. To resolve this issue, it is advisable to have a trip to Iran if the raisins price in qatar were good and to be sure of the facilities and credibility of the factory. After a few deals we can get into credit sales. We will answer more questions about pony when buy raisins.

Iranian raisin varieties for Qatar

Raisins have different types, but the largest Iranian raisin that is welcomed by Qataris is Grade 1 Golden Raisin. Sunny raisins are also popular in Qatar. The color of the raisins is light brown but the golden raisins are yellow. The prices of golden raisins are cheaper than sunny raisins, but the popular acceptance of golden raisins is not because they are cheap because Qatari people buy the best. Qatari people live in lucre, so selling golden raisins in Qatar is more than sun maid raisins.

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

Another type of raisin that is mass produced in Iran is green raisin. Green raisins are also kernel
also produced without a kernel. Green kernel raisins have a large size. The size of green raisins is between 15 and 18 mm. Grain green raisins Nuts are called raisins.




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