Which types of raisins are the best? What is the price of raisins per pound and kg? How to choose raisin? The answers to these questions are as follows. How to find the best price for raisins?


Detailed information on raisin price per ton

Detailed information on raisin price per ton

The raisin price per ton varies depending on the time and place. Raisin prices are also determined by raisin type and buy volume. Update information on wholesale raisin prices is listed below.

Price is important in any transaction, Especially if it is for export. The economy of the world is shrinking and prices can be accessed in less time. Price depended to many items. Buy volume, location, time, raisin type affect the price. If the volume is high but the quality is bad Or if the volume is low but high quality We have two prices.

Different types of raisins

The grape is a sweet fruit. When we dry the grapes, the raisins come out sweeter than fresh grapes. The grape has many seeds. The grape has either a nucleus or no nucleus. Big or small. Red, Black, Yellow or Green. All the grapes we mentioned give us one of the raisins. Black raisins come from black grapes or raisin brown from currant. Grape drying methods are also different. Buying raisins is also different depending on the method of drying the grapes. For example, Buy golden raisins is used for the cake factory and sun raisins for eating alongside tea and coffee are too much. The volume of buy golden raisins and sultana raisins is more than sunny because of its industrial use.

best price raisins

best price raisins

Raisin varieties

To find out what the raisin price per ton is, we must first know what raisins we want. The raisin varieties are classified as follows. To know the price of raisins, we must first get acquainted with the types of raisins. Raisins have many varieties but we name the most important ones.

  • Sunny raisins
  • green raisin
  • Golden Raisins
  • Black Raisins
  • Acid raisins
typ of raisins

typ of raisins

What is sun maid raisin?

When the grapes are harvested, cloth is spread on the ground. Pour the grapes over it to dry with the heat of the sun. The color of grapes turns from yellow to brown. Drying of grapes in the above method is called sunny raisin. Some people with more facilities hang grapes on wooden fences to dry.

sun maid raisin

sun maid raisin

what is golden raisins

Golden raisin is yellow. The essence of raisins is brown but transforms to other colors in different ways. Golden raisins turn yellow with sulfur dioxide. Putting brown raisins for 5 minutes in front of sulfur smoke causes golden raisins. Between different raisins produced Golden raisin exports have the highest value. Most European countries buy Iranian golden raisins because they taste extremely good.

golden seedless raisins

Buy premium golden seedless raisins

What is green raisins?

There are nutrients that come from a plant. When the grapes are harvested, slice the grapes in the liquid and hold for a few minutes. Then hang for a few days to dry. In this case, the color of raisins is green. The grape type is no different. It is only the drying method that determines the name of raisins.

green raisins

What is black raisin?

Black raisins are called because of their dark color. Most black currants are large. One of the grape varieties it’s called red grapes. When we put the grapes against the heat of the sun as the chemical interactions occur, the color of the dried grapes turns to black.

black raisins with seeds

black raisins with seeds

Raisin price per ton

The raisin price per ton is fluctuating due to many variables. Prices of raisins varied greatly from 2016 to 2018 due to climate change. The change in the volume of raisin production in the world, especially in Iran, which is one of the largest exporters of raisins, has led to an increase and decrease. The prices of raisins were rising from 2017 to 2018 years, with prices ranging from $ 1 to $ 3 per kg. Year 2019 raisin prices dropped. We announce the price of raisins online every day so you can find out the day’s prices by contacting us by phone and email below.


price of raisins

Competitive price of raisins on the market

The competitive price of raisins in the market by Arian Raisin has led many raisin suppliers to think about reducing prices. The wholesale price of 1kg of Arian raisins has led to lower prices in Iran.

Raisins are highly dependent on agricultural conditions. The more industrialized agriculture is, the lower the price raisins. Raisin is made from grapes so if it is not grape it will not be raisin. In Iran and Turkey, which are the major suppliers of raisins, there was severe cold and destroyed many vineyards. Prices of raisins also rose sharply at 2017-2018, but things changed 2018-2020.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Are price raisin expensive?

