price for raisins, for export, include the wholesale price of raisins. The major price for sales kishmish is important. Prices are based on packages of 500 gm, 10 kg and 5 kg.


price of raisins in us

price of raisins in market center us

Price of raisins in US are determined by the central market. Wholesale prices of golden raisins  2019 per ton and per kg are as follows. The higher the tonnage, the lower the price. The United States is the first exporter of raisins, which is why there are high volatility in prices.

Where are raisins grown in the US?

America is one of the most populous and advanced countries in the world. The US has the most powerful economy in the world, ranking first in succession. One of the US export resources is agricultural products. Grapes and its products such as raisins, grape juice, wine and … are one of the important products of this country. The most important American elite in which raisins are produced is California. California raisins are the first exports of raisins. The prices of raisins in US market are also set by US and Iranian exporters, as the two countries have the largest exporters in the world.

What is California Raisin?

California raisins are called raisins produced in the state of California. California raisins in the world market are known as golden raisins. The golden raisin of the US and Iran has been the absolute power of the world market. Due to the benefits that the yellow raisin has the most supply and demand.

wholesale golden Raisin

The wholesale reseller of Golden Raisin in Iran

Where are the raisins growing?

Raisins do not grow, but raisins are made from grapes. Wherever the grapes are, raisins are as well. The greater the variety of grapes, the greater the variety of raisins. The following are the countries that are the center of raisins:

  • America
  • Iran
  • Turkey
raisins market price

raisins market price

Which country is the best California raisin?

As we said above, California raisins are for America, so it’s natural to be the best raisins for America, but that’s not a definite thought. Iran is America’s most important competitor in exporting golden raisins, but the quality of Iranian raisins is much better than that of American raisins, but California raisins are larger in size than Iran. Iranian raisins are small and used in industries such as cake making and restaurants. California Raisins and Iranian Golden Raisins are two types of raisins with two separate uses.

iranian Golden Raisins

The best quality iranian Golden Raisins

price of raisins in us market

One of the best price of raisins in us is the Amazon site. The Amazon site is an online store that sells raisins in small packages, but Amazon or Alibaba are not a good reference for knowing the wholesale price of raisins. For example, raisins on the US market and on the Amazon site (per kg) cost between $ 3 and $ 4, while raisins are much cheaper.
Iranian raisins can be bought at very cheap prices and with great profit. Given that the value of the dollar is high in Iran, so buying raisins in Iran is very affordable, Iranian raisins are also the best in the world.

How much do raisins cost?

Raisins are generally cheap and portable. Raisins can be easily put in pockets or put into cakes and consumed. Two of the benefits of raisins are that eating a few seeds of raisins gives the body the most health. Each ounce is 38 grams or about 11 raisins, which costs about 25 cents.

price raisins

price raisins

what kind of raisins is sunny raisins?

Thompson seedless grapes are among the most popular varieties used for making raisins, though other varieties are also used for raisins. Because the grapes are spread under the sun and dried, they are called sun maid raisins.



wholesale price of kishmish in nashik

wholesale price of kishmish golden in nashik

The wholesale price of kishmish in nashik one of the religious cities of India, comes at a cheaper price. Iranian golden raisin exporters are offering lower prices because of their respect for religious cities.

Where is Nashik?

Nashik is one of the holy cities in western India known as Ramayana poetry. There is a shrine in Nashik, which has a sanctuary. The city is 190 kilometers northwest of Mumbai. More than half of India’s wineries are in the area, Therefore, the consumption of grapes and Kishmish in this region is high. Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik is cheaper due to the large volume they buy.

kishmish price per kg

kishmish price per kg in pakistan

Buy Kishmish in Nashik

Kishmish has different types, with different colors. The most important types of Kishmish that are good for the holy city of Nashik are:

  • kishmish golden
  •  sunny kishmish
  • sultanas kishmish
  • black kishmish
market kishmish

market kishmish

kishmish golden

Golden raisins are made from both seedless and grape seed. Golden Raisins of Darra Nuts Raisins are also said to be 1.8 to 2 cm in size and yellow in color. Golden raisins are also widely used in the wine industry.

sale of kishmish

The market for sale of kishmish

sun maid kishmish

When we dry the red and black grapes we reach the black or brown core. In Iran it is called mousse. It has a lot of meat and is very useful for humans. Dry the currant in the sun. The resulting product is called Sunshine Kishmish. This raisin is one of the best types of raisins called natural raisins.

sun maid raisin

sun maid raisin

sultanas kishmish

One of the most popular forms of Kishmish that is of universal value is the Kishmish Sultana. Kishmish Sultana and Kishmish Gold are the first export word in the world. Kishmish Sultana is a khorramid dye obtained from acidic foods. Put the grapes in this material to dry.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

wholesale price of kishmish in nashik

India and Iran have traded with each other for a long time, and Iranian traders exported various types of nuts, oils, petrochemicals to India. One of the important products exported to India is Kishmish. India has many vineyards, but because of the large population it needs to import some goods.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

Nashik, a city with many wineries, is in dire need of Kishmish and grapes. Nashik has allocated one of the major purchases to Kishmish. Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik sold by raisin suppliers in Iran depends on tonnage and types of Kishmish. Contact us to find out the wholesale price of kishmish in nashik.

raisins quality

raisins quality

What are the benefits of Kishmish?

