raisins top producers

iranian raisins top producers

Iranian raisins top producers over the past few years have been able to raise the global rank of raisin exports. Raisin producers in Iran have reached a single world mark in some time using the best dried grapes in the world market. The following article describes golden yellow and sun maid raisins.

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What grapes are raisins made of?

Raisins are made from a wide range of grapes. When grapes become raisins, they are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and potassium. Raisins either dry naturally or in raisins. Eating 11 raisins can stay away from the disease. Eating raisins is like a meal and it is high in calories so it is recommended for obese people to avoid lean medicine and go to raisins. Due to these are the characteristics of raisins that are used in any way in home cooked and fast foods.

Golden raisins suppliers

Golden raisins suppliers Grade super

Is it more grape sugar or raisins?

When the grapes have not arrived it is sour but when it arrives it is sweet. Raisins should be spread on the ground to prepare raisins to dry out in the heat of the sun. Horticultural gardeners need to hang the grapes on wooden fences to make raisins to dry. Some also use the machine for dried raisins. As dried grapes lose moisture they become sweeter but with a little pickle, So eating raisins is more enjoyable than grapes.

Which countries produce the most raisins?

Each country has a certain amount of domestic consumption and exports the rest. Iran, Turkey, and the United States are the two major raisin producing countries. Iran raisin export more than 65% of raisins, so raisins are strong in Iran. The best raisin for these two countries. It should be noted, the best raisins are the following countries.

  • Golden Raisin and green raisin of Iran 122,595 Metric Tons
  • Raisins of Turkish Sultana 353,167 Metric Tons
  • California Raisin America 332,760 Metric Tons
  • raisins greece 72,861 Metric Tons

Is golden raisins the best or regular raisin?

Raisins have many benefits, but some are both tasty and beautiful. Common raisins are dried in the sun and are called ordinary raisins or sun raisins. Golden Raisins should also be in contact with sulfur dioxide in addition to sunshine. Golden raisins are more consumed because they are less sweet and made from unripe grapes, so economically the golden raisins rank higher.

who are iranian raisins top producers?

As mentioned above, the raisins top producers are divided into 4 countries, with the first 2 countries exporting more than 75% of the raisins. The United States ranks first with 412,770 MT, Turkey with 320,000 MT and Iran with 240000 MT. Inside each country, there are also manufacturers raisin that are known as the raisins top producers. In addition to being the third largest producer, Iran is also the third exporter of raisins. Suppliers of raisins in Iran, due to the numerous problems that Iran has been able to increase its export volume. The price of Iranian raisins is also cheaper compared to the other two countries. In other words, you can pay less for superior quality.

raisins sale

Price of raisins FOB

Raisins have different prices depending on how the goods are shipped. The prices are raisins or factory doors, either in the form of an FOB, or a CIF. These three general methods are used to send raisins. Raisin prices will change as land transport costs increase to land or sea borders. Raisin prices vary between the two methods of EXW and FOB between 5 and 10 cents per kg.



price of raisins in us

price of raisins in market center us

Price of raisins in US are determined by the central market. Wholesale prices of golden raisins  2019 per ton and per kg are as follows. The higher the tonnage, the lower the price. The United States is the first exporter of raisins, which is why there are high volatility in prices.

Where are raisins grown in the US?

America is one of the most populous and advanced countries in the world. The US has the most powerful economy in the world, ranking first in succession. One of the US export resources is agricultural products. Grapes and its products such as raisins, grape juice, wine and … are one of the important products of this country. The most important American elite in which raisins are produced is California. California raisins are the first exports of raisins. The prices of raisins in US market are also set by US and Iranian exporters, as the two countries have the largest exporters in the world.

What is California Raisin?

California raisins are called raisins produced in the state of California. California raisins in the world market are known as golden raisins. The golden raisin of the US and Iran has been the absolute power of the world market. Due to the benefits that the yellow raisin has the most supply and demand.

wholesale golden Raisin

The wholesale reseller of Golden Raisin in Iran

Where are the raisins growing?

Raisins do not grow, but raisins are made from grapes. Wherever the grapes are, raisins are as well. The greater the variety of grapes, the greater the variety of raisins. The following are the countries that are the center of raisins:

  • America
  • Iran
  • Turkey
raisins market price

raisins market price

Which country is the best California raisin?

