price raisins golden is due to a lot of exports there are a lot of fluctuations, so people can sell high quality products that are cheaper and more affordable.

price raisins golden

Raisins are different in taste based on the color of raisins and how they produce it. The raisin is closer to the yellow color, the more expensive it will be. The grapes are in the normal state of green or red. Both types turn brown when dried. Now, in order to become golden, you have to go through some steps.

The price of golden raisins can be precisely quantified if its kilogram and grade are determined.


Detailed information on raisin price per ton

Detailed information on raisin price per ton

The raisin price per ton varies depending on the time and place. Raisin prices are also determined by raisin type and buy volume. Update information on wholesale raisin prices is listed below.

Price is important in any transaction, Especially if it is for export. The economy of the world is shrinking and prices can be accessed in less time. Price depended to many items. Buy volume, location, time, raisin type affect the price. If the volume is high but the quality is bad Or if the volume is low but high quality We have two prices.

Different types of raisins

The grape is a sweet fruit. When we dry the grapes, the raisins come out sweeter than fresh grapes. The grape has many seeds. The grape has either a nucleus or no nucleus. Big or small. Red, Black, Yellow or Green. All the grapes we mentioned give us one of the raisins. Black raisins come from black grapes or raisin brown from currant. Grape drying methods are also different. Buying raisins is also different depending on the method of drying the grapes. For example, Buy golden raisins is used for the cake factory and sun raisins for eating alongside tea and coffee are too much. The volume of buy golden raisins and sultana raisins is more than sunny because of its industrial use.

best price raisins

best price raisins

Raisin varieties

To find out what the raisin price per ton is, we must first know what raisins we want. The raisin varieties are classified as follows. To know the price of raisins, we must first get acquainted with the types of raisins. Raisins have many varieties but we name the most important ones.

  • Sunny raisins
  • green raisin
  • Golden Raisins
  • Black Raisins
  • Acid raisins
typ of raisins

typ of raisins

What is sun maid raisin?

When the grapes are harvested, cloth is spread on the ground. Pour the grapes over it to dry with the heat of the sun. The color of grapes turns from yellow to brown. Drying of grapes in the above method is called sunny raisin. Some people with more facilities hang grapes on wooden fences to dry.

sun maid raisin

sun maid raisin

what is golden raisins

Golden raisin is yellow. The essence of raisins is brown but transforms to other colors in different ways. Golden raisins turn yellow with sulfur dioxide. Putting brown raisins for 5 minutes in front of sulfur smoke causes golden raisins. Between different raisins produced Golden raisin exports have the highest value. Most European countries buy Iranian golden raisins because they taste extremely good.

golden seedless raisins

Buy premium golden seedless raisins

What is green raisins?

There are nutrients that come from a plant. When the grapes are harvested, slice the grapes in the liquid and hold for a few minutes. Then hang for a few days to dry. In this case, the color of raisins is green. The grape type is no different. It is only the drying method that determines the name of raisins.

green raisins

What is black raisin?

Black raisins are called because of their dark color. Most black currants are large. One of the grape varieties it’s called red grapes. When we put the grapes against the heat of the sun as the chemical interactions occur, the color of the dried grapes turns to black.

black raisins with seeds

black raisins with seeds

Raisin price per ton

The raisin price per ton is fluctuating due to many variables. Prices of raisins varied greatly from 2016 to 2018 due to climate change. The change in the volume of raisin production in the world, especially in Iran, which is one of the largest exporters of raisins, has led to an increase and decrease. The prices of raisins were rising from 2017 to 2018 years, with prices ranging from $ 1 to $ 3 per kg. Year 2019 raisin prices dropped. We announce the price of raisins online every day so you can find out the day’s prices by contacting us by phone and email below.


wholesale price of kishmish in nashik

wholesale price of kishmish golden in nashik

The wholesale price of kishmish in nashik one of the religious cities of India, comes at a cheaper price. Iranian golden raisin exporters are offering lower prices because of their respect for religious cities.

Where is Nashik?

Nashik is one of the holy cities in western India known as Ramayana poetry. There is a shrine in Nashik, which has a sanctuary. The city is 190 kilometers northwest of Mumbai. More than half of India’s wineries are in the area, Therefore, the consumption of grapes and Kishmish in this region is high. Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik is cheaper due to the large volume they buy.

kishmish price per kg

kishmish price per kg in pakistan

Buy Kishmish in Nashik

Kishmish has different types, with different colors. The most important types of Kishmish that are good for the holy city of Nashik are:

  • kishmish golden
  •  sunny kishmish
  • sultanas kishmish
  • black kishmish
market kishmish

market kishmish

kishmish golden

Golden raisins are made from both seedless and grape seed. Golden Raisins of Darra Nuts Raisins are also said to be 1.8 to 2 cm in size and yellow in color. Golden raisins are also widely used in the wine industry.

