iran raisins  has the best raisin in the world, In terms of taste, quality and color. Apart from the taste of raisins,Color is important. Raisins Iran, because it is produced in traditional ways, also known as organic raisins.

iran raisins

Raisins in Iran have a few thousand years old. Iranian farmers produce raisins in traditional ways, and use less chemicals. Iran is the third-largest country in the export of raisins. America’s first country. Agriculture in the United States is carried out industrially for this reason, the use of agricultural chemicals from first base.

Due to the traditional production of raisins in Iran, with Iranian raisin consumption you will see the least damage. Raisin is inherently useful to humans and to prevent and improve many ailments used.

Types of iranian raisins

Iran produces 3 types of raisins in large volumes

  • Golden Raisin
  • Sushi raisins
  • Raspberry

The more raisins produced in a more traditional way, the more profitable it is for humans.


iran export raisins price

iran export raisins price cheap

Iran export raisins price cheap depends on what volume of purchases and which of the Iranian cities Because they are different.

iran export raisins price cheap

Raisin has a lot of uses. Some use tea or coffee and some for therapies such as blood sugar control and blood lipids.
Persian raisins are one of the best raisins in the world due to its soil and climate.
If you buy a raisin in Iran’s takestan, you will receive a price and if you want to raise the Malekan or Bonab raisins you will be faced with another price.
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