As we said above, California raisins are for America, so it’s natural to be the best raisins for America, but that’s not a definite thought. Iran is America’s most important competitor in exporting golden raisins, but the quality of Iranian raisins is much better than that of American raisins, but California raisins are larger in size than Iran. Iranian raisins are small and used in industries such as cake making and restaurants. California Raisins and Iranian Golden Raisins are two types of raisins with two separate uses.

iranian Golden Raisins

The best quality iranian Golden Raisins

price of raisins in us market

One of the best price of raisins in us is the Amazon site. The Amazon site is an online store that sells raisins in small packages, but Amazon or Alibaba are not a good reference for knowing the wholesale price of raisins. For example, raisins on the US market and on the Amazon site (per kg) cost between $ 3 and $ 4, while raisins are much cheaper.
Iranian raisins can be bought at very cheap prices and with great profit. Given that the value of the dollar is high in Iran, so buying raisins in Iran is very affordable, Iranian raisins are also the best in the world.

How much do raisins cost?

Raisins are generally cheap and portable. Raisins can be easily put in pockets or put into cakes and consumed. Two of the benefits of raisins are that eating a few seeds of raisins gives the body the most health. Each ounce is 38 grams or about 11 raisins, which costs about 25 cents.

price raisins

price raisins

what kind of raisins is sunny raisins?

Thompson seedless grapes are among the most popular varieties used for making raisins, though other varieties are also used for raisins. Because the grapes are spread under the sun and dried, they are called sun maid raisins.



Bulk raisins wholesale

Bulk raisins wholesale on Arian website

Bulk raisins wholesale are sold on Arian website  at high tonnage and factory prices. The direct supply of Golden Raisins with Grade A and export packaging is done at the factory door. Arian Factory also exports raisins around the world.

Arian Raisin factory history

Raisin factory has a duty to wash the raisins, isolate, size and pack. Raisin is not a producer. The main producers of raisins are orchards who sell some grapes to raisins and others sell grapes. Raisins must have professional equipment to pack raisins of any quality. Raisin Factory has equipped the plant with 2018 equipment. The equipment has been packed with raisins according to customers’ needs. The factory has 15 years of history and is located in Malekan Golden Raisin.

price of raisins

price of raisins

Who are the customers of Golden Raisin?

Foods must be of high quality because they are directly related to human health. Foodstuffs should be useful in addition to human nutrition and inject vitamins into the body. The advances in technology and the high consumption of nutrients have made fruit no longer useful. Most fruits are harvested before they are ripe and stored in industrial refrigerators.

eating raisins

eating raisins

Dried raisins are also so they do not have the perfect properties. Complete grapes must be ripe to produce raisins, because otherwise the grapes cannot be turned into golden raisins, so golden raisins act as a medicine. The above makes the price of golden raisins more expensive than other raisins. It should be noted that of all the raisins produced, the healthiest raisins belong to sun maid raisins and golden raisins. The use of these two raisins is also high. It is used both in nuts and in the food industry.

Arian Golden Raisin Packaging

Raisin packaging is very important because golden raisin is an export commodity and consumed domestically. Raisin packaging is available for export in two types.

  • 10kg packaging
  • 5kg packaging

There are also warm packages available at supermarket and chain stores. I do not mean packing 10kg with carton. That is, inside the carton should be 10 kg of raisins, the carton weight with raisins 10 kg and 250 g.

packag raisins

Bulk raisins wholesale on website

Arian bulk raisins wholesale Factory has numerous Persian and English sites at each of these sites you can learn about the variety of golden raisins and how to sell and rank. It is not possible to sell golden raisins online through the website. You can get acquainted with the desired raisins and contact us to learn about the prices of golden raisins and how to export and send them.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Payment of money to buy raisins

Financial settlement is the most important part of shopping. Wholesale bulk raisins are made in high amounts, and because the customer is not fully sure of the quality of the raisins being purchased, We receive some invoices during the contract and the remainder after raisins are delivered. Credit sales are also available in some cases depending on the time.

