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Golden Raisin has many properties, and it can help us to achieve health with vitamins, salts and minerals in their own. Please contact us for a plan. Online shopping for Sultana and Golden Raisins is via email and site.

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Selling golden raisins directly company arian

A golden raisin is obtained from grapes. When it removes water from grapes in different ways and dries it, golden raisins are obtained and have many benefits. Golden Raisin is one of the safest dried fruits that can be used by many people for energy and can be very useful for human health.

Golden raisins are either golden or yellow, which is considered not only as one of the popular snacks, but also in the baking of a variety of foods, we also use golden raisins. For example, golden raisins are used to cook all kinds of sweets or dumplings and put golden raisins on it and then cook and eat, and the golden raisins contained a delicious, delicious flavor to traditional dishes Or make a golden raisin lentils as a very tasty flavor and make the flavors and colors look luscious.

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The direct producer of golden raisins

Golden Raisin is one of the ingredients that, due to the fact that it contains a lot of fiber inside itself, can help the digestive system and cause the food you want to digest easily and easily within the bowel. And in this way prevents the constipation and brings a lot of health to your digestive system.

raisins germany

raisins germany

Major price of golden raisins

Your loved ones can add a fantastic source of fiber to you by adding golden raisins to your diet plan. The major price for golden raisins is as follows, according to FOB.

golden raisin grade A 1.94$ per kg
golden raisin grade B 1.89 $ per kg

Types of Raisins

  • Golden Raisins
  • Raisin red
  • Raisins
  • Raisin yellow or smoked
  • Sunny raisins
  • Raisins
  • Raisins curry

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The price of golden raisins online

Our website is dedicated to selling the best and most excellent golden raisins, and offers you the best of products to your loved ones, and delivers rich golden raisins.

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