Raisins have many benefits for humans that do not have fresh fruit for the body. Raisins not only cure diseases but also prevent many diseases. Preventing osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fat and blood sugar are the most important functions of raisins in the body. Properties that raisins have but havent grapes. Raisins are present at any time of the year but not grapes. A person who is cold cannot eat grapes but can eat raisins, so the price of raisins is more expensive than grapes. That said, the most important reason for buying raisins is to use them in many foods.

golden raisin

golden raisin

Arian Raisin Company

Iran has many companies in the production and export of raisins, but some have advantages that make them different from other companies. Having the tools and equipment along with the financial strength makes the supply power increase. Arian’s Golden Raisin Factory has 6,000 orchards, all of which turn it into raisins. This has reduced the price of Aryan raisins and increased its competitive potential. The price cut by Arian has forced many suppliers to cut the price of golden raisins. Many companies such as Australia, Germany, France, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine are clients of Aryan. Due to the high potential that these countries have in buying raisins, Arian is looking to increase their Raisin sales representative in these countries. Arian Golden Raisin Company is a supplier of premium grade  and grade A golden raisins.

Which type of raisin is best?

Sultana and Golden Seedless raisin are among the varieties of raisins that make the most of the market. Sun maid and golden raisins are also the most commonly consumed. The reason is that golden, sunny and sultana raisins are seedless and easy to eat. Grain raisins are less consumed because they do give humans an unpleasant taste when eating. Increasing demand for seedless raisins has led to an increase in the price of raisins.

typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Is Golden Raisin Good for Health?

As mentioned above, raisins are good for health. It doesn’t matter what the raisin is. The amount of beneficial substances it brings to the body depends on the type of raisins. The more natural raisins are made, the better. Golden raisins, although rich in sulfur dioxide, are in high demand because of their good taste. According to statistics provided by the World Bureau of Statistics, golden raisins sell more than Sultana raisins, but sun raisins are more useful than golden raisins.

raisins market price

raisins market price

Is it better grapes or raisins?

The grape has a grain that is sweet and juicy. Eating grapes is more attractive than raisins, but the benefits of raisins are not. When we dry the grapes, the analysis that takes place in the grapes creates a world of potassium, antioxidants and a variety of vitamins in raisins. The price of raisins is more expensive than grapes, but eating 10 raisins helps our health. The cost of buying 10 raisins is so low that it’s worth buying. The price of 10 raisins is not equal to one capsule of medicine, while the drug is a chemical, while raisins are a natural substance.

high quality raisins

Buyer of all kinds of high quality raisins

Where to buy raisins?

With all the descriptions of raisins and their benefits, we will now talk about where to buy raisins. Grapes are grown in many countries, but in some countries the volume of grapes is not large enough to convert into raisins. To buy raisins we need to know the names of several countries. For example, Iran and the United States have a golden raisin mine. Over 54% of the world’s golden raisins are supplied by two countries. Sulana’s raisin is for Turkey, but Iran is also a major producer. China, Argentina, India, Afghanistan, Georgia are also countries that supply 46% of golden raisins.

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

Is golden raisin and Sultana for what good?

Golden raisins and sultana are great for the cake making industry because they are made from currant. The lack of kernels and the small size of Golden Raisin and Sultana have caused the most demand, especially for the cakes.

raisins suppliers in the world

Unique dried raisins suppliers in the world

price of raisins on market

Supply and demand are two important factors in determining raisin prices. Apart from supply and demand, different types of raisins also have different prices. The most expensive raisin is black raisin and the cheapest raisin belongs to Golden Raisin and Sultana. Year 2017 raisins were lower than demand, so prices for raisins rose, but prices in raisins were lower in 2018 and 2019 due to increased raisins on the market.




Dry raisins price in bangladesh per kg

We have divided the raisins price in bangladesh per kg by raisin and tonnage type. Different types of shipping and raisins also affect the price. The following price list is for wholesale.

Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in Asia. Bangladesh does not have a strong economy but it has plenty of natural resources. It borders India on all sides except for a small part of the south-east that connects to Myanmar via the Bay of Bengal. The population of Bangladesh is about 154 million with an average age of 5 years. Life expectancy is 63 years for women and 63 years for men.

dry raisins price

dry raisins price

Bangladesh Export and Import

Its exports include apparel, hemp and frozen goods, leather and fish and frozen marine animals, exported to the US (25%), Germany (6.12%), Britain (8.9%) and France (5%). Can be. Imported products include machinery, chemicals, iron and steel, textiles, nuts, petrochemicals and cement, which include China (7.17%), India (12.5%), Kuwait (9.7%), Singapore. (5.5%) and Hong Kong (1.4%).

bangladesh export and import

bangladesh export and import

Most imports of raisins to Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the best and kindest people in the world. People in Bangladesh love spicy foods because of their dark skin color. For example, spicy peppers have a special place in their foods, but sweeteners are not very good. Raisins are also sweet and less consumed. In recent years, raisins have been used as organic nuts. Raisins are inexpensive but have a world of minerals. Eliminates cancer and prevents malnutrition. The best raisin for Bangladesh is Golden Raisin and Sultana Raisin. Raisins price in bangladesh are also based on grading. The bigger the raisin, the more expensive the raisin is. Among the varieties of raisins, golden raisins have a special place and because of the high demand that we see every day, prices for raisins change.

typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Introduction to Golden and sultans raisin

As the golden raisins name suggests, the color of raisins is yellow. Golden raisins are made from currant and have small seeds. Its taste is sweet and slightly sour and it makes it more consumed by sunny raisins. Alcohol is also made from golden raisins and sultana. Sultana raisins are like golden raisins, but with the difference the color of Sultana’s raisin is pale brown. The price of golden raisins is slightly different from that of Soltana. Sometimes raisins are golden and sometimes raisins are more expensive. The volume of buy golden raisins is always higher than that of Sultana because golden raisins are used in the food industry.

difference between golden and sultana raisins

difference between golden and sultana raisins

Exporting premium raisins

When the raisin is removed from the grape cluster, it goes to the factory for grading. Bulk raisins with wood, broken raisins, and raisins are crushed, so the raisins must be exported to the factory for export, washed and separated by machines. After separation it is washed again and separated by professionals and packaged. Golden raisins grade A have a special place in Europe and America. The richest countries in the world make the most purchases of golden raisins.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

Raisins price in bangladesh per kg

Prices of raisins in Bangladesh are also per kilogram. The bigger the raisin, the more expensive the raisin is. Among the varieties of raisins, golden raisins have a special place and because of the high demand that we see every day, prices for raisins change. Prices of raisins in Bangladesh are based on EXW shipping.

golden raisins grad A 1.95$ per kg
golden raisins grad B 1.89 $ per kg
sultana raisins grad A 1.67 $ per kg
sultana raisins grad B 1.59$ per kg

Prices of raisins according to FOB

Transportation of raisins is one of the important items in the export of raisins. Prices of raisins vary according to Incoterms rules. The price difference of raisins in the form of EXW with FOB is about 8 cents per kg. The price difference of CIF raisins with EXW is about 20 cents per kg.



raisins top producers

iranian raisins top producers

Iranian raisins top producers over the past few years have been able to raise the global rank of raisin exports. Raisin producers in Iran have reached a single world mark in some time using the best dried grapes in the world market. The following article describes golden yellow and sun maid raisins.

Online shopping mall Golden Raisin

What grapes are raisins made of?

Raisins are made from a wide range of grapes. When grapes become raisins, they are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and potassium. Raisins either dry naturally or in raisins. Eating 11 raisins can stay away from the disease. Eating raisins is like a meal and it is high in calories so it is recommended for obese people to avoid lean medicine and go to raisins. Due to these are the characteristics of raisins that are used in any way in home cooked and fast foods.

Golden raisins suppliers

Golden raisins suppliers Grade super

Is it more grape sugar or raisins?

When the grapes have not arrived it is sour but when it arrives it is sweet. Raisins should be spread on the ground to prepare raisins to dry out in the heat of the sun. Horticultural gardeners need to hang the grapes on wooden fences to make raisins to dry. Some also use the machine for dried raisins. As dried grapes lose moisture they become sweeter but with a little pickle, So eating raisins is more enjoyable than grapes.