iranian raisins suppliers

Minimum and maximum sales of raisins

Raisin exports are very important to the Iranian economy and on the other hand, since golden raisin is one of the export items, we cannot sell small quantities.  At least 1 ton or 100 cartons of gold raisins are exported, but at least 10 tonnes are needed for foreign raisins. The maximum sales of raisins also depend on the type of contract, and the maximum for raisins cannot be considered. Arian Raisin Plant has the ability to deliver 100 tonnes per week at the time of grape harvest thanks to new machinery and professional plant experts.


golden raisins south africa

The main suppliers golden raisins south africa

Almost 90 percent of golden raisins south africa by Iranian and American suppliers. Suppliers of Iranian raisins offer cheaper prices for African buyers, explaining the reasons. The address and telephone numbers of the major Iranian exporting factories are as follows.

iranian raisins

iranian raisins

Due to the growing natural needs of the world for natural foods, eating raisins and grapes is also on the rise. Grapes and raisins are as heavenly fruits in the heavenly books. This is due to the benefits of raisins and grapes. Raisins come from dried grapes. With the drying of grapes, its benefits are doubled.

iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

Is it good to eat raisins?

The increasing number of diseases has led to the use of natural foods in countries such as Iran, South Africa, Europe, America … to cure the disease. Conscientious practitioners try to treat with natural products such as raisins, cinnamon, saffron, walnuts, almonds in the first place and use chemical drugs if left untreated.

Persian raisin

Sales specialist of Persian raisin

Why golden raisins are so popular in South Africa

If we knew what a miracle raisin would do, we would all make raisins a daily meal. Calories in raisins increase energy, and eating a small amount of raisins can take up to half a day. South Africa is a rich country but some African countries are poor. Eating raisins helps to stay healthy at the lowest cost. Yellow raisins are also popular with Africans, so buying golden raisins is more than brown raisins and black raisins. The price of golden raisins is also more affordable on the basis of tonnage.

iranian raisins suppliers

10 Important Benefits of Raisins

Properties of raisins are the same, but some raisins have more benefits. By consuming enough raisins daily, you can safeguard against many diseases, especially children with raisins can be taller.

  1. Blood lipid regulation
  2. Blood sugar regulation
  3. Bone strength
  4. Enhance eyesight
  5. Prevent cancer
  6. Digestive system improvement
  7. Improve digestion
  8. Improved gums
  9. Increased enamel strength
  10. Adjust vitamin D, C and A
raisins benefits

raisins benefits

We have several types of raisins

The raisins are divided into different types of grapes. Dried currant grapes produce currant raisins. The volume of eating raisin is different from the volume of golden raisins south africa exports. Black raisins are large in volume and eaten with tea and coffee and are not high in volume, but currants are widely used in industry because of their use. Raisins generally have the following subdivisions.

  • Currant brown raisins
  • Golden currant raisins
  • Nuclear black raisins
  • Black raisins without kernels
  • Sultana Raisin
  • green raisin

type of raisin

what is golden raisins

Golden raisins are a grape blend that has an extremely good taste. Golden raisins are neither sweet nor sour, which is why they are great for cake and biscuit use. You can use raisins indirectly by using golden raisins in the cake industry. This is a good way to eat kids who go to school or club. This method is also good for golden raisins south africa. Some parts of the African continent have indigestion, so eating a few raisins a day can keep our children healthy at a cheaper price.

supplier golden raisins

supplier golden raisins

Raisin is better or grapes?

Many food experts believe that raisins are better than grapes, but grapes are more accessible than raisins. Dried grapes can be stored in a relatively cool place and consumed throughout the year, but long-term storage is not possible or expensive, so buying raisins is better than grapes.

Why is Iranian Golden Raisin Better?