sale of kishmish

The market for sale of kishmish

sun maid kishmish

When we dry the red and black grapes we reach the black or brown core. In Iran it is called mousse. It has a lot of meat and is very useful for humans. Dry the currant in the sun. The resulting product is called Sunshine Kishmish. This raisin is one of the best types of raisins called natural raisins.

sun maid raisin

sun maid raisin

sultanas kishmish

One of the most popular forms of Kishmish that is of universal value is the Kishmish Sultana. Kishmish Sultana and Kishmish Gold are the first export word in the world. Kishmish Sultana is a khorramid dye obtained from acidic foods. Put the grapes in this material to dry.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

wholesale price of kishmish in nashik

India and Iran have traded with each other for a long time, and Iranian traders exported various types of nuts, oils, petrochemicals to India. One of the important products exported to India is Kishmish. India has many vineyards, but because of the large population it needs to import some goods.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

Nashik, a city with many wineries, is in dire need of Kishmish and grapes. Nashik has allocated one of the major purchases to Kishmish. Wholesale price of kishmish in nashik sold by raisin suppliers in Iran depends on tonnage and types of Kishmish. Contact us to find out the wholesale price of kishmish in nashik.

raisins quality

raisins quality

What are the benefits of Kishmish?

  • Osteoarthritis treatment
  • Treatment of anemia
  • Blood lipid regulation
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Help strengthen bones, gums, teeth
  • Enhance eyesight
  • Increase digestive power in the stomach
  • Good intestinal function
  • Antacids and prevent cancer
  • Treatment Arthritis



golden raisins uk

Exports Golden Raisins super to uk price

Exports of golden raisins uk from Iran are made at a very cheap price. Golden Raisin, sultana, Asda and Jumbo and waitrose are sold in the UK. Golden golden and Sultana raisins against the products of the Arian factory in Bonab, Iran, have been able to capture the market for raisins in the UK.

price of raisins

Iran’s golden raisins are exported to Europe with the best quality. Selling Iran’s Golden Raisin to Europe will make Europe competitive. The quality of golden raisin depends on its color and size. Whichever quality grape must we use, we will receive a magnificent golden raisin.

Exports of golden raisins uk

Iran is the world’s largest exporter of raisins. The most important Iranian export raisin is super golden raisin. England is recommended for raisin because of wet weather. Humidity makes the bones of the human body weak, so raisins are used to strengthen the bones. Due to its excellent quality, Iran raisins are exported to most countries in the world, such as the UK.

price of golden raisins

Wholesale price of golden raisins

Golden Raisin uk For the convenience of buying golden raisin by traders, consider the special price listed below. Importers of raisins in the United Kingdom know that purchasing golden raisins from Iran is profitable for them in all respects. Finally, you can contact via email with golden raisins was informed of the final price.

golden raisins price
 raisins golden grade super 1/95 $ per kg
 raisins golden grade one 1/90$ per kg

How to send raisins are two ways. The price list is based on the delivery of the EXW method.

  • Exw
  • Cif

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golden raisins wholesale

golden raisins wholesale price in iran

Golden raisins wholesale are for major purchases and exports are carried out through the Arian dry fruit factory. Arian Dried Fruit Factory is the largest and best supplier of raisins in Iran. The price of golden raisins per pound is listed below.

Sale of raisins is very important because of its export. Exporters and niche buyers are the most important food items that are easily bought and sold. So raisins are their first priorities.

How to export golden raisins

  • First case: Golden raisins are among the most diverse types of raisins existing and produced.
    Gold raisins have the most exports along with raisin. Golden raisins require more stringent health permits due to the more complex process. Arian dried fruit due to all export licenses and medical equipment is complete.
  • The next item that raisins export is important is packaging. Arian dried fruit factory is able to deliver the raisins purchased with each package.
  • Finally, delivery is raisins. Given the political economic conditions in Iran, the issue of delivery is a bit complicated. This factory produces raisins both at factory and delivery in the destination country.
  • The above methods are called EXW and CIF. Method fob is also possible sale golden raisins. FOB method, raisin carriage is delivered to the port and the cost of carrying raisins with the customer. In the EXW method, the shipping cost is with the customer and at CIF with the seller.

golden raisins wholesale price per pond

golden raisins for export Privileged per pond 4/360 $
golden raisins grad 1 per pond 4/355 $

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large golden raisins

price large golden raisins per kg

large golden raisins what is it? Golden raisins in a kg price is a few dollars?Where is the best golden raisin to buy? What are the benefits of golden raisins? Golden Raisin Is Better Or Raisin Sultanas? what are raisins good for?

the best golden raisins

Golden raisins where to buy?