Which countries produce the most raisins?

Each country has a certain amount of domestic consumption and exports the rest. Iran, Turkey, and the United States are the two major raisin producing countries. Iran raisin export more than 65% of raisins, so raisins are strong in Iran. The best raisin for these two countries. It should be noted, the best raisins are the following countries.

  • Golden Raisin and green raisin of Iran 122,595 Metric Tons
  • Raisins of Turkish Sultana 353,167 Metric Tons
  • California Raisin America 332,760 Metric Tons
  • raisins greece 72,861 Metric Tons

Is golden raisins the best or regular raisin?

Raisins have many benefits, but some are both tasty and beautiful. Common raisins are dried in the sun and are called ordinary raisins or sun raisins. Golden Raisins should also be in contact with sulfur dioxide in addition to sunshine. Golden raisins are more consumed because they are less sweet and made from unripe grapes, so economically the golden raisins rank higher.

who are iranian raisins top producers?

As mentioned above, the raisins top producers are divided into 4 countries, with the first 2 countries exporting more than 75% of the raisins. The United States ranks first with 412,770 MT, Turkey with 320,000 MT and Iran with 240000 MT. Inside each country, there are also manufacturers raisin that are known as the raisins top producers. In addition to being the third largest producer, Iran is also the third exporter of raisins. Suppliers of raisins in Iran, due to the numerous problems that Iran has been able to increase its export volume. The price of Iranian raisins is also cheaper compared to the other two countries. In other words, you can pay less for superior quality.

raisins sale

Price of raisins FOB

Raisins have different prices depending on how the goods are shipped. The prices are raisins or factory doors, either in the form of an FOB, or a CIF. These three general methods are used to send raisins. Raisin prices will change as land transport costs increase to land or sea borders. Raisin prices vary between the two methods of EXW and FOB between 5 and 10 cents per kg.



Online shopping mall Golden Raisin

Golden Raisin has many properties, and it can help us to achieve health with vitamins, salts and minerals in their own. Please contact us for a plan. Online shopping for Sultana and Golden Raisins is via email and site.

selling raisins

Selling golden raisins directly company arian

A golden raisin is obtained from grapes. When it removes water from grapes in different ways and dries it, golden raisins are obtained and have many benefits. Golden Raisin is one of the safest dried fruits that can be used by many people for energy and can be very useful for human health.

Golden raisins are either golden or yellow, which is considered not only as one of the popular snacks, but also in the baking of a variety of foods, we also use golden raisins. For example, golden raisins are used to cook all kinds of sweets or dumplings and put golden raisins on it and then cook and eat, and the golden raisins contained a delicious, delicious flavor to traditional dishes Or make a golden raisin lentils as a very tasty flavor and make the flavors and colors look luscious.

golden raisins iran

The direct producer of golden raisins

Golden Raisin is one of the ingredients that, due to the fact that it contains a lot of fiber inside itself, can help the digestive system and cause the food you want to digest easily and easily within the bowel. And in this way prevents the constipation and brings a lot of health to your digestive system.

raisins germany

raisins germany

Major price of golden raisins

Your loved ones can add a fantastic source of fiber to you by adding golden raisins to your diet plan. The major price for golden raisins is as follows, according to FOB.

golden raisin grade A 1.94$ per kg
golden raisin grade B 1.89 $ per kg

Types of Raisins

  • Golden Raisins
  • Raisin red
  • Raisins
  • Raisin yellow or smoked
  • Sunny raisins
  • Raisins
  • Raisins curry

type of raisin

The price of golden raisins online

Our website is dedicated to selling the best and most excellent golden raisins, and offers you the best of products to your loved ones, and delivers rich golden raisins.

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seller raisin

Major seller of golden raisin

The main dealer of seller raisin golden all kinds of Golden Raisins in bulk and packaging. These market sellers set prices based on wholesale.