  • Osteoarthritis treatment
  • Treatment of anemia
  • Blood lipid regulation
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Help strengthen bones, gums, teeth
  • Enhance eyesight
  • Increase digestive power in the stomach
  • Good intestinal function
  • Antacids and prevent cancer
  • Treatment Arthritis



10kg raisins

10kg raisins sales agent

Sale of cheap 10kg raisins is ready for sale and service to customers. We set the price per kilogram of raisins based on the raisins and purchase volume. there are complete information about raisin company and how to buy it.

Customers of raisins are bought into two forms

  • In bulk with branch and tail inside the sack.
  • Processed and packaged inside cartons
sell raisins

sell raisins

Sales Reseller 10kg Raisins

Buying a variety of raisin 10 kg per sale agent has many advantages. Sales reseller of 10 kilogram raisins is more suitable for customers than the sales market raisins. The varieties of raisins are sold in bulk and on the dealers and buyers can make their own needs. If you decide to purchase a bulk of raisins, you can call the price and provide the agency. The 10kg raisins are indeed the seedless raisins grades that the branch is sticking to and comes in the sack. All raisins in the market arise from the 10kg raisins.

price of golden raisins

price of golden raisins

Internet selling raisins 10kg

Internet sales of raisins 10 kg is calculated by saving customers ‘ time and is economically highly effective and selects this method of purchase. sell raisins online 10kg is one of the best selling types of raisins that are done with the appropriate conditions. 10 kg raisins can be purchased online by eliminating speculators.

buy raisins online

buy raisins online

10 kg Raisins Sales Center

10kg Raisin Sales Center is one of the important centers of raisin production in the country. If you intend to buy 10 kg raisins at a reasonable price, you can refer to these sales centers.Sometime dear are looking for a variety of 10 kg raisins to buy from the sales centers. 10 kg raisins the same raisin is Baghdar.

golden raisins vs sultanas

golden raisins vs sultanas

Raisins are processed 10kg in factories and provide you with them. The clean and clean 10 kg raisins are high quality in the sales center. We are proud that we can resolve the need of compatriots in providing a variety of 10 kg raisins. If you are a 10kg raisins and you care about your health, you will be accompanied by a 10kg raisin sale center.

raisin price

raisin price

Types of Raisins

  • Raisins
  • Golden Grape raisins
  • Green raisins
  • Plein Sun raisins

The bulk raisins are with a sack and between 25 to 40 kg. The methods of sending raisins 10 kg load or bus freight are. In fact, in order to carry 10 kg of raisins, the truck is more suitable and the time to reach the destination is a little longer. Consumption of raisins from 900 BC has been common among people.

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good price for raisins

good price wholesale for raisins in market 2019 per kg

Raisins have different prices. When we want the golden raisins price, we will encounter several types of prices. They all also speak golden raisins grade one. But good price for raisins and who gives it good raisins.

sunny raisins

What is the good raisin?

Good raisins are said to be raisins that do not spoil. Raisin can be good but not classy. Selling raisins is based on grading. Exports of raisins in Iran are of great importance. Dollars that enter Iran in this way have made raisin exports important. Best raisins for export should have good packaging. In addition, it should be uniform and one color.

golden raisins price

good price for raisins?

As noted above, the higher the quality of raisins, the more raisin prices. The definition of good raisins is differ between sellers raisins. For this reason, you should see the raisins sample. To have good prices for raisins, we need to know where to buy raisins.

  • Iranian golden raisins
  • Sultanas raisins Turkey
  • Iran sunny raisins
  • American Gold Raisin

The three countries mentioned have the best raisins. The right price for raisins can be obtained from these 3 countries.

Price list of export raisins

There are thousands of ads on the sale of golden raisins and sunny raisins, but we need to find the best price and quality. The following price list can help you a lot. The prices on the list will vary according to the volume of purchases. Price changes can not be made in the table, so call for day price information.

  • golden raisins grade supper
  • golden raisins grade 1
  • golden raisins grade 2
  • sultanas raisins grade supper
  • sultanas raisins grade 1
  • sunny raisins grade supper
  • sunny raisins grade 1
  • sunny raisins grade 2
  • 1/92 $ per kg
  • 1/91 $ kg per kg
  • 1/86 $ kg per kg
  • 1/76 $ kg per kg
  • 1/65 $ per kg
  • 2/2 $ per kg
  • 2/1 $ per kg
  • 2 $ per kg