Information good iranian golden raisins

Information good iranian golden raisins

The following is information about Iranian golden raisins that is good for export. Golden Grade Raisins are of two types that we have described. Iran’s famous vineyards prepare the best raisins for export.

Raisins need vineyards and vineyards need plenty of water and soil. Iran is a place with plenty of soil and water. Iranian soil is prone to grape cultivation. Golden raisins are produced in the vineyards of Bonab and Melekan. Bonab and Malekan are two of the most important cities of Golden Raisin. Golden raisins Bonab and Malkan in Iran have the best quality in the world and in terms of taste and quality no country reaches Iran.

Top countries worldwide exporting raisin

Top countries worldwide exporting raisin

Type of raisins

The brown, yellow, green, and black raisins are on the market. Green and brown raisins From green grapes, black raisins come from black grapes. If you dry the grapes in front of the sun and in the garden, the color of the raisins will be brown. Dry the grapes in the shade or with a dry raisin. Golden raisins are also dried in shade and sulfur dioxide. Golden raisin yellow is a difficult task and requires good grapes and sufficient experience.

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Given that Iranian farmers are skilled in producing golden raisins, they have been able to export the largest amount of golden raisins in the world market. The world raisin market knows Iranian Golden Raisin well, so iranian golden raisins is the first choice of most raisins buyers.

Suppliers of Golden Raisin in Iran

The Iranian raisin market is not very large, but there are large suppliers and producers in Iran. Iran’s golden raisin market is not complicated. If you are looking for the highest quality golden raisins you should go to the suppliers of the two cities in Iran. Their name is Malekan and Bonab. These two cities are located in the northwest of Iran.

Characteristics of iranian golden raisins

Raisins have a direct relationship with taste. The more delicious the raisin, the more fans it has. Some raisins are sweet but do not taste good. When raisins turn yellow, the raisins taste slightly changed. Some people like it and some don’t. Iran’s golden raisin, due to its very sweet grapes, does not lose its taste after the yellow stage.


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