Raisins and grapes are the main crops in Iran. On the other hand, many cities in Iran have large vineyards, so Iran is the largest exporter of raisins. Among the varieties of raisins is the golden raisin. The quality of Iranian currant is good and prone to yellow. When raisins go into the sulfur phase, the raisin shell is damaged, so it must have a high quality grape to make it a good raisin.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

suppliers golden raisins south africa

Raisins are high in the world, but golden raisins are low. Iran and the United States are the two countries that export golden raisins. More than 90 percent of South Africa’s golden raisins are supplied by Iranian and American suppliers and some by Turkish suppliers. It should be noted, of course, that we mean wholesale of golden raisins. Golden raisins wholesale also have separate rules.



dry raisins rate

Wholesale dry raisins rate per kg

Wholesale dry raisins rate per kg depends on several important factors. Distance of exporting country with importing country, types of raisins and quality of raisins are the most important factors in determining raisin prices. Grade A raisin specifications are as follows.

What are raisins?

Raisins are dried grapes that have been dried in various ways. There are different names for grapes, but the grape races are the same all over the world. Red and black grapes can be grown in large and kernel raisins.

Buy golden raisins iran excellent

How the raisins are dried?

Grape raisins have dried and a world full of vitamins and antioxidants. Athletes can use a powerful source of raisins, which has no harm to the body, rather than relying on calories for their calories. Grapes are dried either in shade, sunshine and acidic solution. Among the varieties of raisins is the only golden raisin that should be placed in the sulfur chamber after various drying steps.

How the raisins are dried

How the raisins are dried

Different types of raisins

The grapes have small seeds that have different colors in addition to the sweet ones. Seedless grapes are sizable with small seeds and red grapes have large red seeds. The bigger the grape seeds, the bigger the raisins will be.

  • golden seedless raisin
  • sun maid seedless raisin
  • green seedless raisin
  • black seedless raisin
  • black seeded raisin
  • sultanas seedless raisin

type of raisin

Difference between black raisin seedless with seeded?

The royal grape is red with large round seeds. Dried royal grapes produce black raisins. Black raisins have kernels but are a breed of kings that have extremely small kernels that are native to Afghanistan. and it is very tasty but it does not have the benefits of a black currant. Black currant is not economical for industrial use because it is expensive but it is great for eating alongside tea and coffee.

black raisins with seeds

black raisins with seeds

Diffrence between sultanas and golden raisins?

The difference between Sultana raisins and golden raisins makes the dry raisins rate different. The currant is placed in a room. In this room it burns sulfur so that the raisin grains come in contact with sulfur smoke to give it a yellow color. The grapes are immersed in the solution for a few seconds to dry. After this step, hang the grapes in the shade to give Sultana raisins. This is why Sultana’s dry raisins rate per kg is lower than the golden raisin.

iranian raisins

iranian raisins

Exports of golden raisins

Exports of golden raisins are always higher than normal raisins. The reason they call yellow raisins is golden raisins because the value of golden raisins is like gold. Golden raisins not only have a lot of economic benefits but they also benefit the human body and protect it from many diseases.

buy golden raisin

buy golden raisin

Impact of distance on raisin prices

Exports are directly related to shipping. The exporter of raisins should also have plans for healthy raisin transport. Whatever the standard raisin packaging, the raisins are shipped with no downtime and the buyer will have a restful imagination. Shipping costs are an important component of dry raisin rates. The longer the distance, the higher the shipping cost and the price of raisins will eventually become more expensive.

Wholesale dry raisins rate per kg

The wholesale price of 20 tonnes of raisins is very different from the price of 100 grams of raisins, so buying a large raisin and packing it in small boxes is good. The profits that raisin exporters make are 1/4 of retailers. Of course, retailers such as Amazon or Alibaba are less profitable because of their costs, but because of the high volume of sales, they ultimately benefit enormously. The price of raisins cannot be determined because one who buys 20 tonnes of raisins cannot be considered equal to one who buys 100 tonnes of raisins, so the price of the raisins wholesale price must be updated daily.


wholesale price of kishmish in nashik

wholesale price of kishmish golden in nashik

The wholesale price of kishmish in nashik one of the religious cities of India, comes at a cheaper price. Iranian golden raisin exporters are offering lower prices because of their respect for religious cities.

Where is Nashik?

