Persian raisin

Sales specialist of Persian raisin

Selling persian raisins in our best and most excellent kind is possible through our online store. To buy the most nutritious raisins, contact our colleagues on this site.

Raisins is one of the Snacks that is always present in our portfolio, and we have been using it permanently and have benefited from the belongings and its amazing properties, but the seedless grades in Iran is one of the most high quality raisins and desirable raisins The world and it is used to bake various types of rices and to make different desserts.

raisins sale

Reseller of Persian Raisin

Our website is one of the best selling agents of Iranian raisins, this is a dry and tonic fruit that gives you loved ones as well as athletes with the use of it to achieve an abundance of energy, mentioning the fact that athletes are permanently used from raisins , Because they have come to its properties and know that consumption can increase their energy and improve their efficiency.

golden raisins and gin

golden raisins and gin

Best price of Persian raisin

For information on the price of the best and most desirable Iranian raisins contact our experts and get the necessary information. Raisins available on our site not only have a good price, but also with a method that a variety of vitamins and minerals are preserved in them, including vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C

Persian Raisin Online Store

Our website is a long service with the sale of Persian raisins in its best quality and qualities, and is ready to provide you with the services of your loved ones. If you intend to purchase raisins in bulk, you can buy it through this site and deliver it as soon as possible. Raisins has warm and dry humor, and although it can be a good substitute for sugar, it should be cautious, because it may cause obesity in people.

Contact Us:
Managing Director: Amir Rasouli
Tel: (+98)2166887973
Watsapp/telegram/imo: (+98)9123483002

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