If you want to know the raisin price today, please refer to your price list kishmish. The most up-to-date sales price raisins per ton and kg, are on this list. The price of the best golden raisin is sunny raisins, green raisins.


Raisins market price

Raisins market price today packages 10 kg

Raisins market price today in 10 kg packages is as below. global price raisins over the last few months, it has fluctuated, which has been upward. The variation of 50% of the raisin was due to golden and black raisins. We can deliver raisins with 10 kg packages at cheap prices wholesale.

Golden raisins suppliers

Golden raisins suppliers Grade super

The production of raisins annually depends on the weather conditions of the region. If there are good conditions, grapes and raisins are produced a lot. Over the last few years, raisin production has gone up and down due to air fluctuations.

Raisins market price today

One of the regions of raisin production is Iran, which supplies 30% of the world’s raisins. There are large raisin suppliers in Iran that can export a large amount of raisins. The raisins market price today is determined by Iran and the United States, with more than 60% of raisins export being made by these two countries. The following table shows the Raisins market price today.

golden raisins grad A 1/91 $ per kg- 0/86 $ per pond
sun maid raisins grade A 2/2 $ per kg- 1 $ per pond
black raisins grad A 4 $ per kg- 1/81 $ per pond
Green raisins grade A 1/7 $ per kg- 0/77 $ per pond
Raisins market

Raisins market

Different types of raisin packaging exported

Exports of raisins are important. Therefore, the quality and appearance of packaging should be carefully considered. Buy raisins by shoppers is only done if the raisin boxes are comfortable to deliver. Raisins are in normal condition, packed in 10 kilos. Writing on the packaging is identical with the language of the importing country.

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