Nashik is one of the holy cities in western India known as Ramayana poetry. There is a shrine in Nashik, which has a sanctuary. The city is 190 kilometers northwest of Mumbai. More than half of India’s wineries are in the area, Therefore, the consumption of grapes and Kishmish in this region is high. Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik is cheaper due to the large volume they buy.

kishmish price per kg

kishmish price per kg in pakistan

Buy Kishmish in Nashik

Kishmish has different types, with different colors. The most important types of Kishmish that are good for the holy city of Nashik are:

  • kishmish golden
  •  sunny kishmish
  • sultanas kishmish
  • black kishmish
market kishmish

market kishmish

kishmish golden

Golden raisins are made from both seedless and grape seed. Golden Raisins of Darra Nuts Raisins are also said to be 1.8 to 2 cm in size and yellow in color. Golden raisins are also widely used in the wine industry.

sale of kishmish

The market for sale of kishmish

sun maid kishmish

When we dry the red and black grapes we reach the black or brown core. In Iran it is called mousse. It has a lot of meat and is very useful for humans. Dry the currant in the sun. The resulting product is called Sunshine Kishmish. This raisin is one of the best types of raisins called natural raisins.

sun maid raisin

sun maid raisin

sultanas kishmish

One of the most popular forms of Kishmish that is of universal value is the Kishmish Sultana. Kishmish Sultana and Kishmish Gold are the first export word in the world. Kishmish Sultana is a khorramid dye obtained from acidic foods. Put the grapes in this material to dry.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

wholesale price of kishmish in nashik

India and Iran have traded with each other for a long time, and Iranian traders exported various types of nuts, oils, petrochemicals to India. One of the important products exported to India is Kishmish. India has many vineyards, but because of the large population it needs to import some goods.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

Nashik, a city with many wineries, is in dire need of Kishmish and grapes. Nashik has allocated one of the major purchases to Kishmish. Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik sold by raisin suppliers in Iran depends on tonnage and types of Kishmish. Contact us to find out the wholesale price of kishmish in nashik.

raisins quality

raisins quality

What are the benefits of Kishmish?

  • Osteoarthritis treatment
  • Treatment of anemia
  • Blood lipid regulation
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Help strengthen bones, gums, teeth
  • Enhance eyesight
  • Increase digestive power in the stomach
  • Good intestinal function
  • Antacids and prevent cancer
  • Treatment Arthritis



iranian Golden Raisins

The best quality iranian Golden Raisins

Which cities do the most desirable Iranian golden raisins belong to? Who are the important Iranian suppliers? What is the difference between Iran golden raisin and American Raisin? How to Buy Iran Golden Raisin?

Arian Raisin Factory

Arian Raisin Factory is active in buying bulk raisins and converting them into export packaged raisins.
The factory can provide the best gold raisins in one quality and color and export to other countries by spending a great deal on purchasing equipments for washing, packing and sorting raisins. The Aryan Raisin factory has a staff of 35 people and can sell up to 50 tonnes of golden raisins per week. Arian factory is located in Malekan city. The property is 20 km from Maragheh in East Azerbaijan and its address and telephone number are as follows.

selling raisins

Selling golden raisins directly company arian

What is the Best Raisin?

Raisins are classified according to what they are used for. Iran’s export of raisins is the largest volume after pistachio and is very important in the Iranian economy, so prepared raisins should be prepared in order to be ranked 1st in quality and grading. High quality raisins should have a uniform taste and appearance and no extra ingredients found in it. The sale of high quality golden raisins also has a large volume due to its high profit.

How to Buy Golden Raisin in Iran

Raisins like pistachios have a lot of orchards, but the difference with pistachios is that raisins come from grapes. In other words, there must be grapes first for raisins. There are many vineyards in Iran but not all grapes are converted into raisins, but some are sold as grapes and others as raisins. Due to the fierce competition in the export price of golden raisins and the global price, large factories need to be referred to for buy golden raisins.

iranian raisins

iranian raisins

Where’s the Best Iranian Golden Raisins?

Golden raisin is for Iran. Golden raisins are produced all over the world, but Iran’s finest quality raisins. Golden raisins are made with sulfur but because of the thickness of the seedless grape skin, it tastes best. The highest quality golden raisins are produced in the following cities, respectively. The delicious taste of Iranian golden raisins has led to the largest export of Iranian golden raisins.

