Iranian Sultana Raisins have one of the best in the world. buy sultana raisin. Buying and selling Sultan raisins is done at the best quality and the cheapest price in Iran.

Iranian Sultana Raisins

Iranian raisins have a global reputation and are exported to most European and Asian countries. The most important reason for exporting Soltan raisins to the world’s major countries is quality, taste and low prices. If you compare Iran’s raisin price with other exporting countries, you will realize that it’s cheap.

The yellowish brown color is related to Sultana raisins، But there is also a Soltana green raisin. Because it is dry with acidic solution and takes the natural color of the grape.
If the raisin moisture is taken in the shade and dried with oral acid, the color of the racemes of the sunflower is converted to a yellowish brown.


Sultana Raisins supplier

Iranian Sultana Raisins supplier Price

Iranian Sultana Raisins supplier Price of world markets is the price? Are there several types of Sultana raisins? What is the method of delivery of raisins? How much does shipping cost CIF and Fob?

what is a sultana?

In general, raisins are divided into 3 main types.

  • Golden Raisin
  • Sun raisins
  • Raspberry

Arian raisin factory has a lot of flexibility in delivering raisins. Stay in touch with us through the following information.

Raisins to be named are the most common types of raisins in the world. Golden raisins are the yellow raisins that are produced by sulfur vapor. Sun raisins are also dried by the warmth of the sun and the sweetest raisin. The price of  sun raisin is cheaper than golden raisins.

Sultana raisins price?

The world-class raisin is known as the Sultana Raisin. Raisins are produced by the supplier in a different way. One of the raisin production methods, the method is acid. For the production of raisins acid, the acid solution must be prepared and put the grapes inside it. In this case, the raisins take on a green color. Sometimes it finds a yellowish brown color.

Name raisins price($)
sultana raisins grade 1 1/47 $
sultana raisins grade 2 1 $

Sultana Raisins supplier

Iran is a country with abundant vineyards. Therefore Grapes are the main products of Iranian agriculture. Grape products with high export value. Raisins are the most important ones. Sultana Raisins supplier in iran are high. Arian raisin factory by utilizing the best equipment of the day, it provides a high volume of Sultana raisins. Another important plant in Iran is Saeed Raisin, one of the largest raisin plants in the world. Customers can buy this product in our webshop.

Method of delivery of raisins?

The method of delivery of raisins is in three ways:

  • Fob method
  • Cif method
  • Exw method

In the FOB method, the product is delivered to the customer’s port of origin. Exw method, the factory delivery door is delivered. CIF method, delivery of raisins is at the destination port. The shipping cost is determined by delivery to a specific border.

For example, the cost of transporting to Germany is a port to which raisins must be delivered. Or the land border of Iraq and Russia has different prices on the maritime border In order to know the shipping costs, the shipping cost and delivery type must be specified at the time of purchase. Because the distances and type of carriage are different. On average cost per kilo of raisins shipped to Europe is about 50 cents.

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