Iranian golden raisin The best raisin in the world. Exporters and importers of golden raisins, They always choose Iran as their first destination. buy golden raisins, from the most important factories below.


raisins top producers

iranian raisins top producers

Iranian raisins top producers over the past few years have been able to raise the global rank of raisin exports. Raisin producers in Iran have reached a single world mark in some time using the best dried grapes in the world market. The following article describes golden yellow and sun maid raisins.

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What grapes are raisins made of?

Raisins are made from a wide range of grapes. When grapes become raisins, they are full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and potassium. Raisins either dry naturally or in raisins. Eating 11 raisins can stay away from the disease. Eating raisins is like a meal and it is high in calories so it is recommended for obese people to avoid lean medicine and go to raisins. Due to these are the characteristics of raisins that are used in any way in home cooked and fast foods.

Golden raisins suppliers

Golden raisins suppliers Grade super

Is it more grape sugar or raisins?

When the grapes have not arrived it is sour but when it arrives it is sweet. Raisins should be spread on the ground to prepare raisins to dry out in the heat of the sun. Horticultural gardeners need to hang the grapes on wooden fences to make raisins to dry. Some also use the machine for dried raisins. As dried grapes lose moisture they become sweeter but with a little pickle, So eating raisins is more enjoyable than grapes.

Which countries produce the most raisins?

Each country has a certain amount of domestic consumption and exports the rest. Iran, Turkey, and the United States are the two major raisin producing countries. Iran raisin export more than 65% of raisins, so raisins are strong in Iran. The best raisin for these two countries. It should be noted, the best raisins are the following countries.

  • Golden Raisin and green raisin of Iran 122,595 Metric Tons
  • Raisins of Turkish Sultana 353,167 Metric Tons
  • California Raisin America 332,760 Metric Tons
  • raisins greece 72,861 Metric Tons

Is golden raisins the best or regular raisin?

Raisins have many benefits, but some are both tasty and beautiful. Common raisins are dried in the sun and are called ordinary raisins or sun raisins. Golden Raisins should also be in contact with sulfur dioxide in addition to sunshine. Golden raisins are more consumed because they are less sweet and made from unripe grapes, so economically the golden raisins rank higher.

who are iranian raisins top producers?

As mentioned above, the raisins top producers are divided into 4 countries, with the first 2 countries exporting more than 75% of the raisins. The United States ranks first with 412,770 MT, Turkey with 320,000 MT and Iran with 240000 MT. Inside each country, there are also manufacturers raisin that are known as the raisins top producers. In addition to being the third largest producer, Iran is also the third exporter of raisins. Suppliers of raisins in Iran, due to the numerous problems that Iran has been able to increase its export volume. The price of Iranian raisins is also cheaper compared to the other two countries. In other words, you can pay less for superior quality.

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Price of raisins FOB

Raisins have different prices depending on how the goods are shipped. The prices are raisins or factory doors, either in the form of an FOB, or a CIF. These three general methods are used to send raisins. Raisin prices will change as land transport costs increase to land or sea borders. Raisin prices vary between the two methods of EXW and FOB between 5 and 10 cents per kg.



Buy golden raisins iran excellent

There is a big difference between golden raisins iran and other countries. The difference in the quality of Iranian grapes and fruit seedless has given Iran the best golden raisin and sultana in the world. Important information on ways to buy Iranian raisins and Iran’s major suppliers is provided.

iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

Benefits of Buying Raisin in Iran

Grape is one of the most expensive fruit trees. In the old days, the most beautiful ornament was inspired by the grape tree. The fruit of this tree has as many effective agents as natural pharmacy and its consumption equals health. Raisin comes from dried grapes and doubles the benefits of grapes. Grapes are a fruit to be harvested in the fall. That is, for the grapes and raisins to have the most sweetness and useful ingredients, they must touch the coolness of autumn.

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The raisin market boom caused the grapes to be harvested in early September and raisins to be marketed by the end of September. Grapes in Iran are harvested in late September and raisins are marketed in October, which is why Iranian raisins have a great taste and that is why Iran raisins rank first in the world.

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What is the premium exported raisin?

