kishmish price per kg

kishmish price per kg in pakistan

kishmish price per kg in Pakistan What is the market in Iran? How can we buy the raisins you need? Contact us for raisins price.

Pakistan is one of the main neighbors of Iran. It is very close to Iran in terms of consumption culture. Pakistan has a high trade balance with Iran. One of the most important commodities exported to Pakistan is golden raisins.

sale of kishmish

The market for sale of kishmish

Many kind of kishmish are used by many people in Pakistan to cook rice. Others also use tea while drinking. Iran’s raisin prices for raisin exports to Pakistan are in line with agricultural conditions and global prices.

buy raisins online

buy raisins online

For this reason, you can contact us by email to know kishmish price per kg in Pakistan. Note what raisins you need. Because the price is determined by the type of raisin.

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