The world’s biggest producer raisins is fluctuating between the US, Iran and Turkey. China already exists but the quality of raisins is not very good. People who are not looking for quality go to China.


raisins producers

Direct relationship with the raisins producers

To have a direct relationship with raisins producers around the world, you must have complete information on its address and telephone. Iran, Turkey, China and the US are the largest producers of raisins.

With the expansion of the Internet the world has shrunk and the communication with each country is easy. In the past, we had to go to exhibitions to sell goods and get acquainted with raisins and buyers, but today with a few simple clicks we can buy the best from anywhere in the world.

typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Raisin sugar is more or grapes?

When the grapes dry, it means that it loses its water, so it will have more raisins. The more sugar you have, the more calories you have. But there is one important difference. Sugar in raisins is not harmful, but grape sugar is fat. Of course, we mean eating grapes and raisins as normal. The above comparison is based on eating as normal.

raisins benefits

raisins benefits

What fruit is the raisin made of?

Raisins are a soft, sweet substance that has a world of beneficial nutrients. Eating raisins can meet all the body’s needs. The reason for the many benefits that raisins have is because they are made from grapes. Grapes are a heavenly fruit and have been recommended in all religions. Grape products also have many benefits, most notably raisins.

raisins quality

raisins quality

Which raisin is best?

As mentioned above, raisins are made from grapes, which are a heavenly fruit So it also has heavenly properties. The question some ask is which raisin is better, the yellow or black raisin, the black raisin produced less than the golden raisin because black grapes are sold as grapes and become less raisins. Golden raisins are the opposite of black raisins. The reason is the use of golden raisins in food. Raisins are not eaten by themselves but consumed with other foods. Regarding the properties of raisins, there is little difference between eating black and golden raisins but the price of golden raisins being more expensive than black raisins,that’s why it is less marketable.

Important countries of raisin production

As we mentioned above, Iran, Turkey, the US and China are the top raisin countries, but grapes and raisins are found all over the world. Countries such as Iran and Turkey have been producing raisins for thousands of years, so there are many raisins producers in these countries.

Easiest way to communicate with raisins producers

Raisins are an export commodity from the food subsidiary. Raisins nutrients make raisins used in many foods. For example, raisin juice is used as a beverage or in pastries and cakes. Increasing demand for raisins has also made the price of raisins fluctuating, but so can we buying Raisins at the Cheapest Price We must have direct contact with the main producers. The easiest way to connect with raisins producers is to search the Internet. There are numerous raisin site but they are not all producers. Cheap prices can only be obtained from the original manufacturer.

dry raisins price

dry raisins price

Which countries produce the most raisins?

International raisin export statistics show that China is first in the list of the top four countries, but raisins are a nutrient and should be high in quality. Chinese raisins are inferior in taste and quality to Iranian raisins, especially the famous golden raisin of the world. Raisins are made in Iran and Turkey organically, so they contain more nutrients than in China. The raisins made with the machine look great, but their nutrients are much less than the organic Iranian and Turkish raisins.

How to identify the main producer of raisins

One way to connect with raisin suppliers is to participate in international exhibitions. In the exhibitions can be seen varieties of raisins. Participating in exhibitions is expensive, and the fierce competition for raisins has kept manufacturers from participating in exhibitions. Most of the people involved in exhibitions are raisin traders. The best way to identify the major raisin producers is to visit their sites. Professional manufacturers have professional sites that you can contact to view them.