dried raisins uk are very popular. England is a rainy country so raisins are used as a nutritious nutrient in many foods. Golden raisins and sunny raisins are the best raisins in England.


Dried raisin buyers in europe

Dried raisin buyers in europe

Raisin buyers  in Europe import a wide variety of iranian raisin. Europe is Iran’s main buyer of golden raisins seedless. More than 70% of Iranian dried golden raisins and sultana are exported to Europe.

Europe is known as the Green Continent. Europe has a lot of humidity due to the heavy rain. Humidity has caused some fruits to grow less in Europe. Grapes are among the least-produced fruits in Europe, so they import raisins from other countries.

dried raisin uk

Who are the buyers of raisins?

Raisins are made from dried grapes, so they have many useful ingredients. Raisins are used as home remedies. Buyers use raisins either to cure disease or cake factories. Raisins not only prevent diseases but also regulate many diseases such as fat and blood sugar. Raisins have a lot of iron, potassium and calcium, which are useful for tightening gums and bones. That is why raisin buyers in Europe are so popular.

Raisin buyers in europe

Europe is a great land and one of the world’s top economies. Europe is slow to grow many fruits due to its moisture. Most fruits are produced in a greenhouse. The popularity of organic food has led to consumption moving towards organic food, so imports of raisins into Europe are high. Raisin is one of the best raisins in the world and is produced organically. The most famous Iranian raisin that Europeans love is Golden Raisin and Sultana Raisin. Golden raisins yellow and Sultana raisins light brown.

sun maid raisin

sun maid raisin

Iranian raisin varieties

Raisins have over 250 known varieties in the world. There are different breeds of grapes in the world’s best-selling raisins, seedless golden raisins. Seedless raisins are made from seed without grapes and are finely sized. Of course there are some types of golden raisins that are very large in size, called golden jumbo raisins.

Black raisins are one of the different types of large dried raisins and have health benefits. Some people use golden and black raisins for alcohol. Sunflower raisins are also very important raisins that are made completely organic. The sun’s light and heat dries up the grapes to produce sunny raisins.



raisins suppliers in the world

Unique dried raisins suppliers in the world

What are Unique dried raisins suppliers in the world characteristics? What is the share of Iran, US, Turkey and China in raisin exports? Which raisin is best for export?

Raisins are a useful edible ingredient many countries are looking for it. Nutrients are recommended for any human being because by eating natural matter we can supply the body with the most natural nutrients and vitamins we need. When we look at medical books, we find that they all point to the use of natural ingredients for a healthy body. Raisins are one of the natural foods that are both tasty and can be eaten. For example, combining raisins with cake is very tasty and useful.

raisins quality

raisins quality

Where does the best raisin come from?

Raisins are made from a wide variety of grapes. Raisins are naturally dried and usually the best raisins are made from seedless raisins. Grapes have small grains so they are less eaten as grapes. People like to eat grapes with large seeds, so they use seedless grape for raisins. The presence of kernels in raisins gives the human an unpleasant condition, which is why the production of seedless raisin has the highest volume. The history of raisins in the world goes back more than 5 years. Iran and Egypt are the oldest countries to produce raisins. Today, Iran, along with several other countries, has the task of supplying the world’s raisins.

raisin price

raisin price

Which country has the highest volume of raisin production?

Raisins were first discovered in Egypt and Iran. At first the grapes were eaten raw, but as time went on and the benefits of raisins became apparent, the raisins began to grow naturally. Raisins are found in every home because raisins can be eaten alone and with a combination of other foods. Today, Iran, Turkey, the US and China are the top two countries in raisin production. These nine countries have unique raisins suppliers in the world. When comparing the volume of raisins exports in the world, we can see that Turkey is in the first place, America in the second place, China in the third place and Iran in the fourth place. The process is the same from 2013 to 2018.

Why is Iran ranked fourth?

