Export raisins Iranian to countries such as India, Germany, Spain, UAE, France, Italy, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia. The second largest raisin exporting country belongs to Iran. Golden raisins and raisin Sun.


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Exports Golden Raisins super to uk price

Exports of golden raisins uk from Iran are made at a very cheap price. Golden Raisin, sultana, Asda and Jumbo and waitrose are sold in the UK. Golden golden and Sultana raisins against the products of the Arian factory in Bonab, Iran, have been able to capture the market for raisins in the UK.

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Iran’s golden raisins are exported to Europe with the best quality. Selling Iran’s Golden Raisin to Europe will make Europe competitive. The quality of golden raisin depends on its color and size. Whichever quality grape must we use, we will receive a magnificent golden raisin.

Exports of golden raisins uk

Iran is the world’s largest exporter of raisins. The most important Iranian export raisin is super golden raisin. England is recommended for raisin because of wet weather. Humidity makes the bones of the human body weak, so raisins are used to strengthen the bones. Due to its excellent quality, Iran raisins are exported to most countries in the world, such as the UK.

price of golden raisins

Wholesale price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin uk For the convenience of buying golden raisin by traders, consider the special price listed below. Importers of raisins in the United Kingdom know that purchasing golden raisins from Iran is profitable for them in all respects. Finally, you can contact via email with golden raisins was informed of the final price.

golden raisins price
 raisins golden grade super 1/36 $ per kg
 raisins golden grade one 1/35$ per kg

How to send raisins are two ways. The price list is based on the delivery of the EXW method.

  • Exw
  • Cif

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