golden raisin price

Price per kilogram of fresh golden export raisin

Looking for great suppliers of low priced golden raisin per kilogram? Most raisins manufacturers and suppliers are in Asia, the most important of which are Iran, Turkey and China.  Fresh golden raisin are very popular in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

what is golden raisins?

Golden raisins are known as yellow raisins because of their gold color. Golden raisins are mainly produced using the sulfur vapor process in the vineyards of the city of Malekan and Bonab in Iran. That is why it is called golden raisin.

golden raisin

golden raisin

Golden raisin varieties

Golden raisins are graded both in color and quality. Sultana raisins, widely popular in Iran and Turkey, are one of the varieties of golden raisins. The completely yellow raisins are called golden raisins and light brown raisins are called Sultana raisins. Many traders use raisins as a golden raisin to sell raisins to Iraq and Russia, while the two are quite different.

type of raisin

Which country is the best golden raisin?

Grape raisins are dried, but because they require special conditions, they are grown only in a few countries. Among dried grape varieties, golden raisins are produced in 4 countries due to their special process that requires high quality grapes. The export of raisins volume in these countries is as follows.

United States 353,167 tons
Iran 332,760 tons
Turkey 122,595 tons
Greece 72,861 tons

Which country is the cheapest golden raisin price?

As we said, the volume of raisin exports is tonnage, first to Us and then to the Iran, Turkey and Greece. The reason why Iran ranks second in the world in raisins sale is the cheap price and the excellent quality. Iran is ranked No. 5 in the world in exporting raisins, but is ranked No. 1 in the export of golden raisins because Iran’s raisins are small and well suited for cake mills. On the other hand, because of Iran’s low value for money, the golden raisin price is low. After Iran, the US ranks second and Turkey ranks third in golden raisin exports.

do golden raisins have seeds?

Raisin comes from grapes. Grapes are both seeded and seedless. If the grapes have seeds, the raisins will be grainy and vice versa. The golden raisin used for commerce is seedless golden raisins because it is mainly used for seedless raisins in cake factories and should be fine seedless.

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