According to the ranking of raisins exports from 2013 to 2018, we see the fourth decline in Iran. Iran has been in second place in the world before, but has fallen to 4 in the last 5 years. China is a large country with more than 5 billion people. It is natural for China to rank first in exports. The United States came second with only California and Turkey with 2 cities and Iran with 2 cities.

dry raisins price

dry raisins price

The difference between Iranian and Turkish raisins compared to Chinese raisins is that the taste and properties of Iranian and Turkish raisins are by no means comparable to Chinese raisins. Chinese raisins are only good-looking and made by machine, while iran raisins are naturally made . In order for us to have the numerous properties of raisins, it must had be naturally dried. The traditional method of making Iranian raisins has reduced the volume of Iranian raisin exports. On the other hand, Iran also has unique raisins suppliers in the world that deliver genuine Iranian raisins to buyers of raisins.

buy raisins online

buy raisins online

property Unique raisins suppliers in the world

Raisin suppliers must have several characteristics to become a unique raisin supplier. Raisin quality is very important in raisin sales. The premium quality of raisins helps raisers to trust their suppliers and become a permanent customer. The most important unique suppliers of raisins are:

  1. Honesty
  2. Good raisin
  3. Good packaging
  4. Financial power
  5. Equipped factory
  6. Ability to export raisins
  7. Experienced experts
  8. Time Management

raisins factory

Best raisins for export

Today’s world has changed a lot. In the past we were only looking for the best quality but today every product is welcomed with any quality. Waste has a special place in the industry. Raisins are not too far behind. High quality raisins, spoiled raisins and Grade B raisins are also included in the export basket.
Raisins are used for making alcoholic beverages, and grade 1 and 1 are used for the cake industry. Golden raisin of Iran is the most famous raisin in the world. Alongside the Iranian raisin, we can mention the Turkish Sultana raisin.  Iran Sun maid raisins and California American raisins are also the best varieties of raisins.


raisins sale uk

Dried bulk raisins sale uk

Dried bulk raisins sale uk are sold by Arian Raisins at cheap prices. The festival is for major buyer of raisins in the UK with super quality. Golden and sultanas raisins have a special place.

England has a special place in the world so many suppliers are trying to penetrate the UK market. Raisin is important in Iran because it is an export item so many factories are trying to raisins sale uk. England has a population of about 56 million. England is located on the green continent of Europe and is a large island. England’s advanced economy encourages anyone to enter the UK market. Dried fruit is very important in the UK so it is one of the major importer of nuts.

raisins market price

raisins market price

Type of iranian raisins

Raisins are the same everywhere in the world and are produced the same way, but in some countries there is a new breed of grape that makes the difference in raisin typing. For example, black raisins in Iran are of the nuclear type but in Afghanistan they are of the seedless type. Raisin in Iran has five types of bestsellers

  1. Golden currant raisins
  2. Sultana’s currant raisins
  3. Raisins currant dry sun
  4. Nut green raisins
  5. Nuclear black raisins
typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Bulk raisins sale uk in iran

Raisins are the second edible export item after pistachio, so it is important. Exports of raisins have been going on for many years and still continue, so suppliers of raisins are specialized in Iran. Selling UK raisins is one of the goales raisin suppliers. Arian Raisins Factory is one of the suppliers golden raisins that raisins sale uk.

packag raisins

Special sale of raisins in UK

As mentioned above, Arian Raisin Factory has special conditions for raisins sale uk. The terms are based on the volume of purchases because the raisin price is the most important item of raisin purchase so we have a special discount.

price raisins

price raisins

Export Raisin Packaging

The Iranian government has set certain conditions for exporters of raisins. Britain is one of the European countries where the Iranian government supports exporters of raisins. Raisins are exported in several ways. Sale of raisins by CIF and FOB and EXW methods. Iranian raisin packages are approved by Iran Standard Organization. The raisins are packaged in 10kg and 5kg boxes.

Arian raisins products

Arian factory is established in 7. The new machines and the professional staff have made this factory one of the top 5 Iranian factories. Raisin traders pay attention to buyers and act on it, but Arian Raisin Factory is a specialized producer of Golden Raisin and Sultana Raisin, so raisin merchants are less likely to compete with Arian Raisin. This is not unique to the Arian raisins, but any specialized factory can offer the best raisins at a lower price.