British bulk raisins are less commonly found, so one of England’s major imports is raisins. Eating raisins is very beneficial to the people of England, where it is raining because has a warm nature.


wholesale bulk raisin suppliers in iran

wholesale bulk raisin suppliers in iran

searches for wholesale bulk raisin suppliers should be based on raisin type and volume of buy. Golden organic raisins, red raisins and dark brown raisins seedless are the most famous iran raisins in the world. Supplier factories can offer cheaper prices.

The raisins are known for its variety. The slightest change in the method of drying the grapes will change the type of raisins. graps are dried either in the sun or in the shade. One of the features that has made Iranian raisins the best in the world is that raisins are produced in Iran organically. Organic raisins have many benefits as organic raisins are considered a medicine. Iranian raisins make up more than 40 percent of the world’s raisin exports.

What is Organic Raisins?

It is better if the grapes are dried in the traditional way. Raisins are either dried in the traditional way or by machine. There is another method that is dried with acidic liquid but does not harm. Iran is the only country in the world to dry grapes in traditional ways. On the other hand, they do not use dangerous poisons to grow grapes. Most farmers use poisons to make the grapes better, which is not lost on washing, and it can harm the body. Most raisin suppliers in Iran are active in exporting raisins.

Manufacturers raisins in iran

Number of manufacturers raisins there are many in Iran but not all of them work honestly. Unfortunately, food has a direct relationship with quality and high quality raisins has different definitions. To buy raisins, be careful not to make a mistake. The largest producers of raisins in Iran are located in several cities.

  • Bonab
  • The landlords
  • Malayer
  • Cashmere
  • Takestan

Financial settlement methods

Raisin picking is one of the most important steps in purchasing, but financial settlement is also very important. Raisin exporters often work in full or in full cash, prepaid and DP methods. The most common method of financial settlement is DP. In this way the documents are released when the settlement is done. That is, when the raisins are ready to be shipped to Customs. When the customs clearance is done, the buyer will be informed that the amount will be deposited and then the raisin will be shipped. In this way, there will be no risk to the buyer and seller.

buy green raisins

buy green raisins

Raisin suppliers in iran

As mentioned above, Iran is one of the countries with the first to third rank in   . There are also many suppliers in Iran. Some suppliers are raisins, growers and others are traders. Trust in manufacturers in Iran is better than in traders. Of course, there are many good and professional people among Iranian businessmen, but it is a little difficult to find and get in touch with suppliers raisins that have a factory.


Raisins price in uk per pound

Raisins price in uk per pound

raisins price in uk per pound euro depreciated in some countries, such as Iran and Turkey. Sultana raisins and golden raisins are at the forefront of price declines. The Wholesale prices of raisins in 10kg packaging is as follows.

Raisin comes from grapes. Each grape seed gives us a raisin when dried. The bigger the grape seed, the bigger the raisins will be. Grapes have different varieties so raisins have different varieties. Iran and Turkey are the two countries that are the center of grape cultivation. Raisin exports also belong to these two countries. In addition to Iran and Turkey, the United States, Greece and Chile should be added as exporters of raisins.

raisins price in qatar

Fresh raisins price in market qatar

Raisins in the UK

England is one of the most important powers in the world. The European continent’s economy depends on several countries, including the United Kingdom. With the unification of European countries, European power has increased. England is a country of rain. Rain has caused high humidity in the UK. Humidity has nothing to do with grapes. Moisture does not produce grapes, so raisins are imported into the UK.  The Raisins price in uk is also determined by the import price. Because of its high value for money, the UK can import high quality raisins from countries such as Iran and Turkey.

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

kismis 1 kg price online 2020

The difference between iranian raisin and turkey

Raisins are made from grapes. Grapes in each country have different breeds. The best grape breed belongs to Iran but some types of raisins are produced in Turkey. Raisins have many properties as they look at raisins as a home pharmacy. Eating raisins can cure many diseases. The variety of useful vitamins in raisins makes it unnecessary to eat medicines. Turkish raisins are known as Soltana raisins in the world raisin market. Golden raisin is also for Iran. In order to buy the best golden raisin you should contact the suppliers of golden raisin in Iran. Sultana raisins are light brown and gold are yellow. Both raisins are obtained from seedless grapes.

