Buy raisins online through the site raisins Arian possible. Look for the wholesale price of black raisins, golden raisins and sunny kishmish in the price list below.


wholesale bulk raisin suppliers in iran

wholesale bulk raisin suppliers in iran

searches for wholesale bulk raisin suppliers should be based on raisin type and volume of buy. Golden organic raisins, red raisins and dark brown raisins seedless are the most famous iran raisins in the world. Supplier factories can offer cheaper prices.

The raisins are known for its variety. The slightest change in the method of drying the grapes will change the type of raisins. graps are dried either in the sun or in the shade. One of the features that has made Iranian raisins the best in the world is that raisins are produced in Iran organically. Organic raisins have many benefits as organic raisins are considered a medicine. Iranian raisins make up more than 40 percent of the world’s raisin exports.

What is Organic Raisins?

It is better if the grapes are dried in the traditional way. Raisins are either dried in the traditional way or by machine. There is another method that is dried with acidic liquid but does not harm. Iran is the only country in the world to dry grapes in traditional ways. On the other hand, they do not use dangerous poisons to grow grapes. Most farmers use poisons to make the grapes better, which is not lost on washing, and it can harm the body. Most raisin suppliers in Iran are active in exporting raisins.

Manufacturers raisins in iran

Number of manufacturers raisins there are many in Iran but not all of them work honestly. Unfortunately, food has a direct relationship with quality and high quality raisins has different definitions. To buy raisins, be careful not to make a mistake. The largest producers of raisins in Iran are located in several cities.

  • Bonab
  • The landlords
  • Malayer
  • Cashmere
  • Takestan

Financial settlement methods

Raisin picking is one of the most important steps in purchasing, but financial settlement is also very important. Raisin exporters often work in full or in full cash, prepaid and DP methods. The most common method of financial settlement is DP. In this way the documents are released when the settlement is done. That is, when the raisins are ready to be shipped to Customs. When the customs clearance is done, the buyer will be informed that the amount will be deposited and then the raisin will be shipped. In this way, there will be no risk to the buyer and seller.

buy green raisins

buy green raisins

Raisin suppliers in iran

As mentioned above, Iran is one of the countries with the first to third rank in   . There are also many suppliers in Iran. Some suppliers are raisins, growers and others are traders. Trust in manufacturers in Iran is better than in traders. Of course, there are many good and professional people among Iranian businessmen, but it is a little difficult to find and get in touch with suppliers raisins that have a factory.


golden seedless raisins

Buy premium golden seedless raisins

Buy premium grade golden seedless raisins is recommended for those who intend to export raisins. Refer to the information below for price and identification of different qualities of raisins and types of export packaging.

What is the premium exported raisin?

Export raisins always have the best quality, but that is not the best. Food is always sold in different qualities, and this is also true in raisin exports. Golden raisins, the best exported raisins, are also exported with grade two, two and three, but the best exported raisin for eating directly is the premium exported golden raisin. Golden raisins are available in 2 types of seedless and kernel. The biggest selling of golden raisins is seedless raisins made from seedless grapes.

best golden raisins

best golden raisins

Golden Raisin Packaging for export

Raisins in any form do not have a variety of packaging for export. At retail you can buy raisins in different weights, but you can buy golden seedless raisins 10kg and 4kg packaged golden raisins for export. Some want theirs in 7kg and 5kg packages but the best-selling raisins are packaged in 10kg and 4kg packages.

packag raisins

Method of Delivery Golden Raisin Export

Raisins because they are a perishable food must have both professional packaging and convenient delivery methods. Golden raisins wholesale are at the highest export figure, so care must be taken in delivering raisins. Raisins are either sold at the factory door or FOB. The CIF method of delivering raisins to destination is also a bit difficult in Iran. The best way to buy exported golden raisins is the FOB method. FOB means delivering packaged raisins to the port of origin, Iran.

Buy golden seedless raisins for export

Exported golden seedless raisins are fashionable in the rich countries of the world because of their many benefits. The golden raisins are poured into lukewarm water and then put in the refrigerator for use. In Europe, this useful drink is called raisins gin. Contact Aryan Specialty Factory in Malkan to buy raisins. You can get acquainted with the day price of golden raisins by contacting the raisin factory.

Dry raisins price in bangladesh per kg

Is there a golden raisin with a kernel?

The answer is yes, but it cannot be said to be completely nuclear. Kashmar is one of the cities in Iran that produces golden raisins of 2 to 5 mm size. This golden raisin is used as nuts. Kashmiri raisin is also one of the type seedless raisin, but about 20% of it has a small nucleus.



Online shopping mall Golden Raisin

Golden Raisin has many properties, and it can help us to achieve health with vitamins, salts and minerals in their own. Please contact us for a plan. Online shopping for Sultana and Golden Raisins is via email and site.

selling raisins

Selling golden raisins directly company arian

A golden raisin is obtained from grapes. When it removes water from grapes in different ways and dries it, golden raisins are obtained and have many benefits. Golden Raisin is one of the safest dried fruits that can be used by many people for energy and can be very useful for human health.

