Raisins for sale and export to Arabic countries, Europe and Russia with high volume and low price Arian done at the factory. Raisins in different weights and vacuum packing is done.

Raisins for sale

Arian raisin factory with raisin sales more than 15 years has the ability to produce 400 tons per month. The factory in the field of golden raisins and raisins acid and sunny active. Raisins are for sale in several countries, but the quality of raisins is very important.

Iran and Turkey raisins are among the best raisins in the world that have a high quality taste and quality.


seedless raisins price golden for sale

Seedless raisins price golden for sale how much is it? Manufacturer golden raisins with what qualities and weight of the package is? What is the purchase price per 1 kg of yellow raisins?

When you hear the name of raisins, grapes first comes to mind. Grape fruit paradise, as God has called repeatedly in the scriptures. Grapes have many benefits and are useful for the treatment of many diseases. Grapes are harvested in the summer. It is difficult to maintain grapes, which is why it is dried and used as raisins for use in other seasons.

Types of raisin?

Raisins are distinguished with grapes. If the grapes had a core, raisin is green raisin or currant raisins. Currant raisin has a large size and is the most useful raisins for the body. When the grapes were dried up، Seesless Raisin are made.

Another type of raisin is the green raisin. You see raisins in nuts. The raisin size is green, pulled and has a core. This raisin is taken from grapes called green grapes. When the grapes are dried, the raisin becomes green.

Sun raisins are also one of the most famous types of raisin. As its name implies. Sun raisins should be warm and direct sunlight sushid raisin is more sweet than all kinds of raisins,
So the sale of sunny raisins is huge.

Is one of the most luxurious dried golden raisins yellow, golden raisins in front of a particular nutrient. Therefore, the price of golden raisins is the most expensive raisin. It should be noted that the process of making gold raisins also has a price effect.

How are golden raisins made?

Golden raisins from seedless grapes can be built. The liquid acid grape, dries in less time. Then, for 2 to 3 days on the floor is completely dry. When raisin moisture reached the standard state,they are taken to the gas chamber to withstand sulfur smoke. ime should be exposed to the smoke of sulfur is important in yellow raisins.

seedless raisins price golden

The price of golden raisins varies. The more yellow raisins are and the size is the same, the more expensive the raisins will be. Seedless raisins price depends on the color of raisins. In addition, it depends on raisins. For example, if raisins be raisins sun, its price varies with raisins acid. Sunny raisin production process, is easier than raisins acid and And it costs less.

raisins price per kg is different. The price list for raisins is as follows:

raisins color price per kg
golden raisins grade 1 gold 2/7 $
golden raisins grade 2 gold and red 2/20 $
sun raisins grade 1 brown 1/60 $
sun raisins grade 2 brown 1/40 $
green raisins grade 1 green 2/50 $
green raisins grade 2 green 2 $

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