Raisins golden seedless

Raisins golden seedless where to buy

Raisins golden seedless where to buy? Raisins golden seedless has many benefits. 1 golden raisin calorie keeps the human body healthy for up to 10 years. Sultana raisins are also from darker colors of golden raisins. We talk about how are raisins made and the global raisin price.

golden raisins price

How much does calories eat raisins?

Raisin is one of the foods that, if consumed, has no harm to the body. Raisin daily rations will help you eliminate all the diseases that may come to your attention in the future. The following table can protect your body by eating raisins golden.

Polyunsaturated Fat 0 gram
Monounsaturated Fat 0 gram
Cholesterol 0 gram
Sodium 1.2 gram
Potassium 72 gram
Dietary Fiber 0/4 gram
Protein 0/3 gram
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0/5 %
Calcium 0/4 %
Iron 1 %

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where to buy Raisins golden seedless?

Golden raisins do not exist everywhere. Afghanistan is one of the countries exporting raisins but does not have golden raisins. The first golden raisins in America were produced and sold. Over time, golden raisins were one of the most important items in the United States.
After the United States, Iran is the second golden raisin exporting country. The best golden raisins in Iran are devoted to 4 cities in Iran, as follows:

  1. Malekan
  2. So
  3. Malayer
  4. Takistan City

 Buy Raisins Golden from arian factory

Arian raisins factory is one of the great Iranian producers. Arian Factory is located in Bonab city of Iran. The advanced equipment and machinery of the factory have made it possible to export the best raisins golden seedless to the world. In addition, the financial ability of factory has allowed us to produce a lot of raisins. Finally, the timely delivery of raisins is one of the other Arian concessions.

Price golden raisins for export

Certainly buying golden raisins from Iran in terms of raisin prices is in the interest of foreign buyers. The price of golden raisins in Iran in high tonnage can be of great benefit to you. Even more than the profit of importing fruits and other nuts. The most important reason is the high dollar price in Iran and the drop in export prices.

Raisin price
golden raisins grad 1 2/1 $
golden raisins grad 2 1/9 $
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