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Selling golden raisins directly company arian

Selling raisins golden directly through distributors of this product is carried out. Arian’s best raisins come in Grade a packaging for export. In order to buy golden raisins cheaply, you must contact a major suppliers.

The consumption of raisins among our Iranians dates back several thousand years. The delicious taste of this food product and, of course, its many properties, has left its popularity unchanged after centuries. From the beginning of raisins production till now, various methods have been used to produce it. In this article, we will introduce raisins and methods of producing it.

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Introducing raisins

Raisin is a product obtained from grape fruit. In fact, dried grapes are called raisins. Grapes are usually dried in two traditional and industrial ways. In the traditional way, grapes are dried by sunshine or hanging in rooms, and used in industrial methods using different materials such as sulfur and sparkling smoke. Due to this variation of drying, you can find raisins in three types of grainy, sunny, and crisp on the market. These raisins are different in terms of color and appearance as well as taste.

raisin export

raisin export

Arian raisin manufacturers

Arian Raisin Factory is located in Iran and only produces golden raisin. The company’s production history is more than 15 years. It exports more than 90 percent of its raisins to Western European, Arab and Eastern European countries. Cultivation, harvesting, production, washing and packaging operations are performed at the plant. This has led to the release of the golden raisins at the cheapest price. Selling raisins top quality is a top priority.

raisins malayer

raisins malayer

Introducing Golden Raisin

Golden raisins are, as its name implies, and you’ve probably seen it on the market, yellow raisins. These raisins have been dried industrially by sulfur or sulfur smoke, which has led to a golden look. Gold raisins have countless properties, including:

  • Control blood glucose and prevent diabetes
  • Maintaining oral and dental health
  • Supports gastrointestinal disorders
  • energy producer
  • Assistance in weight loss and fitness
  • And … .

Golden raisin varieties

We have two types of golden raisins. One of the golden raisins is yellow raisins made with sulfur. Another golden raisin is Sultana. Many exporters of raisins sell Sultana raisins as b grade golden raisins, but the two raisins are different.

type of raisin

selling raisins

Selling raisins have always been important for countries such as Iran, which is a major export commodity. For this reason, countries such as Iran, Turkey and the United States place great importance on vineyards and raisin production.

The production of golden raisins in Iran

Iran is one of the main producers of raisins, including golden raisins globally. Different regions of Iran, such as Kashmar, Kurdistan, Qazvin vineyards, and … are producing this product. In addition to domestic consumption of golden raisins, this product is exported and is highly valued.

raisin exports

Arian raisin exports to Iraq

Buy golden raisins

If you want to buy golden raisins, you can purchase the following:

  • Distributors and sales agents
  • Dehydrated Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Chain stores
  • Internet shopping sites

It should be noted that this product can be purchased in bulk or in the package, depending on your needs.

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