  1. Malekan
  2. Bonab
  3. Malayer
  4. Takestan
  5. Kashmar
best quality raisins

best quality raisins

The best exporters of Iranian Golden Raisin

Exports are important in any economy. Exports stimulate economic growth and increase the value of the country’s currency. Iran is one of the world’s top exporters of raisins, so it has extensive experience in raisin exports.

10kg raisins

10kg raisins sales agent

American or Iran Golden Raisin?

American and Iranian golden raisins are among the best producers in the world by world standards. Iranian Golden Raisin is great for the cake and biscuit industry because of its fineness. On the other hand, Iranian Golden Raisin has a delicious taste because of its traditional and organic ways. American Golden Raisins or California Raisins are larger in size. For example, the size of the California Golden Raisin is between 1.5 and 2 cm, so it is very high for sale in 100 and 1000 gram packages. The size of golden raisins in Iran is between 8 mm and 15 mm, so it is good for industrial use.

unique golden raisins

The unique golden raisins in Germany

Grading Golden Raisins

Raisin grading is based on the scores it receives as a result of the test, and the way it is scored is that after clarifying the test results on the effective features in the grading, each of the factors will be scored as follows.

  • Grade excellent raisins are raisins with a positive total score greater than 93.
  • Grade 1 raisins are raisins with a positive total score greater than 80 to 93.
  • Grade 2 raisins are raisins with a positive total score greater than 60 to 80.
  • Grade 3 raisins are called raisins with a positive total score greater than 33 to 60.

golden raisin bulk

Golden Raisin Packaging for export

Containers and materials used for packaging must be fresh, clean, dry and odorless. The raisins are packaged in 100 to 10000 gram boxes. Small packages are wrapped in cellophane and large raisins are packed in wooden and carton packages. If small packages are packed in cartons, they must be packaged in such a way that the original shape of the small packages does not change during shipping.

Methods to determine the best raisins

The following steps should be taken to determine the grading of raisins. These steps are set by the standard.

  1. Pest Test: First remove the raisins and check with the magnifying glass for insects and ticks. After this step, cut the raisins to test inside the raisins.
  2. Sand testing: We will remove the boxes if there is no sand, then move on to the next steps, but if there is sand, a few more boxes should be selected as examples.
  3. Measurement of sulfuric anhydride
  4. Humidity measurement. Humidity should not exceed 16%
raisins quality

raisins quality

How to find iranian golden raisin?

There are several ways to buy Iranian Golden Raisins. One way is to attend international fairs. Attendance at international fairs is expensive, so it is not recommended because it is an old way. Refer to valid sites. By visiting the Raisin website you can get acquainted with Golden Raisin suppliers. For better communication we need to email to find out the price of golden raisin and how to deliver it.


bulk golden raisins

Wholesale bulk golden raisins mark Arian

See wholesale bulk golden raisins california mark Arian with 5 and 10kg Boxes on the Arian Raisin website. There are different types of packaging and different grades of golden raisins on this site.

We see millions of advertisements about raisins or raisins on the internet. They’re all looking for sales. How much does raisins benefit or there is so much food at stake, so what is so much about selling raisins? We will answer this question to convince you.

what is bulk golden raisins?

golden raisins are a kind of grape dried but with a difference. To make bulk golden raisins, you must first dry the raisins with chemicals and then go to the sulfur chamber to turn them into golden raisins. If we dry the grapes in the shade and then go to the sulfur chamber, the natural golden raisins will be made. Iranian raisins are made in both ways, but in the US they are made only with the first. If the raisins are dried in the sun and then go to the sulfur chamber they are called organic bulk golden raisins. Of course, organic raisins have certain characteristics.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin Exporters

Golden raisins exporters are different from other raisins. Sunflower and Sultana raisins are common raisins and almost everyone who knows raisins is familiar with these two varieties, but golden raisins are specially made and must be specialized, so exporters of golden raisins are also special and information They are perfect.

golden raisins supplier

golden raisins supplier

Mark Arian Raisin

Arian raisin brand is present in Iran. Arian Mark is well known in the raisin industry. The most important products of this plant are golden raisins but based on market raisins, Sultanas raisin are also produced and packaged. Generally, the export of golden raisins is the main business of this factory.