The price of Golden Plain Gray Gold Raisin Malayer & Bonab Exports in the Arian Dehydrated Factory with the Export Pandemic Package are mainly and at the price of the day as follows. Raisins in Iran are produced in some of the most important agricultural cities. Major exports of raisins are carried out through the cities of Bonab, Malekan, Kashmar, Malayer and Takestan. Golden raisins have a great deal of difference in terms of quality and color.

price of golden raisins


Buy large golden raisins in the following ways possible.

(+98) 2166887973
(+98) 9123483002

Large golden raisins what is it?

When grapes are harvested, grapes are almost grains of the same size, but they will change when dried. The water content of grape varieties varies, so when dried it is not a size. A large golden raisin has two sizes, although these two quantities are used in exports. A large golden raisins has two sizes, although these two quantities are used in exports. The most important golden raisins are

  • Golden raisins size 8 to 10
  • Gold Raisin Size 10 to 12

Profile golden raisins for export

Although raisin exports should be the best raisins, the best export raisin has the following features.

  • Export raisins are all one-size-fits-all.
  • Raisins export is very sturdy packaging. Moisture and dust do not enter it.
  • Exports of raisins have health certificates while they do not have raisins.
  • Exports of raisins are bought and sold in bulk.

price large golden raisins

  • price of golden raisins size 12 grade 1
  • price of golden raisins size 12 grade 2
  • 2/0 $ per kg
  • 1/87 $ per kg

Golden Raisin Is Better Or Raisin Sultanas?

Raisins are foods that are consumed separately with some drinks and sweets. If you are using raisins for domestic consumption, then Sultans raisins are better. If golden raisins are used to make raspberries, it’s better. Basically, the price of golden raisins is more expensive than the price of Sultana raisins, which is why the purchase of raisins depends on the type of application that it has. The most important benefits are raisins for bone, tooth and gum strength. On the other hand, it’s good to control your blood sugar and fat.

seedless raisins price golden for sale

Seedless raisins price golden for sale how much is it? Manufacturer golden raisins with what qualities and weight of the package is? What is the purchase price per 1 kg of yellow raisins?

When you hear the name of raisins, grapes first comes to mind. Grape fruit paradise, as God has called repeatedly in the scriptures. Grapes have many benefits and are useful for the treatment of many diseases. Grapes are harvested in the summer. It is difficult to maintain grapes, which is why it is dried and used as raisins for use in other seasons.

Types of raisin?

Raisins are distinguished with grapes. If the grapes had a core, raisin is green raisin or currant raisins. Currant raisin has a large size and is the most useful raisins for the body. When the grapes were dried up، Seesless Raisin are made.

Another type of raisin is the green raisin. You see raisins in nuts. The raisin size is green, pulled and has a core. This raisin is taken from grapes called green grapes. When the grapes are dried, the raisin becomes green.

Sun raisins are also one of the most famous types of raisin. As its name implies. Sun raisins should be warm and direct sunlight sushid raisin is more sweet than all kinds of raisins,
So the sale of sunny raisins is huge.

Is one of the most luxurious dried golden raisins yellow, golden raisins in front of a particular nutrient. Therefore, the price of golden raisins is the most expensive raisin. It should be noted that the process of making gold raisins also has a price effect.

How are golden raisins made?

Golden raisins from seedless grapes can be built. The liquid acid grape, dries in less time. Then, for 2 to 3 days on the floor is completely dry. When raisin moisture reached the standard state,they are taken to the gas chamber to withstand sulfur smoke. ime should be exposed to the smoke of sulfur is important in yellow raisins.

seedless raisins price golden

The price of golden raisins varies. The more yellow raisins are and the size is the same, the more expensive the raisins will be. Seedless raisins price depends on the color of raisins. In addition, it depends on raisins. For example, if raisins be raisins sun, its price varies with raisins acid. Sunny raisin production process, is easier than raisins acid and And it costs less.

raisins price per kg is different. The price list for raisins is as follows:

raisins color price per kg
golden raisins grade 1 gold 2/7 $
golden raisins grade 2 gold and red 2/20 $
sun raisins grade 1 brown 1/60 $
sun raisins grade 2 brown 1/40 $
green raisins grade 1 green 2/50 $
green raisins grade 2 green 2 $

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Golden raisins 1kg price

Golden raisins 1kg price good for you

Golden raisins 1kg price good for you because the raisins produced in our factory are supplied with the best quality And the price is cheap.

What is the benefits of raisins?

Golden raisins are dried grapes is one of the types of food that is consumed. Gold raisins are produced in two ways. The price of golden raisins is also different.

