Raisins price per kg with the benefits of being offered at wholesale prices. You can buy grapes dried per tone from Iran supplier. The wholesale price of raisins is based on 2018 and 2019 prices.


Dry raisins price in bangladesh per kg

We have divided the raisins price in bangladesh per kg by raisin and tonnage type. Different types of shipping and raisins also affect the price. The following price list is for wholesale.

Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in Asia. Bangladesh does not have a strong economy but it has plenty of natural resources. It borders India on all sides except for a small part of the south-east that connects to Myanmar via the Bay of Bengal. The population of Bangladesh is about 154 million with an average age of 5 years. Life expectancy is 63 years for women and 63 years for men.

dry raisins price

dry raisins price

Bangladesh Export and Import

Its exports include apparel, hemp and frozen goods, leather and fish and frozen marine animals, exported to the US (25%), Germany (6.12%), Britain (8.9%) and France (5%). Can be. Imported products include machinery, chemicals, iron and steel, textiles, nuts, petrochemicals and cement, which include China (7.17%), India (12.5%), Kuwait (9.7%), Singapore. (5.5%) and Hong Kong (1.4%).

bangladesh export and import

bangladesh export and import

Most imports of raisins to Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the best and kindest people in the world. People in Bangladesh love spicy foods because of their dark skin color. For example, spicy peppers have a special place in their foods, but sweeteners are not very good. Raisins are also sweet and less consumed. In recent years, raisins have been used as organic nuts. Raisins are inexpensive but have a world of minerals. Eliminates cancer and prevents malnutrition. The best raisin for Bangladesh is Golden Raisin and Sultana Raisin. Raisins price in bangladesh are also based on grading. The bigger the raisin, the more expensive the raisin is. Among the varieties of raisins, golden raisins have a special place and because of the high demand that we see every day, prices for raisins change.

typ of raisins

typ of raisins

Introduction to Golden and sultans raisin

As the golden raisins name suggests, the color of raisins is yellow. Golden raisins are made from currant and have small seeds. Its taste is sweet and slightly sour and it makes it more consumed by sunny raisins. Alcohol is also made from golden raisins and sultana. Sultana raisins are like golden raisins, but with the difference the color of Sultana’s raisin is pale brown. The price of golden raisins is slightly different from that of Soltana. Sometimes raisins are golden and sometimes raisins are more expensive. The volume of buy golden raisins is always higher than that of Sultana because golden raisins are used in the food industry.

difference between golden and sultana raisins

difference between golden and sultana raisins

Exporting premium raisins

When the raisin is removed from the grape cluster, it goes to the factory for grading. Bulk raisins with wood, broken raisins, and raisins are crushed, so the raisins must be exported to the factory for export, washed and separated by machines. After separation it is washed again and separated by professionals and packaged. Golden raisins grade A have a special place in Europe and America. The richest countries in the world make the most purchases of golden raisins.

best quality raisins

best quality raisins

Raisins price in bangladesh per kg

Prices of raisins in Bangladesh are also per kilogram. The bigger the raisin, the more expensive the raisin is. Among the varieties of raisins, golden raisins have a special place and because of the high demand that we see every day, prices for raisins change. Prices of raisins in Bangladesh are based on EXW shipping.

golden raisins grad A 1.55$ per kg
golden raisins grad B 1.52 $ per kg
sultana raisins grad A 1.60 $ per kg
sultana raisins grad B 1.49$ per kg

Prices of raisins according to FOB

Transportation of raisins is one of the important items in the export of raisins. Prices of raisins vary according to Incoterms rules. The price difference of raisins in the form of EXW with FOB is about 8 cents per kg. The price difference of CIF raisins with EXW is about 20 cents per kg.



Raisins market price

Raisins market price wholesale today per 1 kg 2019

Raisins market price wholesale today per 1 kg 2019 with the best priced from Iran. Wholesale price list types of raisins see the table below. The price of raisins is brought in per ton and kg. The most important thing in raisin prices between 2018 and 2019, reduced iranian price raisins and increased quality.

raisin price per ton

raisin price per ton

Raisin prices have fluctuated in recent years. Fluctuations peaked in April 2018. The trend of raisin prices fluctuations in 2018 between 10 and 15 cents per kilogram. Raisins golden prices rose more than other types raisins. Most changes related to golden raisins export It was to Europe. Europe is one of the great raisin customers in the world. The largest buy golden raisins by European countries Such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Russia and Ukraine. Raisins market price in Iran in 2019 have decreasing.

buy seedless raisins

buy seedless raisins

Raisins market price today

As the statistics buy and Sell raisins has shown the sales volume of raisins as the price drops and it is declined with increasing. The price of raisins in Iran in 2019 has been in decline. Principle of Supply and Demand There are all trades But In Iran, due to political and economic issues, it is slightly different. To increase non-oil exports, such as raisins, There are many incentives. Government incentives in Iran has caused raisins suppliers In Iran, raisins market price wholesale is reduced.

raisins price per kg

Golden raisins Between 1/0 and 1/61 dollars per kg in Iran
Sun maid raisins Between 1/4 and 1/80 dollars per kg in Iran
Green raisins Between 1/4 and 1/7 dollars per kg in Iran
Sultanas raisins Between 1/0 and 1/6 dollars per kg in Iran

The above prices Based on the price of the factory door. If we want to deliver FOB, it is approximately 0.5 cents Per kilo added to the price.

How to package raisins?

Many factories in Iran They are raisins but all power and enough information do not have raisins to export. Raisins are made from grapes, for this reason is a nutritious food. Food is also It can be corrupted, That’s why you should have the best packaging. Iran, raisins with the best packaging export to other countries. Iranian raisins packaging boxes of 10kg And 5 kg. Between 1800 and 2000 cartons are raisins in each machine. Raisins market price which is in the above list considering the packaging of raisins.

