Raisins good for you? To answer this question you need to be careful of raisins. Each type has raisins property briefly explain.

Raisins good for you?

Food is the main substance for humans. Along with food and fruit, calories can be supplied with dried fruits as well. Foods and fruits because of the use of preservatives and chemicals, apart from profit, it is also harmful for the body.

Due to the traditional structure in agriculture, Iran produces healthy nuts. Raisin treating fat and blood sugar, tightening bones, teeth and slimming is a very healthy and inexpensive food. If any person can eat between 10 and 20 sunny or currant raisins a day, they are most likely to eat.



Golden raisins 1kg price

Golden raisins 1kg price good for you

Golden raisins 1kg price good for you because the raisins produced in our factory are supplied with the best quality And the price is cheap.

What is the benefits of raisins?

Golden raisins are dried grapes is one of the types of food that is consumed. Gold raisins are produced in two ways. The price of golden raisins is also different.

  • Golden seedless raisins
  • Golden raisins stone

Raisins golden are made without grape seed. Grapes without seeds are small. In addition, it has a lot of sweets. Golden raisins stone is made from native grape which is known as Asgari in Iran. Asgari grapes have Nucleate and are mostly used in nuts. Usually, because its raisins are obtained by drying the grapes, its sugar is effectively digestible, its raisins become darker in grape color. But in industrial raisins such as sulfur dioxide, the color of raisins is more golden and more colorful than the raisins that are made in the traditional way.

Properties golden raisins

  • Reduce the risk of mouth and gums

Contrary to what is expected of a sweet and sticky snacks, raisins can improve oral health. Eating raisins one of the natural ways Preventing tooth decay recovery and healing of tooth decay. According to a research published in the Phytochemical Journal, since raisins contain antimicrobial “chemical” agents that suppress the growth of oral bacteria associated with dental caries and gum disease, it is useful for the mouth and teeth.

  • Helping to excellent digestion

Raisins, as a high-fiber-rich food, can make a great contribution to the digestive process in your body. As you know, food materials that cause the gastrointestinal tract with diarrhea, constipation or not the foods are good for the body. Raisins due to soluble and insoluble fiber helps waste move easily in the gut.

  • Control high blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. In addition, raisin is rich in healthy heart electrolytes, which is a common problem with protein reduction, prevents.
  • Help control diabetes

In 2015, they were randomly assigned to the effects of sun raisins and blood, and they found that raisin not only does not raise blood sugar, but also regulates it. Raisin consumption during breakfast and fasting reduces 23% of blood glucose.

  • Help prevent cancer

Studies have shown that drought fruits such as plums, dates and raisins have high phenolic compounds than are stronger antioxidants than fresh fruits. Since antioxidants are free radicals، So they can be very useful to the body.

How to use golden raisins?

Gold raisins are packaged in the market either in bulk or in bulk.

Raisin packages range from 10 grams to 10 kilograms. There are also golden raisins available in bulk. The bulk raisins are not clean, and have bad wood and raisins.
When raisins enter the market, it is consumed raw and along with many beverages. Raisins are also used in cooking. In addition, raisins are used with salads as well as raisins for beverages.

Golden raisins 1kg price?

Considering the properties and benefits of raisins and the above mentioned fully, we need to know how much golden raisins are in a kg.
Some countries, such as European and African countries, sell raisins to pounds and other countries in kg. The unit of weight kg is compared to a pound 2.2 kilograms. In other words, each kilogram of raisin is 2/2 pounds. To understand the price of raisins per pound, the raisin price should be multiplied to this figure to be calculated in pounds.
We are talking about the Golden raisins 1kg price depending on its quality.

Product specifications country grade price
golden raisin iran 1 2/2 $
golden raisin iran 2 1/8 $
golden raisin iran 3 1/6 $


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