Iranian arian raisins

  1. Sun raisin is a dried seedless grape in the sun, the color of this brown raisin.
  2. Raisins acidic or green raisin are graps dried in the sun by permitting alkaline solutions. The color of this raisin varies from light yellow to brown to date. This raisin in the world market is also known as Sultana raisin.
  3. Golden raisin is a grape seed that is smoked with sulfur (SO2) and dried in the shade.
supplier raisins

supplier raisins

Terms in raisin industry

  • Live pest is a species of live insect (in every stage of life)
  • Sand and gravel: These are small pieces of rock that can be seen by the naked eye and touched by the hand.
  • Humidity: The amount of free water in raisins
  • Sulfur Anhydride: The amount of sulfur smoke (SO2) that is absorbed by the raisins and can be measured chemically.
  • Infection: Includes raisins, sometimes leaves, trees, dead insects and any other foreign matter that is visible to the naked eye.
  • Pest: Damage caused by insects, mites, wind, hail, fungi and the like that are visible to the naked eye. These effects can be seen in the cavities of insects and mites in raisins.
selling raisins

Selling golden raisins directly company arian

difference bulk golden raisins and packaging

When the grapes are dried, they contain wood, sand and a variety of insects called bulk golden raisins. Bulk raisins, if they enter the box, become local to the multiplication of insects and mites, which eventually destroys the raisins. Packaged raisins do not have these problems and are thoroughly cleaned and free from the crunchy and spoiled raisins.

golden raisin bulk

Wholesale of arian golden raisins

As mentioned above, the sales of golden raisins are high and there are few people in the business.
We see a lot of advertising for selling golden raisins but there are only a few ads that are real and can deliver in large volumes of golden raisins.
Selling golden raisins requires a lot of capital. If there is not enough capital we cannot succeed in exporting golden raisins. External client with only the most difficult thing are:

  • Lying and dishonesty at work
  • Lack of timely delivery of raisins
  • Annoying the customer
iranian raisins suppliers

iranian raisins suppliers

Featuring the best golden raisin

Only strains accepted are standard and are subject to grading having the following characteristics:

  1. Raisins must be free of live pests.
  2. The number of Sand and gravel should not exceed one number in a standard box.
  3. The moisture content should not exceed 16%.
  4. The amount of sulfur anhydride (sulfur smoke) in raisins (green and grape greens) should not exceed 2 per thousand.
  5. The number of infected raisins should not exceed 5%.
  6. The number of pests raisins shall not exceed 3%.
  7. The number of grain raisins shall not exceed one percent.
  8. The number of cauliflower raisins shall not exceed 10%.
  9. The total length of the stems (stems) shall not exceed 10 cm / kg.
  10. Premature raisin should not exceed 2.5%
  11. Crushed raisins should not exceed 5%
  12. Shallow raisins should not exceed 15%

Importance of selling golden raisins

Raisins are one of the foods in which few people are active. There are many factories in this area but they all traditionally do the selling. The position of golden raisins among the market raisins is special. The reason is several factors.

  1. Few people are in the job.
  2. High volume of golden raisin exports compared to other raisins
  3. Good profit selling golden raisins
  4. The words of the golden raisin market
  5. High volume of golden raisin production

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Price of golden raisins in Arian factory

The price of Iranian raisins has always been the cheapest. In addition to being inexpensive, it also has excellent quality. The taste and color of Iran’s golden raisin has no country. You will find out by eating it. Contact Sales Experts for changes in the price of Golden Raisins for World Raisin Day prices.


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Online shopping mall Golden Raisin

Golden Raisin has many properties, and it can help us to achieve health with vitamins, salts and minerals in their own. Please contact us for a plan. Online shopping for Sultana and Golden Raisins is via email and site.

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Selling golden raisins directly company arian

A golden raisin is obtained from grapes. When it removes water from grapes in different ways and dries it, golden raisins are obtained and have many benefits. Golden Raisin is one of the safest dried fruits that can be used by many people for energy and can be very useful for human health.

