raisins price 2019 with raisin prices in 2018 in Iran has fluctuated. raisin is also bulky and packaged and the amount of sales is different. The following table shows the wholesale price of raisins based on grade.


Raisins market price

Raisins market price wholesale today per 1 kg 2019

Raisins market price wholesale today per 1 kg 2019 with the best priced from Iran. Wholesale price list types of raisins see the table below. The price of raisins is brought in per ton and kg. The most important thing in raisin prices between 2018 and 2019, reduced iranian price raisins and increased quality.

raisin price per ton

raisin price per ton

Raisin prices have fluctuated in recent years. Fluctuations peaked in April 2018. The trend of raisin prices fluctuations in 2018 between 10 and 15 cents per kilogram. Raisins golden prices rose more than other types raisins. Most changes related to golden raisins export It was to Europe. Europe is one of the great raisin customers in the world. The largest buy golden raisins by European countries Such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Russia and Ukraine. Raisins market price in Iran in 2019 have decreasing.

buy seedless raisins

buy seedless raisins

Raisins market price today

As the statistics buy and Sell raisins has shown the sales volume of raisins as the price drops and it is declined with increasing. The price of raisins in Iran in 2019 has been in decline. Principle of Supply and Demand There are all trades But In Iran, due to political and economic issues, it is slightly different. To increase non-oil exports, such as raisins, There are many incentives. Government incentives in Iran has caused raisins suppliers In Iran, raisins market price wholesale is reduced.

raisins price per kg

Golden raisins Between 1/0 and 1/61 dollars per kg in Iran
Sun maid raisins Between 1/4 and 1/80 dollars per kg in Iran
Green raisins Between 1/4 and 1/7 dollars per kg in Iran
Sultanas raisins Between 1/0 and 1/6 dollars per kg in Iran

The above prices Based on the price of the factory door. If we want to deliver FOB, it is approximately 0.5 cents Per kilo added to the price.

How to package raisins?

Many factories in Iran They are raisins but all power and enough information do not have raisins to export. Raisins are made from grapes, for this reason is a nutritious food. Food is also It can be corrupted, That’s why you should have the best packaging. Iran, raisins with the best packaging export to other countries. Iranian raisins packaging boxes of 10kg And 5 kg. Between 1800 and 2000 cartons are raisins in each machine. Raisins market price which is in the above list considering the packaging of raisins.

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