Golden raisins are either golden or yellow, which is considered not only as one of the popular snacks, but also in the baking of a variety of foods, we also use golden raisins. For example, golden raisins are used to cook all kinds of sweets or dumplings and put golden raisins on it and then cook and eat, and the golden raisins contained a delicious, delicious flavor to traditional dishes Or make a golden raisin lentils as a very tasty flavor and make the flavors and colors look luscious.

golden raisins iran

The direct producer of golden raisins

Golden Raisin is one of the ingredients that, due to the fact that it contains a lot of fiber inside itself, can help the digestive system and cause the food you want to digest easily and easily within the bowel. And in this way prevents the constipation and brings a lot of health to your digestive system.

raisins germany

raisins germany

Major price of golden raisins

Your loved ones can add a fantastic source of fiber to you by adding golden raisins to your diet plan. The major price for golden raisins is as follows, according to FOB.

golden raisin grade A 1.94$ per kg
golden raisin grade B 1.89 $ per kg

Types of Raisins

  • Golden Raisins
  • Raisin red
  • Raisins
  • Raisin yellow or smoked
  • Sunny raisins
  • Raisins
  • Raisins curry

type of raisin

The price of golden raisins online

Our website is dedicated to selling the best and most excellent golden raisins, and offers you the best of products to your loved ones, and delivers rich golden raisins.

contact us

Export raisin

Export raisin buy and sell agent

Export raisin is the best type of raisins that is offered to global customers through buying and selling representation. Arian Golden Raisin Factory is looking for sales representatives for its presence in India, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Vietnam.

Raisin Export

• Sun raisins
• Green raisins
• Raisins

Sun raisins are actually the grapes under the sun and dry the fabric. The green raisins are dried in the ventilated rooms and golden raisins are dried with sulfur gas. Raisins are used by skilled people in the water and hang in the sun.

buy raisin

buy raisin

Dealers buy raisins 

Raisins by dealers buying and selling raisins export to the countries of Russia and Ukraine and… Are exported. Companies and businesses are buying raisins, and they export raisins with their buying and selling dealers. Some companies will send their products, including raisins, for customers as samples so that customers can safely purchase their purchases. 27% of the world’s export raisin have caused Iran to become one of the world’s export raisin. Orchardist will consider more of the grapes to produce raisins. Through the dealers buying and selling raisins to domestic markets and exports to achieve a reasonable profit.

export raisins

export raisins

Buy and sell export raisin

Export is possible due to good quality sweets and unique products that are being bought and sold in different cities. Farmers and orchardist of raisins, export consisting buy and sell at the domestic market level.

golden raisin price

golden raisin price export

Buy Raisin Export online 

All kinds of raisins, you can buy online from Internet sites. Customers and buyers will be able to purchase online through centers and Internet sites. The website of the raisins export market is to supply a variety of products that can meet the needs of customers across the country. Online store the best raisins consisting applicants are offered can easily be purchased. Online purchase of raisins Export is offered directly to the market by manufacturer’s factories. You can even do a variety of export raisin with export quality from the site in bulk and online shopping.


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golden raisins buy online

golden raisins buy online per 1 kg price

Golden raisins buy online per 1 kg price How much is the purchase price? Where is the best nutrition golden raisin? What are the benefits of golden raisin?

Gold raisins are a yellowish raisin. This raisin is produced only by Iran and Turkey. The golden raisin determines the quality and degree of uniformity and size. Iran and Turkey, and to some extent America, are leading golden raisins.

golden raisin for sales

Cheap golden raisin for sales site

golden raisins buy online

Online shopping is available for sites like Europe or Arab countries through the site. Through the site  raisins, you can be informed of the inventory and the price with a registered ordering email.

buy raisins online

buy raisins online

Raisins price per 1 kg

The price of raisins is determined by its tonnage. The higher the tonnage, the cheaper the price. The price of raisins is 1 kg per kilogram. The price of golden raisins is different from the Kaltash raisins. Raisin grading also increases or decreases the price.

site raisins

site raisins

The larger the size of the raisin, the more expensive it is. The size of raisins is divided into two categories:

  • Raisins size 8 to 10 mm
  • Raisins 10 to 12 mm

Each of the sizes mentioned also has separate qualities. Raisins have grades 1 to 3. A raisin is also used for animal feed, which is a grade 4 raisin.

  1. Raisins golden price grade 1 per 1 kg: 1/32 $
  2. Raisins golden price grade 2 per 1 kg: 1,20 $

The above prices are at the factory. To be shipped to different countries, the shipping fee is added.

Golden Raisins Exports Expensive

Raisin or any commodity has a definite price, but how can we export golden raisins at cheap prices? Do not spend any time on it for the price of the rial. Given the low value of the Rial relative to the dollar, giving the price to the dollar rate for the foreign customer is more attractive than the rial price.

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golden raisins where to buy

golden raisins where to buy online from iran

Golden raisins where to buy online from iran? Best price golden raisins can be received from the distribution centers. The most popular golden raisins in the world are Tesco, Asada, Amazon and Jumbo. Golden Sultana Raisins and Gold Raisins are the Excellent Grade of Our Offers.

buy raisins online

Different golden raisins with golden raisins Sultana

Raisins from grapes and golden raisins are obtained from the acidic raisins. When raisins dried up, it is directed to chambers called sulfur chambers. In these chambers, sulfur is burned to make golden raisins. Sultana raisins are also very much like yellow raisins. Their difference is in color and price. The price of Sultan raisins is cheaper than golden raisins.

buy golden raisins

Golden raisins where to buy online

There are only a few countries that can produce golden raisins. The United States and Iran are among the top golden raisin exporters. You can take Iran to buy a premium or first-class golden raisin. Online shopping from Aryan site is possible. The Arian raisin factory has the ability to produce raisins up to 100 tons per month. There are many sites in Iran that sell gold raisins but have little raisin ability. The low financial and hardware capability makes it impossible to deliver raisins in a timely fashion. Arian’s raisins site allows you to place orders online.

where to buy raisins

Buy golden raisins online

Buy golden raisins online because of this high volume has a different way. Buy raisins online in retail, while here we have major sales of raisins. Customers can order this product on our website. Ordering is done by email. Subsequently, by submitting a pre-invoice and confirmation from the buyer, Finally the process of registration of the contract and financial account is performed.


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