kismis 1 kg price online 2020

kismis 1 kg price online 2021

Kismis 1 kg price online 2021 has changed in 2020 compared to 2019, which we explain in a table below. Changes related to black and golden kismis. Raisins price fluctuations are down to wholesale raisins.

Raisin is a dried fruit of grapes with heavenly properties. Grapes and its products have managed to introduce themselves as one of the most important foods. The benefits of kismis have led many people to use this dried fruit to treat diseases. You don’t need to eat fat or blood sugar medication because kismis regulate them. Kismis in English means raisin written in Indonesian Kismis.

Types of Kismis

Kismis is a dried grape fruit. As varied as grapes are, raisins will have different varieties. The most popular types of Kissemis that are popular are:

  • Golden Kismis
  • Sun Kismis
  • Green Kismis
  • Black kismis

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Export of kismis to Indonesia

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Indonesia has 17,000 islands and is the seventh largest in land and sea area. The Indonesian economy has become one of the world’s industrial producers through the right policies pursued by its politicians. Japan produces over half of its production in Indonesia. Indonesia’s growing economy has also made it one of the major importers. Because of the tropical climate, Indonesia is not a good place to grow grapes, so it imports raisins.

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Golden and sun kismis  are among the varieties imported into Indonesia. Iran exports large quantities of raisins to Indonesia due to its close relationship with Indonesia. Iranian raisins price in Indonesia are different from Europe. Indonesia from the US and Iran, the two largest raisin countries, has made the cost of shipping raisins expensive, so the kismis 1 kg price online is a bit expensive.

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kismis 1 kg price online

Raisins have undergone changes because they are exported in only 3 countries worldwide. The price of raisins in 2019 was a bit expensive. Iran, which owns 30 percent of its raisin exports, froze in 2019 and 2018, and many of the vineyards were destroyed, so the prices of raisins had gone up.

In 2020, Iran’s raisin faced a decline in prices. If the value of Iran’s money had not diminished through hostility to the United States, no country would have been able to compete with Iran because the price fell sharply. The price of  best Iranian raisins has dropped to 50 cents per kilogram in 2020. Despite the devaluation of the Iranian currency, we can still market its cash at the lowest price on the world market. Massive volumes of raisins were produced in 2020, and raisin exporters can exploit this potential.

export golden raisins

export golden raisins

Price of iranian kismis

The prices shown in the table below are the wholesale prices of kismis in Iran. Each machine carries 20 tons of raisins. The price is based on 20 tonnes of kismis.

golden kismis grade 1 1/28 $ per kg
golden kismis grade 2 1/15 $ per kg
sultanas kismis grade 1 1/01 $ per kg
green kismis grade 1 1/25 $ per kg


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