Export raisins always have the best quality raisin, but that is not the best. Food is always sold in different qualities, and this is also true in raisin exports. Golden raisins, the best exported raisins, are also exported with grade one, two and three, but the best exported raisin for eating directly is the premium exported golden raisin. Golden raisins are available in 2 types of seedless and seeded. The biggest selling of golden raisins is seedless raisins made from seedless grapes.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin Packaging for export

Raisins in any form do not have a variety of packaging for export. At retail you can buy raisins in different weights, but you can buy 10kg and 4kg packaged golden raisins for export. Some buyers buy golden raisins in 7kg and 5kg packages, but the best-selling raisins are in 10kg and 4kg packs.

Method of Delivery Golden Raisin Export

Raisins because they are a perishable food must have both professional packaging and convenient delivery methods. The sale of golden raisins is the highest export figure, so be careful about the delivery method. Raisins are either sold at the factory door or FOB. The CIF method is also one of the best sending methods which is a little difficult but possible due to Iran’s specific conditions. The best way to buy exported golden raisins is the FOB method. FOB means delivering packaged raisins to the port of origin, Iran.

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Exported golden raisins are fashionable in the rich countries of the world because of their many benefits.
The golden raisins are poured into lukewarm water and then put in the refrigerator for use. In Europe, this useful drink is called raisins gin. Contact Arian Specialty Factory in Malkan to buy raisins. You can get acquainted with the day price of golden raisins iran by contacting the raisin factory.

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where can i buy golden raisins

where can i buy iranian golden raisins or sultanas

where can i buy iranian golden raisins or sultanas? Is golden raisin good for you? which type of iranian raisins is best? sultanas raisin or golden raisin? What’s name the best raisins suppliers in Iran? The best price and quality of raisins which region is from Iran?

Answer the above questions, it is help to importers raisins around the world until the buy the best raisins.

iranian golden raisins

iranian golden raisins

Difference between golden raisins and sultana

As of name Golden raisins Is specified golden raisins are called raisins That have a yellow color. To high quality, we do not call golden raisins, but rather Because of the yellowish raisins they call golden raisins. Raisin sultana a special kind of raisin. The grapes are dried with acid and turn into light brown color. Sell raisins sultana and golden raisin in Iran Are different.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

Best golden raisins where is it?

Golden Raisins in Iran he’s got a special place. Best golden raisins in Iran Make Like carpets and pistachios all over the world you will see. Buy golden raisins of iran It is always in the top priority. because the premium quality of raisins is Iran. Quality raisins to The grape quality is directly related.

buy golden raisins

buy golden raisins

where can i buy golden raisins

Best Iranian raisins that most raisin exports, Golden Raisin and Sultana. Iran has the second place in its exports, but Golden Raisins and Sultanas Exports have the highest amount. Many questions Importers have raisins this is that where can I buy golden raisins? We will answer this question Where can I buy golden raisins? Some important manufacturers raisins in Iran we have named it.

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iranian raisins

iranian golden raisins suppliers 2019

The best iranian golden raisins  and green raisins suppliers  in 2019 have been sold to world markets at the cheapest price. Raisins Iran in 2019 compared to 2018 was better quality. You can use the following suppliers to buy a variety of Iranian raisins.

iranian raisins suppliers

What does a raisins supplier have?

Iranian raisins supplier in Iran has changed since 2018. In 2019, due to economic changes that took place in the market structure, the poor suppliers became have disappeared. The withdrawal of poor suppliers made it possible to see factories that have a real power. A good supplier must be able to supply the raisins to the customer in good quality. In addition, a professional supplier must have a strong financial capability.

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Which  country golden raisins is the best?

The production of raisins in the world has a long history. The first raisins in Iran and Egypt arose.
The history of raisins dates back to 2000 BC. Grapes are harvested from August to September. To produce raisins, raisin moisture is reduced from 75% to 15%. The best golden raisins in the world are produced in 2 countries. Iran and America. America and Iran provide 80% golden raisins in the world. For this reason, golden raisins can be used to buy a large golden raisin.

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iranian raisins golden suppliers

As mentioned above, Iranian raisins have very strong suppliers. Some have the ability to supply 100 tons per week, which is a very good value. The purpose of raisins is to buy raisins, not any kind of raisins. The best golden raisins exporters in Iran are:

  1. Arian company: Iran-Bonab – Arian Raisin Factory
  2. entezari company: Iran- malekan
  3. farhang company: Iran- malekan

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