Grapes are fruits that are of great popularity among our Iranians. Even this fruit is mentioned in the Islamic religion as a heavenly fruit, which also contributed to the popularity of this fruit. One of the types of consumption of this dried fruit is that it is known as raisins. In this article, we will introduce and investigate the raisin properties.

buy raisins online

buy raisins online

Introducing raisins

If you have the experience of buying raisins, you’ve probably noticed that there are several types of it in the market. This variation includes the color of raisins, the taste of raisins and their size. The reason for this variety can be because of the variety of grapes and the method used to dry it. Raisins are currently produced in both industrial and traditional ways. In the traditional way, as its name implies, without adding any chemical substance, grapes are dried by sunlight. But in the industrial process, due to the speed of drying the grapes, it is dried using chemicals such as purifiable solution or sulfur smoke.

What is a golden raisin?

When the grape juice is used as a teaspoon solution, the raisins are golden and shiny because of the oil present in the solution. Raisins that dry in this way are also called golden raisins. Except golden raisins, you can find raisins in a variety of different markets, including:

  • Raisins
  • Grain raisins
  • Dry shade raisins
  • Mousse

How is Golden Raisin Made?

Golden raisins, like all raisins, are made from grapes. Raisins occur when 90% of the grape moisture is removed. Raisins are dried either in the sun, shade or with a machine. The golden raisin has an extra step and it’s in the sulfur chamber. There is a special chamber where it burns sulfur to smoke. The smoke from the zebra leaves the raisins yellow, so it must be washed when used. The seller raisin are special golden raisins because they sell special raisins. Golden raisins have the highest exports.

1 kg raisins price

seller raisin export

Raisins vendors must have strong hardware and software capabilities to best serve their large customers. Raisin suppliers in Iran, which is the center of golden raisins, can assist in timely delivery of your raisins.

iranian raisins

Buy golden raisins in iran

Now golden raisins are produced and sold in different parts of Delhi and even exported to other Delhi. If you plan to purchase this product, you can purchase the following:

  • Distributors and sales agents
  • Dehydrated Stores
  • Chain stores
  • Internet shopping sites
sale of kishmish

The market for sale of kishmish

Exports of raisin packages

One of the most important prerequisites for exporting raisins is the packaging of raisins. Raisin packaging should be moisture-proof. General raisin boxes are either 10kg or 4kg. Each raisin machine has a container with 2000 box size and 10,000 box 10k boxes.

golden raisins exporters

golden raisins exporters

Price of golden raisins

You can buy golden raisins in bulk or packaging, which will affect the purchase price. In addition, factors such as packaging weight, raisin type, buying directly or indirectly will affect your final purchase price.

golden raisins supplier in iran

golden raisins supplier in iran

Taype of golden raisin

Raisins are made with different grapes. There is a wide range of different qualities of raisins so many are mistaken in their choice. Sultana raisins, for example, are also referred to as golden raisins, but they are not the same.

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raisin exports

Arian raisin exports to iraq

For information on raisin exports to Iraq and exporting prices of Arian raisins, see the following information. This article discusses what raisins are good for and what kind of raisins Iraqis buy most and for what price.

Iraq is one of Iran’s major neighbors and Iran’s trading partners . Multiple wars made Iraq need to be rebuilt, so Iran was the best country to be close to Iraq and could trade at a lower cost. The low distance and the religious relationship between Iran and Iraq have increased the export of raisins to Iraq, especially during the months of Muharram and Arbaeen.

price of golden raisin

price of golden raisin

Introducing Arian Raisin

Arian Raisin is an Iranian brand whose business is producing and packaging exported raisins. The most specialized production of this collection is the production and sale of golden raisins. Golden raisins are produced in grades 1-4. Arian Raisin Factory has 20 permanent and 12 temporary employees who are added and deducted in different seasons. Apart from golden raisins, we can add to this collection of sunflower raisins and sell golden sultana raisins.

