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Arian raisin exports to iraq

For information on raisin exports to Iraq and exporting prices of Arian raisins, see the following information. This article discusses what raisins are good for and what kind of raisins Iraqis buy most and for what price.

Iraq is one of Iran’s major neighbors and Iran’s trading partners . Multiple wars made Iraq need to be rebuilt, so Iran was the best country to be close to Iraq and could trade at a lower cost. The low distance and the religious relationship between Iran and Iraq have increased the export of raisins to Iraq, especially during the months of Muharram and Arbaeen.

price of golden raisin

price of golden raisin

Introducing Arian Raisin

Arian Raisin is an Iranian brand whose business is producing and packaging exported raisins. The most specialized production of this collection is the production and sale of golden raisins. Golden raisins are produced in grades 1-4. Arian Raisin Factory has 20 permanent and 12 temporary employees who are added and deducted in different seasons. Apart from golden raisins, we can add to this collection of sunflower raisins and sell golden sultana raisins.

Arian Raisin Factory Profile

Arian Raisin Factory has an equipped building that will benefit from 2018 equipment. The plant has upgraded its hardware equipment to Technology 2018. This allows them to pack the best raisins with the least waste. Various packaging has increased the export of Iranian raisins. The most important features of Arian factory are:

  1. Waterproof floor
  2. Clear and washable walls
  3. Non-slip and washable white ceilings
  4. Windows resistant to cold, heat and insect infiltration
  5. Automatic doors to prevent bananas and dust from entering
  6. Dressing rooms and toilets
  7. Disinfection equipment
  8. Advanced washing and sorting machines
  9. Advanced sewage system
  10. air conditioning instrument
  11. Personnel medical examinations
raisins market price

raisins market price

Raisin exports to Iraq

As mentioned above, the main job of this plant is to export raisins. The most important countries with which raisins are closely related are Iraq. Raisin exports of first grade golden raisins to Iraq are between 10 and 12 cans per year. Each container holds 20 tonnes of raisins or 2000 cartons of 10kg raisins. Sultana raisins are 3 to 5 containers and the volume of gold raisins exports to Iraq ranges between 20 to 30 containers per year. Raisin exports to Iraq, Exports of raisins to Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates should be mentioned.

golden sultana raisins

golden sultana raisins

Arian factory raisin prices

Due to its high volume of raisins, Arian Factory has the ability to sell Golden Raisins (Sultana) at low prices. The price of Aryan raisins in bulk is as follows. It should be noted that the price of raisins depends on the volume purchased. The price is based on a 20 ton container.

Golden Raisin  grade excellent arian malekan 1.92 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin  grade excellent malayer 1.91 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade A arian malekan 1.91 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade A arian malayer 1.89 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade B arian malekan 1.82 $ Per Kg
Golden Raisin grade B arian malyer 1.80 $ Per Kg
Sun raisins grade A 2.25 $ Per Kg
Sun raisins grade B 2.21 $ Per Kg
Sun raisins grade C 2.13 $ Per Kg

Shirazi Golden Raisin Difference With Malkan

Shiraz is located in Carpet Province. Fars province has many vineyards but the quality of Shirazi raisins is slightly lower than that of Malekan. In particular, the golden raisins of the Malekan cannot be compared with those of Shiraz. Golden raisins are seedless. Malekan Golden Raisin is 99% grain, but Shirazi Golden Raisin has 70% grain and 30% grain. Therefore, the price of Shirazi Golden Raisin is always lower than the price of raisin owners. In terms of color and taste, melon gold raisins are a head and neck taller than Shirazi raisins.

What raisin is suitable for export to Iraq?

Iraq has also had large cakes and pastry factories over the years. Apart from the cake factories, it should be added the religious rituals of Arbaeen and Muharram. Due to the large number of people who visit Tabriz in Arbaeen and Ashura, it has increased the Iraqi and Iranian residents’ raisins by three times. The most important raisins exported to Iraq are:

  1. Grade 2 golden raisins
  2. Grade 1 raisin raisin
  3. Grade 2 raisins

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