iranian sultana raisins

iranian sultana raisins cheap

Iranian sultana raisins  cheap with a pale yellow color in different grades that will be priced by following the order below.

Iran is the third-largest country in the export of raisins. More than 27 percent of the raisins in the world are supplied through Iran. Iranian raisins are divided into golden raisins , sultana, raisins the sun and black raisins. Among these products, Sultana raisin prices have more fluctuations due to their large sales.

The color of the racemes is pale yellow, which is packed in different gradings when it is sourced.
Their size is from 8 mm to 12 mm. Size 8 is a fine raisin and a size above 10 is known as coarse raspberry, which is also more expensive.
In order to buy Sultan raisins, please mail the request through the following ways to send the raisins to the price of the day.

Is a golden raisin a sultana?

A golden raisin is made of white currant. The yellow raisin is yellow and the sulfur must also be used to make it.
Sultana raisin has only one drying step and its color is yellow-brown.

The reason why gold raisins are more expensive is also due to higher production costs. The color of golden raisins is also a reason for the increased demand for golden raisins to sultana raisins.

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