raisins california are one of a variety of raisin products in the United States. The US sells golden raisins produced in Iran called California Raisins.

Raisin is a useful oral ingredient for the body. Raisin is the only food that does not harm humans.

raisins california

Raisin is not useful for some animals like dogs, but it does not hurt for humans

Any food consumed by humans is also useful and harmful to the body.
For example, pistachios are a niche that is very useful to the body, but it increases the fat content of the blood.
Raisins is the only solid that gives the body’s body fat and glucose in addition to the body’s calories

California raisin, which is the golden raisin, has all the benefits of a strong body ingredient. Keep your golden raisins away from any disease.


golden raisins california

golden raisins california production technique

golden raisins california is one of the best raisins. California raisin price in Amirka, which is also .The reason for raisins is below

golden raisins california ads production technique

California is located in the United States. This state is a raisin and pistachio production center. The US has the world’s first raisin export. Although in the United States there is only one state that has the ability to grow grapes, most raisins are produced from this region.
The reason for this depends on the raisin production method in California. Raisin production in the United States is the most effective in using modern methods.
Iran is the only rival in the United States to sell raisins. Iran has a lot of places to grow and produce raisins and grapes.
However, Iran has not been able to rank the world’s exports. The reason is traditional raisin production in Iran. The traditional method has caused large raisins to reduce raisin exports.

What is golden raisins california?

In California, about 200,000 hectares are under cultivation of grapes. About 300,000 to 400,000 tons of raisins are produced from these lands. It accounts for 40% of the world’s raisin exports. California raisins in Iran are known as golden or grape raisins.

The golden raisin of California is no different from the golden raisins in Iran. The method of producing golden raisins is the same, but the production method has an effect on efficiency incentives.
In Iran, raisins are arranged from grapevine and dried with food and non-harmful chemicals. After this stage, it is placed in the vicinity of sulfur gas and vapor. In the United States grapes are dried on grapevine. In this way, the waste is less. After this stage, the raisins yellowish

The lower the waste, the cheaper the price of golden raisins. Cheap and high quality, has increased the export of golden raisins in the United States.


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