Raisin export price

Raisin export price Grade A to europe

Raisin export price Grade A to europe In 2018 per ton or 1 kg or per pond, due to the cheap price in Iran, it has fallen sharply, with the purchase crop raisins of Iran, it can be profitable economically.

Europe is one of the most important economic continents in the world, so it has a good place to export. The European continent has plenty of water but has little gardens, so it draws its raisins from countries such as the United States and Iran.

Is Iranian Raisin Expensive In 2019?

Raisin is an agricultural commodity and is totally dependent on environmental conditions. If for some reason the weather cools in the spring, grape gardens will freeze and grapes will disappear and the raisins will follow. The problem arose in 2017, causing the raisin export price to rise. The rise in prices led to a decrease in raisin exports.
Iran’s 2019 weather is a good year. According to the 40-year experience of Iranian raisin exports, it can be anticipated that by 2019 raisin export price will increase by between 5% and 10%.

sultana raisisns

sultana raisisns

Raisin price per ton 2018

Raisin is an export commodity, so you have to Ordered raisins to kg. A ton is 1000 kg. In other words, the price of one Kg should be multiplied by 1000 to get the original price. In 2018, raisin prices dropped dramatically in Iran, especially the price of golden raisins. For example, the price of golden raisins in 2018 fell by about $ 1 in 2018.

price golden raisin

price golden raisin

raisins price
golden raisins grad A pet 1 kg 2 $
golden raisins grad B per 1 kg 1/75 $
golden raisins grad C per 1 kg 1/58 $
sun raisin grad A per kg 2 $
sun raisin grad B per ;g 1/75 $
sun raisin grad C per kg 1/42
sultana raisins grade A per kg 1/7 $
sultana raisins grade B per kg 1/5 $
sultana raisins grade C per kg 1/1 $
golden raisins grade A

golden raisins grade A

What is the most important Iranian export raisin?

Raisin Iran is one of the best raisins in the world. Among Iranian exports of raisins, the largest export of raisins is dedicated to golden and raisin raisins. You can contact us to buy raisins in Iran per ton.

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