Arian Raisin Factory Profile

Arian Raisin Factory has an equipped building that will benefit from 2018 equipment. The plant has upgraded its hardware equipment to Technology 2018. This allows them to pack the best raisins with the least waste. Various packaging has increased the export of Iranian raisins. The most important features of Arian factory are:

  1. Waterproof floor
  2. Clear and washable walls
  3. Non-slip and washable white ceilings
  4. Windows resistant to cold, heat and insect infiltration
  5. Automatic doors to prevent bananas and dust from entering
  6. Dressing rooms and toilets
  7. Disinfection equipment
  8. Advanced washing and sorting machines
  9. Advanced sewage system
  10. air conditioning instrument
  11. Personnel medical examinations
raisins market price

raisins market price

Raisin exports to Iraq

As mentioned above, the main job of this plant is to export raisins. The most important countries with which raisins are closely related are Iraq. Raisin exports of first grade golden raisins to Iraq are between 10 and 12 cans per year. Each container holds 20 tonnes of raisins or 2000 cartons of 10kg raisins. Sultana raisins are 3 to 5 containers and the volume of gold raisins exports to Iraq ranges between 20 to 30 containers per year. Raisin exports to Iraq, Exports of raisins to Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates should be mentioned.

golden sultana raisins

golden sultana raisins

Arian factory raisin prices

Due to its high volume of raisins, Arian Factory has the ability to sell Golden Raisins (Sultana) at low prices. The price of Aryan raisins in bulk is as follows. It should be noted that the price of raisins depends on the volume purchased. The price is based on a 20 ton container.

Golden Raisin  grade excellent arian malekan 1.92 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin  grade excellent malayer 1.91 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade A arian malekan 1.91 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade A arian malayer 1.89 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade B arian malekan 1.82 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade B arian malyer 1.80 $ Per Kg
Sun raisins grade A 2.25 $ Per Kg
Sun raisins grade B 2.21 $ Per Kg
Sun raisins grade C 2.13 $ Per Kg

Shirazi Golden Raisin Difference With Malkan

Shiraz is located in Carpet Province. Fars province has many vineyards but the quality of Shirazi raisins is slightly lower than that of Malekan. In particular, the golden raisins of the Malekan cannot be compared with those of Shiraz. Golden raisins are seedless. Malekan Golden Raisin is 99% grain, but Shirazi Golden Raisin has 70% grain and 30% grain. Therefore, the price of Shirazi Golden Raisin is always lower than the price of raisin owners. In terms of color and taste, melon gold raisins are a head and neck taller than Shirazi raisins.

What raisin is suitable for export to Iraq?

Iraq has also had large cakes and pastry factories over the years. Apart from the cake factories, it should be added the religious rituals of Arbaeen and Muharram. Due to the large number of people who visit Tabriz in Arbaeen and Ashura, it has increased the Iraqi and Iranian residents’ raisins by three times. The most important raisins exported to Iraq are:

  1. Grade 2 golden raisins
  2. Grade 1 raisin raisin
  3. Grade 2 raisins

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kinds of golden raisin

Urgent sale of all kinds of golden raisin

Today, the urgent sale of all kinds of golden raisin is easily possible through the sale sites of this product in all parts of the country. It is enough to refer to these sites and after you submit your order, your product will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

best golden raisins

best golden raisins

The best producer of raisins in quality, the city of malekan is in irans east azarbayejan Province. High quality of this product has led to its reputation in domestic and foreign market for raisins. This kinds of golden raisin is very costly and is used in festivals and celebrations.

best price raisins

best price raisins

Features of Golden Raisin

The golden raisins are produced in green and golden Two and are renowned as green raisins. The characteristics of this product, which makes its reputation, are as follows:

  • High quality
  • Mellow Sweets
  • Zoography
  • Devoid of soil pollution
  • No use of chemical pesticides in planting and harvesting stages
  • Raisin production by Dry shade method

Most golden vineyards are of a type of asgari and grainy and seedless raisins. That about 75 percent of the crops of these vineyards are converted into raisins.

golden raisins gin for arthritis

Selling price of Golden raisin

The price of this product is determined by many factors such as grade one and export. Also, if you purchase the product from online sales centers and directly from the manufacturer because of the elimination of intermediaries, the price is significantly reduced.

where do golden raisins come from?

where do golden raisins come from?

Buying and selling all kinds of golden raisin

Today, it is possible to buy raisins and sell this product through Internet sales centers in all parts of the country. In this fact, the price is better because the product is directly from the manufacturer to a consumer. Packaging of these products is usually available in 3, 5 and 10 kg, and export sales is possible through the same centers.

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