price of raisins

Competitive prices of raisins on the market

Terms of raisin prices

Raisins are a perfect food so they are used for lean. Everyone uses raisins in some way. One alone and one with cake and sweets. Those who can’t eat raisins on their own tend to eat raisin cake, which is even more delicious. Since raisins are associated with people’s tastes, they must be of good quality and taste, otherwise people will not buy. Raisins should be good in size and taste good. Raisins price in uk also depend on these variables. Importing raisins into the UK is an important part of the economy because it is used in addition to eating raisins for industrial uses such as cakes or liquors.

raisins market price

raisins market price

Raisins price in uk

Prices of raisins in the UK depend on whether they come from Turkey or Iran. As the export volume of raisins in Iran is higher than Turkey, therefore, importers of raisins are associated with Iranian factories. The price of raisins cannot be pinpointed precisely because a small change causes a price difference. For example, the presence of grain raisins in raisin packages reduces prices while being sold as grain raisins. These raisins contain 20% of the grain. The prices shown in the table below are based on each pound. Because the cost of customs and shipping of raisins is added to the final price. The following prices are for the general price of raisins.

Golden raisin grade A+ .85 $ per pound
Golden raisin grade A .80 $ per pound
Golden raisin grade B .66 $ per pound
Sultanas raisins grad A+ .60 $ per pound
Sultanas raisins grad A .58 $ per pound
Sultanas raisins grad B .55 $ per pound

The difference between raisin Grade A + and A

grade raisins A+ are not much different than Grade A, but for those who are sensitive to purchasing this is divided. Grade A + is grainy and spoiled without any raisins, but in Grade 1 raisins you can find 2% grainy or spoiled raisins. Grading in golden raisins is a bit different. In Golden Raisins In addition to the above, it should be noted that Grade A + golden raisins are uniform yellow and should not be red.



raisins sale uk

Dried bulk raisins sale uk

Dried bulk raisins sale uk are sold by Arian Raisins at cheap prices. The festival is for major buyer of raisins in the UK with super quality. Golden and sultanas raisins have a special place.

England has a special place in the world so many suppliers are trying to penetrate the UK market. Raisin is important in Iran because it is an export item so many factories are trying to raisins sale uk. England has a population of about 56 million. England is located on the green continent of Europe and is a large island. England’s advanced economy encourages anyone to enter the UK market. Dried fruit is very important in the UK so it is one of the major importer of nuts.

raisins market price

raisins market price

Type of iranian raisins

Raisins are the same everywhere in the world and are produced the same way, but in some countries there is a new breed of grape that makes the difference in raisin typing. For example, black raisins in Iran are of the nuclear type but in Afghanistan they are of the seedless type. Raisin in Iran has five types of bestsellers

  1. Golden currant raisins
  2. Sultana’s currant raisins
  3. Raisins currant dry sun
  4. Nut green raisins
  5. Nuclear black raisins
typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Bulk raisins sale uk in iran

Raisins are the second edible export item after pistachio, so it is important. Exports of raisins have been going on for many years and still continue, so suppliers of raisins are specialized in Iran. Selling UK raisins is one of the goales raisin suppliers. Arian Raisins Factory is one of the suppliers golden raisins that raisins sale uk.

packag raisins

Special sale of raisins in UK

As mentioned above, Arian Raisin Factory has special conditions for raisins sale uk. The terms are based on the volume of purchases because the raisin price is the most important item of raisin purchase so we have a special discount.

price raisins

price raisins

Export Raisin Packaging

The Iranian government has set certain conditions for exporters of raisins. Britain is one of the European countries where the Iranian government supports exporters of raisins. Raisins are exported in several ways. Sale of raisins by CIF and FOB and EXW methods. Iranian raisin packages are approved by Iran Standard Organization. The raisins are packaged in 10kg and 5kg boxes.

Arian raisins products

Arian factory is established in 7. The new machines and the professional staff have made this factory one of the top 5 Iranian factories. Raisin traders pay attention to buyers and act on it, but Arian Raisin Factory is a specialized producer of Golden Raisin and Sultana Raisin, so raisin merchants are less likely to compete with Arian Raisin. This is not unique to the Arian raisins, but any specialized factory can offer the best raisins at a lower price.