large golden raisins

price large golden raisins per kg

large golden raisins what is it? Golden raisins in a kg price is a few dollars?Where is the best golden raisin to buy? What are the benefits of golden raisins? Golden Raisin Is Better Or Raisin Sultanas? what are raisins good for?

the best golden raisins

Golden raisins where to buy?

The price of Golden Plain Gray Gold Raisin Malayer & Bonab Exports in the Arian Dehydrated Factory with the Export Pandemic Package are mainly and at the price of the day as follows. Raisins in Iran are produced in some of the most important agricultural cities. Major exports of raisins are carried out through the cities of Bonab, Malekan, Kashmar, Malayer and Takestan. Golden raisins have a great deal of difference in terms of quality and color.

price of golden raisins


Buy large golden raisins in the following ways possible.

(+98) 2166887973
(+98) 9123483002

Large golden raisins what is it?

When grapes are harvested, grapes are almost grains of the same size, but they will change when dried. The water content of grape varieties varies, so when dried it is not a size. A large golden raisin has two sizes, although these two quantities are used in exports. A large golden raisins has two sizes, although these two quantities are used in exports. The most important golden raisins are

  • Golden raisins size 8 to 10
  • Gold Raisin Size 10 to 12

Profile golden raisins for export

Although raisin exports should be the best raisins, the best export raisin has the following features.

  • Export raisins are all one-size-fits-all.
  • Raisins export is very sturdy packaging. Moisture and dust do not enter it.
  • Exports of raisins have health certificates while they do not have raisins.
  • Exports of raisins are bought and sold in bulk.

price large golden raisins

  • price of golden raisins size 12 grade 1
  • price of golden raisins size 12 grade 2
  • 2/0 $ per kg
  • 1/87 $ per kg

Golden Raisin Is Better Or Raisin Sultanas?

Raisins are foods that are consumed separately with some drinks and sweets. If you are using raisins for domestic consumption, then Sultans raisins are better. If golden raisins are used to make raspberries, it’s better. Basically, the price of golden raisins is more expensive than the price of Sultana raisins, which is why the purchase of raisins depends on the type of application that it has. The most important benefits are raisins for bone, tooth and gum strength. On the other hand, it’s good to control your blood sugar and fat.

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