Golden raisins are either golden or yellow, which is considered not only as one of the popular snacks, but also in the baking of a variety of foods, we also use golden raisins. For example, golden raisins are used to cook all kinds of sweets or dumplings and put golden raisins on it and then cook and eat, and the golden raisins contained a delicious, delicious flavor to traditional dishes Or make a golden raisin lentils as a very tasty flavor and make the flavors and colors look luscious.

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The direct producer of golden raisins

Golden Raisin is one of the ingredients that, due to the fact that it contains a lot of fiber inside itself, can help the digestive system and cause the food you want to digest easily and easily within the bowel. And in this way prevents the constipation and brings a lot of health to your digestive system.

raisins germany

raisins germany

Major price of golden raisins

Your loved ones can add a fantastic source of fiber to you by adding golden raisins to your diet plan. The major price for golden raisins is as follows, according to FOB.

golden raisin grade A 1.94$ per kg
golden raisin grade B 1.89 $ per kg

Types of Raisins

  • Golden Raisins
  • Raisin red
  • Raisins
  • Raisin yellow or smoked
  • Sunny raisins
  • Raisins
  • Raisins curry

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The price of golden raisins online

Our website is dedicated to selling the best and most excellent golden raisins, and offers you the best of products to your loved ones, and delivers rich golden raisins.

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Major seller of golden raisin

The main dealer of seller raisin golden all kinds of Golden Raisins in bulk and packaging. These market sellers set prices based on wholesale.

Grapes are fruits that are of great popularity among our Iranians. Even this fruit is mentioned in the Islamic religion as a heavenly fruit, which also contributed to the popularity of this fruit. One of the types of consumption of this dried fruit is that it is known as raisins. In this article, we will introduce and investigate the raisin properties.

buy raisins online

buy raisins online

Introducing raisins

If you have the experience of buying raisins, you’ve probably noticed that there are several types of it in the market. This variation includes the color of raisins, the taste of raisins and their size. The reason for this variety can be because of the variety of grapes and the method used to dry it. Raisins are currently produced in both industrial and traditional ways. In the traditional way, as its name implies, without adding any chemical substance, grapes are dried by sunlight. But in the industrial process, due to the speed of drying the grapes, it is dried using chemicals such as purifiable solution or sulfur smoke.

What is a golden raisin?

When the grape juice is used as a teaspoon solution, the raisins are golden and shiny because of the oil present in the solution. Raisins that dry in this way are also called golden raisins. Except golden raisins, you can find raisins in a variety of different markets, including:

  • Raisins
  • Grain raisins
  • Dry shade raisins
  • Mousse

How is Golden Raisin Made?

Golden raisins, like all raisins, are made from grapes. Raisins occur when 90% of the grape moisture is removed. Raisins are dried either in the sun, shade or with a machine. The golden raisin has an extra step and it’s in the sulfur chamber. There is a special chamber where it burns sulfur to smoke. The smoke from the zebra leaves the raisins yellow, so it must be washed when used. The seller raisin are special golden raisins because they sell special raisins. Golden raisins have the highest exports.

1 kg raisins price

seller raisin export

Raisins vendors must have strong hardware and software capabilities to best serve their large customers. Raisin suppliers in Iran, which is the center of golden raisins, can assist in timely delivery of your raisins.

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Buy golden raisins in iran

Now golden raisins are produced and sold in different parts of Delhi and even exported to other Delhi. If you plan to purchase this product, you can purchase the following:

  • Distributors and sales agents
  • Dehydrated Stores
  • Chain stores
  • Internet shopping sites
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The market for sale of kishmish

Exports of raisin packages

One of the most important prerequisites for exporting raisins is the packaging of raisins. Raisin packaging should be moisture-proof. General raisin boxes are either 10kg or 4kg. Each raisin machine has a container with 2000 box size and 10,000 box 10k boxes.

golden raisins exporters

golden raisins exporters

Price of golden raisins

You can buy golden raisins in bulk or packaging, which will affect the purchase price. In addition, factors such as packaging weight, raisin type, buying directly or indirectly will affect your final purchase price.

golden raisins supplier in iran

golden raisins supplier in iran

Taype of golden raisin

Raisins are made with different grapes. There is a wide range of different qualities of raisins so many are mistaken in their choice. Sultana raisins, for example, are also referred to as golden raisins, but they are not the same.

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