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Today, many Iranian and foreign businessmen export gold raisins. Iran and the United States are always at the top of the world. The reason is the high quality production of yellow raisins. The details of the packaging, grading and how to export raisins are as follows.

package raisins

package raisins

Iran is one of the countries where raisins are their main crop. There are many orchards in eight Iranian cities, with more than half of them being dried and exported to raisins. Grape cultivation in Iran is traditionally done, so it has an extraordinary taste.

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Buy a classy golden raisin in Iran

Raisins have different ways of selling. Be careful with the following methods and purchase based on your availability.

  • Direct buy from factory
  • Buy of the main sales agents of the products
  • Major ordering of player sites
  • Buy from stores and retailers
  • Buy of shop sites
golden raisins exporters

golden raisins exporters

For purchasing and export golden raisins visit our site store. There are many products that can be obtained from raisins. Authentic raisin sites will guide you to golden raisin suppliers. You just have to consider connecting with the original manufacturer raisins to make a cheap purchase.

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Different packaging export raisins

Golden raisins, in addition to home use, also have industrial uses. Most purchases of golden raisins are made by cake and biscuit factories. The raisin packaging also differs. Exports are always large in size, so they cannot be shipped in small packages. Central stores sell raisins in packs of 200 grams, 100 grams and ultimately 1 kg, but the major buyers of raisins buy at least 10 tonnes. The best packing of raisins for export is packages of 10 and 5 kg.

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There are many stores that sell raisins in chic packages in small quantities. Most people who go abroad buy these raisins. Since we aim to export golden raisins, we should look for export packages. These are the only raisins produced by golden raisins.

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