Raisins wholesale price

Raisins wholesale price for export to Europe

Raisins wholesale price  and black raisins and golden raisins 2018 for export to Europe There have been a lot of changes. The price of raisins in Iran has changed a lot, which we are discussing.

The best country to export raisins

Europe is a continent with a strong economic base. The economic strength and the high value of the euro have made buying raisins cheap for Europeans. Among the countries exporting raisins, Iran, the United States and Turkey are the most important countries for exporting raisins. The best country to buy raisins for Europeans is Iran. The reason for this is the cheapness of Raisins wholesale price and of course the quality of raisins in Iran is high.

price golden raisin

price golden raisin

Raisins wholesale price 2018

Raisins wholesale price delivery depends on the location and amount of purchased. The purchase amount is greater raisin, raisin prices are also cheaper.

Raisins wholesale price
golden raisins grade 1 2/09 $
golden raisins grade 2 1/8 $
sun raisins grade 1 2 $
sun raisins grade 2 1/7 $

As we said above, the wholesale price of raisins depends on the amount of kilogram. The prices are 20,000 kilograms. Every 20 tons is equivalent to a car.

site raisins

site raisins

What raisin is good for exporting to Europe?

The consumption of raisin depends on the consumption of the people of that country. Continental Europe, such as Spain, Germany, Britain, France and Eastern European countries like Russia and Ukraine, use golden and black raisins. Golden Raisins for Bakery and Biscuits and Black Raisins for Home Use.

It should be noted that golden raisins are used for home use, such as tea, coffee. Golden raisins are also good for children at school. Eating raisins for bones, teeth and stature among children has many positive effects. The largest import of raisins is from the European continent to golden raisins.

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