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raisins price in dubai

raisins price in dubai per 500g 2019

Raisins in Dubai because of close proximity to Iran exported at cheap cost. Golden and sunny raisins 500g, 1kg, 5kg and 10/kg are packed. buy online is our best feature which is offered at world prices.

raisins price per kg

raisins price per kg

Deffrence between golden raisins with sun raisins

sunny raisins is said to be a raisins sun is dry. in the other words from the heat the sun to reduce the moisture content of grapes used. Many people, sunny raisins with name organic raisins are known. Golden raisins to yellow raisins are said. Golden raisins are prepared with sulfur dioxide.

supplier raisins

supplier raisins

Where is the largest golden raisin export?

Iran ranked first in the world. The best golden raisins in the world are dedicated to Iran and the United States. Countries like UAE, Germany, Spain, Italy, Qatar and Russia are among the biggest raisin customers in Iran. Dubai is emirates business Center. All imports and exports are from Dubai. Raisins price in dubai because of proximity to Iran cheaper than other areas.

raisins price

raisins price

What is raisins price in dubai?

Raisins price in dubai is cheaper than other countries due to cheap shipping. The UAE is one of the richest countries in Asia. UAE people eat the best food, so buy golden raisins from iran is a priority. Raisins are packed in 10 kg packages. The price of golden and sunny raisins in Dubai is as follows.

golden raisins  grade A  in dubai per 1 kg 2 $ per kg
sunny raisins  grade A  in dubai per 1 kg 2/5 $ per kg

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good price for raisins

good price wholesale for raisins in market 2019 per kg

Raisins have different prices. When we want the golden raisins price, we will encounter several types of prices. They all also speak golden raisins grade one. But good price for raisins and who gives it good raisins.

sunny raisins

What is the good raisin?

Good raisins are said to be raisins that do not spoil. Raisin can be good but not classy. Selling raisins is based on grading. Exports of raisins in Iran are of great importance. Dollars that enter Iran in this way have made raisin exports important. Best raisins for export should have good packaging. In addition, it should be uniform and one color.

golden raisins price

good price for raisins?

As noted above, the higher the quality of raisins, the more raisin prices. The definition of good raisins is differ between sellers raisins. For this reason, you should see the raisins sample. To have good prices for raisins, we need to know where to buy raisins.

  • Iranian golden raisins
  • Sultanas raisins Turkey
  • Iran sunny raisins
  • American Gold Raisin

The three countries mentioned have the best raisins. The right price for raisins can be obtained from these 3 countries.

Price list of export raisins

There are thousands of ads on the sale of golden raisins and sunny raisins, but we need to find the best price and quality. The following price list can help you a lot. The prices on the list will vary according to the volume of purchases. Price changes can not be made in the table, so call for day price information.

  • golden raisins grade supper
  • golden raisins grade 1
  • golden raisins grade 2
  • sultanas raisins grade supper
  • sultanas raisins grade 1
  • sunny raisins grade supper
  • sunny raisins grade 1
  • sunny raisins grade 2
  • 1/92 $ per kg
  • 1/91 $ kg per kg
  • 1/86 $ kg per kg
  • 1/76 $ kg per kg
  • 1/65 $ per kg
  • 2/2 $ per kg
  • 2/1 $ per kg
  • 2 $ per kg





large golden raisins

price large golden raisins per kg

large golden raisins what is it? Golden raisins in a kg price is a few dollars?Where is the best golden raisin to buy? What are the benefits of golden raisins? Golden Raisin Is Better Or Raisin Sultanas? what are raisins good for?

the best golden raisins

Golden raisins where to buy?

The price of Golden Plain Gray Gold Raisin Malayer & Bonab Exports in the Arian Dehydrated Factory with the Export Pandemic Package are mainly and at the price of the day as follows. Raisins in Iran are produced in some of the most important agricultural cities. Major exports of raisins are carried out through the cities of Bonab, Malekan, Kashmar, Malayer and Takestan. Golden raisins have a great deal of difference in terms of quality and color.

price of golden raisins


Buy large golden raisins in the following ways possible.

(+98) 2166887973
(+98) 9123483002

Large golden raisins what is it?

When grapes are harvested, grapes are almost grains of the same size, but they will change when dried. The water content of grape varieties varies, so when dried it is not a size. A large golden raisin has two sizes, although these two quantities are used in exports. A large golden raisins has two sizes, although these two quantities are used in exports. The most important golden raisins are

  • Golden raisins size 8 to 10
  • Gold Raisin Size 10 to 12

Profile golden raisins for export

Although raisin exports should be the best raisins, the best export raisin has the following features.

  • Export raisins are all one-size-fits-all.
  • Raisins export is very sturdy packaging. Moisture and dust do not enter it.
  • Exports of raisins have health certificates while they do not have raisins.
  • Exports of raisins are bought and sold in bulk.

price large golden raisins

  • price of golden raisins size 12 grade 1
  • price of golden raisins size 12 grade 2
  • 2/0 $ per kg
  • 1/87 $ per kg

Golden Raisin Is Better Or Raisin Sultanas?

Raisins are foods that are consumed separately with some drinks and sweets. If you are using raisins for domestic consumption, then Sultans raisins are better. If golden raisins are used to make raspberries, it’s better. Basically, the price of golden raisins is more expensive than the price of Sultana raisins, which is why the purchase of raisins depends on the type of application that it has. The most important benefits are raisins for bone, tooth and gum strength. On the other hand, it’s good to control your blood sugar and fat.