  • Golden seedless raisins
  • Golden raisins stone

Raisins golden are made without grape seed. Grapes without seeds are small. In addition, it has a lot of sweets. Golden raisins stone is made from native grape which is known as Asgari in Iran. Asgari grapes have Nucleate and are mostly used in nuts. Usually, because its raisins are obtained by drying the grapes, its sugar is effectively digestible, its raisins become darker in grape color. But in industrial raisins such as sulfur dioxide, the color of raisins is more golden and more colorful than the raisins that are made in the traditional way.

Properties golden raisins

  • Reduce the risk of mouth and gums

Contrary to what is expected of a sweet and sticky snacks, raisins can improve oral health. Eating raisins one of the natural ways Preventing tooth decay recovery and healing of tooth decay. According to a research published in the Phytochemical Journal, since raisins contain antimicrobial “chemical” agents that suppress the growth of oral bacteria associated with dental caries and gum disease, it is useful for the mouth and teeth.

  • Helping to excellent digestion

Raisins, as a high-fiber-rich food, can make a great contribution to the digestive process in your body. As you know, food materials that cause the gastrointestinal tract with diarrhea, constipation or not the foods are good for the body. Raisins due to soluble and insoluble fiber helps waste move easily in the gut.

  • Control high blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. In addition, raisin is rich in healthy heart electrolytes, which is a common problem with protein reduction, prevents.
  • Help control diabetes

In 2015, they were randomly assigned to the effects of sun raisins and blood, and they found that raisin not only does not raise blood sugar, but also regulates it. Raisin consumption during breakfast and fasting reduces 23% of blood glucose.

  • Help prevent cancer

Studies have shown that drought fruits such as plums, dates and raisins have high phenolic compounds than are stronger antioxidants than fresh fruits. Since antioxidants are free radicals، So they can be very useful to the body.

How to use golden raisins?

Gold raisins are packaged in the market either in bulk or in bulk.

Raisin packages range from 10 grams to 10 kilograms. There are also golden raisins available in bulk. The bulk raisins are not clean, and have bad wood and raisins.
When raisins enter the market, it is consumed raw and along with many beverages. Raisins are also used in cooking. In addition, raisins are used with salads as well as raisins for beverages.

Golden raisins 1kg price?

Considering the properties and benefits of raisins and the above mentioned fully, we need to know how much golden raisins are in a kg.
Some countries, such as European and African countries, sell raisins to pounds and other countries in kg. The unit of weight kg is compared to a pound 2.2 kilograms. In other words, each kilogram of raisin is 2/2 pounds. To understand the price of raisins per pound, the raisin price should be multiplied to this figure to be calculated in pounds.
We are talking about the Golden raisins 1kg price depending on its quality.

Product specifications country grade price
golden raisin iran 1 2/2 $
golden raisin iran 2 1/8 $
golden raisin iran 3 1/6 $


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raisins currants sultana price

raisins currants sultana golden price 2018

raisins currants sultana price 2018 how much is it? Which country to buy the best export raisin? How to buy raisins online?

Raisin is obtained like any dried fruit from fresh fruit drying. Grapes have seeds that are juicy. When it dries, it will change color and become sweeter.
Grapes give us a kind of raisins in any way that they dry. In addition, the type of grapes also affects the shape and color of raisins، Because different types of grapes are available.

What is a Sultan Raisin?

Sultana raisins are a variety of different kinds of raisins, which are dried in the form of spit. When the grape juice is dried with spittle, it has a yellowish brown color. Sultana raisins are red. When raisins are placed inside the oven to yellowish, some raisins are blooming. The price of Sultana raisins is cheaper due to redness, which is why the demand for sultanas raisin is high.

sultanas raisins

sultanas raisins

raisins currants sultana price?

Sultana raisins are a variety of golden raisins but less yellow. The price of Salmon raisins is determined by its quality.

First class sultana raisin price: 1/5 $ EXW

Secent class sultana raisins price: 1/2 $ EXW

What is currant raisins?

Rasins currant is Seedless seeds with overweight and brown. Seedless raisins, currants contain seeds but are also available. Iranian raisins are raisin, but raisins are raisins. Seedless seeds with overweight and brown. Seedless raisins, currants contain seeds but are also available. Iranian raisins are raisin, but raisins are raisins. Currant raisins are known in one country in any country. Raisins in Iran are known as black currant raisins, and in Afghanistan they are called raisins seeds.

How much is raisins currant price?

Raisins in Iran are made from grapes of Shahani or Fakhri.Grapes are Shahani and Fakhri are grape varieties in Iran. Grain grains are very large and very large. Grapes are grapefruits with large seeds and with cores. When dried, it gives us a great raisin. Currant raisins have a lot of benefits due to its rich properties. From currants to reduce fat and blood glucose. It eliminates osteoporosis and is very suitable for weight loss. In addition, raisins are also used to regulate blood pressure.

  • raisins currant price: 2/8 $ EXW

Contact us for the price of raisins for the price of the dollar and the euro in Iran.